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Last updated: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 05:07
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char answered question Is Yoga gear the same as spandex?

A lot of Yoga gear contains spandex as part of its material blend. If you read the tag of lot of yoga pants, tops, etc, you'll no doubt discover cotton/polyseter blends, spandex or lycra among the list of "ingredients". The reasons these material are use are for two reasons: 1 - they're cheap. 2 - they are form-fitting flexible fabrics that will easily allow you to perform stretching and bending motions without getting in the way.

That said, if you are going to be engaing in activitis like running, etc. and you're likely to work out a sweat, the above materials are not the most ideal. The reason is they'll keep moisture trapped, which can become uncomfortable. It is far better to purchase fabrics that are moisture wicking like nylon/cotton blends.

In terms of where you should buy the clothing (I know you didn't ask this) I would suggest that you make your purchase from a reputable clothing store that will take it back if there is a problem with it. That said, if you don't care about replacing your clothes a lot or you don't exercise a lot, then I'd recommend buying on the cheap.

06:48 AM
2 days ago
tara answered question Did Kim Kardashian really lose all her baby weight following Atkins?

I highly doubt that. I mean she probably used Atkins as part of her weight loss regimen but that woman also has personal trainers and I bet she followed a food plan that was based on atkins but wasn't 100% true to the diet. Of course I could be wrong, but honestly you can't trust anything the celebrities say in terms of how they lose weight, etc. For starters, most of them who battle with weight engage in a lot of yoyo dieting that can work for them only because they have the money to buy the support, etc. that they need. For the rest of us, we don't have access to all this extra support because we simply can't afford it. So I'm not saying that you won't lose your baby weight by following Atkins, I'm just saying I don't believe for a second Kim Kardashian found her weight loss success with Atkins alone.

07:53 AM
1 week ago

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