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    Hi Friends

    I want to share you best 17 diet foods which can help you to loss weight.....
    • Calorie controlled snacks • Healthier fast food. • Low-Fat and Fat- free dairy products • Rotisserie chicken. • Diet-Friendly Desserts • Flavored Mustards and Vinegars • Light Salad Dressing • Cooking Liquid • Frozen entries • Beverages • Bars • Dips • Breakfast cereals • Lean Protein • Whole Grains • Fruits • Veggies........


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    Calorie-controlled snacks are great help in losing weight if you crave snacks during the day. 100-calorie pre-packaged snacks help curb my sweet tooth, especially when everyone around me is eating what they want.

    The flavored mustards and vinegars is a good one.
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      My Favorite made up recipes

      A red bell pepper (raw) cut into strips, and low fat onion dip-----it actually tastes better than potato chips and dip!

      Balsamic Glazed Chicken: Brown one serving of chicken strips using only Pam, add 1/8 cup water and 1/4 cup balsamic vinager, add 1 envelop of Truvia to sweeten naturally, and boil down into a sauce for 3 minutes. It you like a thicker sauce, you can add a little chicken boullion and/or a teaspoon of flour before boiling it down.


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        i love both of these suggestions. i went to a party this weekend at a friend's place and all she served was veggie platters with low-fat onion dip and hummus. it was delicious and nutrition, which can be hard to come by at a party.

        as for the chicken dish... mmmm that sounds good and really easy. thanks for the recipe, i'm going to give it a try this week some time.

        is truvia an artificial sweetener?


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          lately i've been eating lite popcorn in the evenings when i'm peckish. i sprinkle it with some Mrs. Dash to add some flavor. delicious.


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            Tips for Weight Lose

            Apple cider helps to lose weight. I use cider with dressings for salads. But be careful; do not exceed more then 2-3 spoons of it.


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              Nice post. You provide the best diet foods.


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                This is a very helpful list. However, if you want to lose weight, i suggest that you keep away from any kinds of salad dressing. I heard that when you go to a fast food, it is way better to order their ordinary specialty of steak than munch on vegies with a bunch of high-caloric dressings. Usually, salad dressings are made of mayonnaise which is very rich in saturated fats. To prevent any more weight gain, try to eat your vegies without dressings.

                Or if you do not like the bland taste of raw vegetables, try to make up with herbs and vinegar. also try virgin coconut oil, it's really good to the palate. Furthermore, if you need to eat deserts, try to munch on fruits instead. Even the "weight-friendly" deserts in restaurants are not that friendly at all both to the body and to your pocket. Fruits are high in satiety factor, it makes you feel "fuller" faster plus its high in nutrients too so I recommend them to you all. hope this help!


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