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Don't believe in weight loss sprays

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  • Don't believe in weight loss sprays

    I've been looking at these weight loss sprays for a while because I've been curious about if they work or not. THey seem better than pills as an option somehow. Easier and more subtle instead of constantly popping caplets or what have you. But it looks like they - like everything else that seems too good to be true - aren't what they're cracked up to be. Here's this article I found about it If you think weight-loss sprays sound too good to be true, you?re probably right - The Globe and Mail It just talks about how they're really not the best option for dieting at all. So in case you are like me and hoped they'd be good, sorry.

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    Oh that's terrible news! My sister just ordered one of those sprays online. I think it was in an infomercial or something like that and she was sleepless and came across it and ended up ordering. I should tell her. Maybe she can cancel it before it ships.

    Thanks for saying something ffviifan. It's good to know this kind of thing. Better early, before the package is opened, then be disapointed after using it and nothing happens.


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      This is the first that I've heard of this kind of product. From reading the article I get that you're supposed to spray your food with it so that you will get fuller faster. Is this based on the same principles as Sensa? That comes in the form of sprinkles that you shake onto your food for the same purpose. I've seen a few positive and a few negative reviews for that one so I'm just wondering whether there's any value to those types of food altering products at all or if they're all placebos.
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        It totally makes sense to me that these sprays don't work. The marketing sounds good but when you read the article, it's more like a scam. I feel frustrated that it is so hard to find something good. We're suffering from an epidemic of obesity and even when we try to help ourselves, it's hard to know where to go!


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          I'm actually glad that I read this article. I always thought that weight loss sprays were something you spray in you rmouth like a breath spray, instead of swallowing pills. I can't imagine how this could possibly work since it doesn't have time to kick in and make you feel full by the time your'e eating!


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            This sounds like a really similar concept to the sprinkles in Sensa. Does anyone find that this is a good product? Has anyone seen a review on that like this one in the newspaper


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