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What difference does a pound make?

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  • What difference does a pound make?

    Here’s something I’m curious about. How many pounds do you have to lose to shrink your belly by an inch around?

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    I heard somewhere (maybe this forum) that 10 pounds is about a dress size. I don't know how big a dress size is in inches, though/


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      I think the 10 pounds to 1 dress size rule isn't exactly right. That's just a ball park idea. Because people lose in different places and some people weigh more even though they get smaller because they build muscle, so even though the pounds don't go down, the waist size does.


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        I don't think that one pound represents itself the same way on every person. For one person, losing a pound one week could mean losing a bit around the middle, but on another week it could mean that your butt starts to look more toned or that your rings are a little looser on your fingers. For another person that balance could be completely different. I don’t think that there is any way to know how each pound lost is going to look on your body, but as long as you keep losing then your body will balance itself off in the way that it wants to be.


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          On a person who is really overweight or even obese, the difference that losing one pound would make is actually not all that big. That’s why you really won’t notice that much of a difference when you look in the mirror. If you lose a pound every week, it does seem to be slow and gradual, to the point that you really don’t see it, yourself. But when you lose and you haven’t see a person for two months, then they will really see the difference that it makes.

          So all you can do is just keep up the good work. Take pictures of yourself along the way if you really want to see the difference it makes.


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