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obesity is never healthy

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  • obesity is never healthy

    I just finished skimming through Google News and I ran across a big story on a study that showed that at no point is obesity ever healthy. It always causes the person to experience a higher risk of health conditions like diabetes and heart disease and other things. It’s true that we can be beautiful at any weight, but it doesn’t mean that we can be healthy at any weight.

    Personally, I think that healthy is beautiful and we need to start focusing on making sure that we can do our best to treat our bodies right. That means not being obese but it also means that we shouldn’t be super skinny, either, if at all possible.

    As a society I think we should be doing a better job on placing a high value on eating right and exercising most of the time. Sure we can have a treat now and then, but on a regular day we really should be taking better care of ourselves!
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    I guess that really shouldn't come as a surprise. They've been attributing obesity to various conditions for years. It makes sense that it really shouldn't be seen as healthy at all. Do they feel the same way about being overweight or just obese?


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      Now that what we've pretty much known all along is being proven by studies, it's time for more to be invested into helping people who are obese and are having a really hard time correcting it. It's a medical condition and requires support


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        I guess some obese people are healthier than others, but everyone that heavy is at risk of something


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          I think that deep down we've probably known this for a long time but it really does take a good quality study to show us. Because you can feel like you're healthy when you're obese, but you don't realize the added risk you're under until something bad happens.


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            hopefully now that this has actually been scientifically proven, there will be a better regulation of the industry and more effective programs and knowledge for beating obesity.


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              You can be healthy and obese, but it's just that you're at a higher risk of getting conditions like diabetes and heart disease. So you aren't necessarily unhealthy, but it is more likely to be on its way one day if you don't lose weight.


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                To me, it's really sad that this is even an issue. I let myself get obese and honestly, I had no excuse for it except that I got really lazy because I didn't feel like it. I think that's a pretty scary punishment for laziness.


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