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Last updated: Tuesday, 27 May 2014 16:05
Jaro Education's students' experiences 07:51
Last updated: Thursday, 20 June 2013 22:36
SparkPeople's Butt Blasting Workout (6 minutes) 06:37
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char answered question Do you have to be overweight to go to a weight loss spa?

I don't think it's a mandatory requirement, but honestly I can't imainge why anyone who isn't overweight would want to go to a weight loss spa...since that's being over weight is kinda the point to these things. I mean, I don't think they'd not allow you to enter, and I guess that there is always something you can learn, but honestly, if I went to a weight loss spa and saw someone there who wasn't a part of the staff and was a helathy weight, unless they had a good reason, I'd almost feel like they were insulting me by being there.

12:37 PM
2 days ago
freddyboy answered question What is the main vitamin in Kale?

Kale is very high in vitamin K, vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is also a high source of manganese. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, fiber, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vtimamn B3,iron, phosphorous, folate and omeg-3 fats. 

As you can see it's really an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals and is also high in fiber. It's very good for you, which is why so many people lable kale as a super food. 

Kale can be great for your health and it can also be very good in supporting your weight loss efforts. That said, I would recommend that if you want the biggest benefit from it, eat it as fresh as possible and eat organic. The best way to to do this (if it is posible for you) is to grow your own kale. 

06:17 AM

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