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  • Good diet pill reviews

    I'm interested in taking a diet pill but I want to read honest reviews about it first. What should I look for in a review to know that it's legit and is being honest? Usually I really find the feedback other people leave to be very helpful.

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    If the product is sold on Amazon look for the "verified purchase" above the review. This means that the person actually purchased it because it only shows up if they do. You can leave a review there and click "verified purchase" as an option.

    Also, read lots and lots and lots of reviews from different sources, wherever the product is sold. While you can look at the manufacturer's website, take what is said on there with a grain of salt, rarely is a manufacturer to pot anything less than 4 out of 5 star review.


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      Those are some good tips I'll definitely keep in mind! Thank you KellyKatt! :)


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        Don't just trust Amazon or the manufacturers website. Even Amazon has a lot of fake reviews, even from "verified purchasers". You don't actually know how many people were paid by the company to review it...

        Try to find reviews in as many places as possible and when you find bad reviews, carefully read them and compare them with others. If you notice a pattern, that's what I'd pay attention to.
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