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  • Alternative flour options

    If I wanted to quit white flour for a more healthy alternative what options are there that are relatively easy to find and affordable?

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    Well, that's the problem Mike. There are definitely healthier flour alternatives. That said, 1 - don't expect them to taste like the flour you're used to. In other words, if you enjoy a lot of baking you might find that your favorite foods taste "off". BTW that's not me trying to tell you not to buy it, I just mean it's important to prepare yourself for a surprise in taste. 2 - flour alternatives are typically much more expensive than white flour, by a lot, and for a much smaller amount.

    That said, some good alternatives you can look into include Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Millet-based flour, flax seed flour.


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      Whole wheat and whole grain are good, too...but, yeah, they aren't always easy to find and they are very expensive....especially if you are someone who uses flour a lot.


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        I'm just going to put this out eating unbleached white flour really so bad for you? I mean, how much flour are you baking/cooking with that it matters for you to go out of your way to get complicated stuff? I get that it could be an issues if you have an allergy or something, but otherwise...

        Okay, opinion aside, I would recommend that if you want to find alternatives, maybe check out a store that specializes in selling in bulk goods. Usually they can provide you with a bunch of options and you can control how much you buy. :)


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