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Anyone tried Numia natural supplement??

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  • Anyone tried Numia natural supplement??

    I lost 22lbs in 4 weeks!!

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    I'm not in a favor of using any diet supplements of pills because they can be only effective if you do regular exercises along with using them otherwise these supplements or pills can only cause side effects to your body.
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      I don't like anything that would lead to dangerously fast weight loss like that. Even if it does work, it will all come back on very quickly, which is horrible for your body and leads to heart strain and ugly stretch marks

      I'd rather go the healthy route.


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        I think i know a sales pitch when I see one. That's the third post of this nature by the original poster It's a shame. This is a great site! I love that everyone else is genuine and helpful


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          I would have to agree that losing weight that fast may be dangerous even when they claimed its a natural supplement. I have nothing against natural supplements but I would recommend you finding a supplement that can just 'assist' you to lose weight. Do not depend entirely on supplements or diet pills. There are still good natural and healthy supplements out there. I heard Herbal life and Bella Vi Insane amp’d are good options. You may want to check them out.


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