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Push-ups can be the magic for weight loss

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  • Push-ups can be the magic for weight loss

    People can be very lazy to go to the gym to lose weight.

    I used to be a little bit weighty, and was advised to go to the gym to lose weight, but I was too lazy to go.

    However, I started doing simple push-ups at home and I saw changes in my weight reduction. This gave me the zeal to go to the gym.

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    I've never seen push-ups work for weight loss. They definitely work for strength building and muscle toning, but for me, cardio has always been the type of workout that burns calories and fat.
    I guess if push-ups give you motivation, I see how you feel that indirectly, they're the source of your ability to get yourself into a weight loss strategy. Amazing that you've achieved that. Keep going!


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      I see what you mean. The push-ups didn't help your weight loss, but they gave you motivation. It really is motivation that is the most important for reaching our goals. If we find what motivates us, we've found the most important thing.


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