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  • Big Batch Lunch Recipe Ideas

    I like to make all my lunches for the week on Sunday so I don't need to deal with them during the week. I don't mind eating the same thing every single day for a week. I do want nutrition and calorie reasonableness. Any ideas for what I can make that I can do all at once? I've been making veggie soups and basic salads for the last year and I'm really in need of inspiration now. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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    I like big batches, too. I like to a soup made with my home made bone broth, then toss in lots of veggies. It's pretty boring on its own, but then I toss in some easy things before eating it each day to make it different. I usually work my way from lightest to more comfort foods as the week goes by and I need it more. So I may go for tossing a huge handful of pea shoots or another type of greens on Monday, but then by wednesday, I'm adding some feta cheese (soooo good in soup!) and then I might have some toasted oat bread with it by the end of the week. Same soup, but easy changes to make it different each day.
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      Any kind of salad. Just keep the "wet stuff" separate from the "dry stuff until the last minute. Like, don't throw cucumbers on your kale on monday and expect everything to be great by friday. That said, if you store them properly, they can last, even prepped, for days!


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        Make a veggie casserole with brown rice or whole grain pasta. Then divide all taht up into lunch containers and throw it all into the freezer until you're ready to have it. Any meal that stretches like that is perfect.


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