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  • Vegan marshmallows

    I recently was shocked when I found out that marshmallows and Jell-O were not vegan!! I always thought that they were just pure sugar. I mean, I know that they contain gelatin, but I didn't realize that was made from animal bones. That both surprised and freaked me out a little. I'm seriously starting to not wanting to know what is in the pre-made foods I'm eating! Anyway, does anyone know if there are vegan alternatives to these foods? My son recently went vegan and we're going to be going camping at the end of the month and I thought it would be nice to do vegan smores. Any ideas?

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    Yeah, it's shocking how much animal stuff is in things you don't even realize. I mean, you wouldn't think candy would be animal-related...but it can be. In fact, vegan's don't even eat certain red candies or those with a glaze because the dye and the glaze coating is made from beetles! That shocked me...not just cause bugs - ew - but because Vegan's don't just avoid animal stuff but any living creature.

    Wow, okay long story short, yes you can get vegan marshmallows. The easiest thing is to buy a pack of Dandies marshmallows. They don't have gelatin in them. As far as I can tell they function just like regular marshmallows and look like them too. That said, I couldn't tell you how they taste LOL


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      Cool! I didn't know you could get vegan marshmallows :) Do you know if this brand is everywhere? Are they the only one?


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        Dandies are probably the best, but there's also Freedom Confectionery Mini Pink & White Vanilla Mallow, which is a UK brand that offers both vanilla and strawberry flavored ones that are also soy-free. You can find both of these on Amazon. You can always do a search on Amazon to see what comes up. The only thing is, just remember that they're not likely to taste like the marshmallows you know. This doesn't mean they're bad, just don't expect the same experience lol
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          This is really interesting and cool. I'm not vegan, but personally I find gelatin totally disgusting LOL. That said, 'm wondering how in the world can they make marshmallows stretch without gelatin??


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