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    I know that proponents of this diet and those who created it would recommend it, but in general, is Atkins a diet that is recommended by medical professionals? I know that not every one of them would, but on the whole, if I were to ask a doctor if they think I should try Atkins, would they give me a nod of approval or look at me like I grew an extra head?

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    I guess the only way to know is to ask your doctor what they think about you following one of these diets for weight loss. I don't think any doctor who wants to be called a professional will look at you like you "grew an extra head" if you ask them a genuine question. If they do, they're not very professional. Doctors aren't there to judge you. Ask your questions, be honest about why you are interested in trying something, and let them know about your weight loss goals. The more openly you communicate with your doctor, the more they will be able to help you find what strategy is best, be it Atkins or something else.


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      If it ever was, it's not now. It's out of date. It has been used as a foundation of understanding for certain other diets. There are still a lot of low-carb programs out there and a lot of them are the result of this one having been crated. But this one has a lot of flaws, drawbacks and its benefits are being seen as short-term. More and more, I"m seeing it slapped with the "fad diet" label because it gives great results at first, then it's harder and harder to maintain, until all the pounds come back again.
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