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    I have started to blog my weight loss progress and I'm finding it super motivational for keeping up with my goals. People are commenting and cheering me on and I feel like I don't want to let them down and it's really helping me to stay on top of my game.

    What do you guys to maintain motivation?

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    If you're not someone who is big with the writing game, like me, you could also vlog. Basically tracking your progress via yammering through a video instead of writing it all out. I'm not saying you need to post this stuff online or on youtube or whatever, I just mean that maybe making a video diary could be something you might find motivational for tracking, too.


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      Those are good ideas for some people. That said, I'm not a writer nor am I someone who wants to get up in front of a camera...still I get that those can be motivational. For me, I'm motivated by numbers. All I need is a fitness tracker, an app and a scale and I'm happy. Numbers bring me comfort because I can track progress better than I would in any other way. :)


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        Oh I know that these are ideas for everyone. I just meant that it's definitely something worth looking into and trying if it is of interest to you. Sometimes, when you know other people are waiting to hear about your progress, this may motivate you to keep up what you're doing because you don't want to let them down as much as you don't want to let yourself down. :)


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          I understand what you were trying to get at Tiff. You mean that we should find something that motivates us and keeps us on track with our goals. For somet that might be blogging or vlogging, for others it might mean taking pictures or calorie counting. Whatever it is, it's important to do something that will allow you to be honest with yourself so you'll cheat less.
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            Exactly! It's important to do something that keeps motivated, committed and honest with yourself :)


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              It is important to stay committed. I found one of the things that's helped me is keeping track of my weight loss on instagram. It's an excuse for me to take photos and I've been getting a lot of great encouragement from people. :)


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