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What's the best possible way to loose abdominal fats?

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  • What's the best possible way to loose abdominal fats?

    I'm new here, have been trying to loose abdominal fats for a couple of months now, anyone with a good workout?

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    For cardio, I like anything from Fitness Marshall. For YouTube, Gaiam is definitely best. For strength training, HASfit tops my list. They're all on youtube and are fantastic and don't cost a penny. They all have lots of choices and options for intensity, workout length and experience level. That said, you don't burn fat with a workout. You build muscle with a workout. If you're trying to focus on fat loss, you need to make changes to your diet.


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      Diet! Definitely! Your workouts will burn calories all around, but there is no workout that will target fat on your body, no matter what someone promises. In fact, if they tell you that they can target a specific place for body fat, don't listen! They have no idea what they're talking about. You can do great workouts that will burn fat all over your body, but while you can target muscles, you can't target fat burn.
      If that's your goal, definitely exercise, but focus way more on what you're eating. If you're not losing, cut your calories or make sure you're eating better quality calories!


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