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  • Don't have regrets

    One of the worst things you can do in life is hold on to regrets. Instead of having regrets, think of them as a time in your life when you made the best decision you could make for yourself at the time. It may have been for what you thought were good reasons or maybe it was just pure selfishness, whatever it was, at the time and the surrounding circumstances you thought it was what was good for you. Getting rid of your regrets not only helps you to think more clearly and forgive yourself, it also helps you to forgive and understand others. We tend to be very judgmental of ourselves and others. When we are, we're negative and unhappy and this doesn't help you in any way in your life. Does anyone here let regrets hold them back?

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    I don't let regrets hold me back, but I don't always let them go either. I mean, there are some regrets that are easier to let go of than others. You know like something trivial like "gee, I really wish I bought that thing I wanted when it was on sale, I could really use it now." vs. "I really should have went to my uncle's funeral to support my father, but I really had a lot of work to do that day, so I didn't want to lose the time and make the effort to travel when I wasn't close to my uncle." There are some regrets that can teach you to behave differently in the future and some that you just can't make better...the ones that you really wish you could turn back time for. I know there's no point in holding on to any of that stuff, cause it's not like you can change it, but at the same time, I think it's an important part of the person you are, your growth, and the parts of you that remind you that you are flawed and human. I don't necessarily think that regrets are a bad thing as long as you don't use them as an excuse to not do something.


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      I don't know. Sometimes I think having regrets are good things. I don't think you should let them rule your life or use them as an excuse not to do something or hold you back, just as Ron says. That said, having some of my regrets has made me rethink how I handle certain situations. I hold on to some of them to help me not the same mistakes twice.

      I think this is one of those situations where it's up to personal experience. If you want to live without regrets, more power to you! If you want to live with regrets to help you make better choices, that's great, too. Whatever works as long as at the end of the day what you're doing with your life is something positive :D


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        ...well, I guess if having some regrets works for you, then that's good, too! I just meant don't let the stuff you can't change hold you back. Accept that it happened and move on. :)


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