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Is Saxenda only an injection?

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  • Is Saxenda only an injection?

    Is there any oral form of this or do you literally have to inject this medication into your arm? Doesn't this sound a little extreme...

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    Yes. I think it is. It's not extreme, it's just how it's meant to be administered. It's just a pen, kinda like an epi pen idea. You're taught how to use it.


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      Yes it is an injection. That said, I don't think it's all that impressive and I think that it's only for the short-term like most obesity treatments. I'm also pretty sure it's expensive. There is no generic version of this diet pill that makes it cheaper.
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        Yup only an injection. It's not extreme it's just how the medication is meant to be administered. When you get an injection the drug is going directly to your blood stream it doesn't need to be digested. That said, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment and I'm pretty sure it's got a shiny price tag to go with it.


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          It doesn't sound any more extreme than devices that are inserted in your body to prevent you from overeating like balloons, stapling your stomach, stomach bands and that other device that lets you empty out some of the food you eat from your stomach before digesting...honestly, a lot of the weight loss treatments they have these days sound freaky.


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