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    are there any pills based on fiber – I don’t know if hoodia is one of them – that will actually work by expanding in your stomach when you drink water? I know there’s a lot of claims, but does that type of pill actually do what they say?
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    I've been asking myself the same question. It seems to make sense to me, the concept behind the pills, I mean. I've heard of both fibers and a kind of gel that will expand in the stomach when a lot of water is absorbed into it. They are supposed to work as appetite suppressants.

    I haven't read a lot of very good reviews for them, though. What I've read is that they only work for an hour or two. So they might help you eat less at your meals, but you're still starving in between meals so snacking remains an issue. I could be wrong, though. I've never tried them, myself.
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      As far as I know, these dont' last very long and they have varying degrees of effectiveness. The ones that come in pills really don't have enough to "fill you up" even if they expand to 300 percent their original size. That might sound like a lot, but if you consider how big that actually is, that's not taking up a heck of a lot of room!


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        Some of them can work for a short time.


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          Avoid the pill and drink loose forms of husk. You mix it in with water, stir and drink immediately. It's a really good way to get in your fiber.


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            Just drink lots of water all day long if you want a natural appetite suppressant. Always keep a bottle or glass of water next to you and you'll naturally drink a lot more.

            At times when you feel more hungry, just have a good few swallows of water.

            Don't listen to people who say to fill up on water right before a meal to shrink your appetite, though. That does work and it seems like a good idea, but it dilutes your natural digestive enzymes so that you won't digest your food properly and you won't get as much nutrition out of what you eat. So all those veggies you've been trying so hard to eat won't give you much.


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              If you just make sure that you eat whole grains and a lot of veggies, then you'll naturally get fiber in your food and you'll feel fuller without pills and other supplements.


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                It's true what you guys say but if you're only dieting for a couple of weeks to drop a couple of extra pounds these can work.


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