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  • The biggest loser study

    I was just reading the newspaper online and I saw a report about a study about the Biggest Loser. Apparently it really doesn’t have any impact on helping people to lose weight.

    I know the purpose of the show isn’t actually to help the viewers to lose weight, but you’d think that if it had any value at all, it would give people information about how you can actually diet in a healthy way and get off the couch.

    That’s not the case. It just seems to provide viewing entertainment but doesn’t actually help anyone except the contestants to drop the pounds.

    In my case, I stopped actually watching the show because they things they put those people through to diet seem very extreme and unhealthy to me. I found that it gave dieting an image that seemed very unattainable to me and I was discouraged about making my own efforts. So I shut it off.

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    I don't think that the biggest loser is completely wrong. It's not meant for telling other people to lose weight. It's a reality show! If you watch survivor, you don't think that you should go on an island and build alliances with people, right? So it's the same thing with the biggest loser. I think that's a good idea, too, because they work those contestants very hard. It's important that they have very careful medical monitoring the whole time because they are putting their bodies under a lot of stresses. If a person did that on their own, they could cause a lot of harm to themselves.


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      Why would they waste their time on that study when they could look into what actually does help with weight loss?


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        It's not up to television to turn our lives around. They can put programs on about dieting, but it doesn't mean that they're there to get us all out and losing weight. It's up to each of us to do that on our own.


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