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4 days ago
tara answered question Is tofu healthy for you.

Sure. Tofu contains many essential nutrietns and is also high in protein. This is why it makes such a great meat alternative for vegetarains, vegans or anyone who simply wants to lower the amount of meat the have in their diet. It's also not overly high in calories, so it's good for weight loss, too. 

That being said, it is made from condensed soy milk. Tofu has many benefits and is generally considfered safe to eat. That said, soy has been linked to and increase in certain health risks such as breast cancer, thyroid disruption, vitamin b12 and d difficiences, some people also find it hard to digest.

Ultimately, I think it's alright to include non-GMO tofu as a regular part of your diet, but equally I don't think you should eat if every single day and i don't think you should eat it in copious amounts. Like any food, nothing is good for you when you eat too much of it. Include a lot of variety in your diet and take care that you're not ingesting too many soy foods and beverages. Too much soy, really isn't good for you.

08:02 AM
1 week ago
christy answered question What is the Prayer Diet and does it work?

It's likely more than what you think. To start, it's not just saying prayers and hoping you lose weight lol. There is more to it than that, at least. It's a weight loss book that essentially teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle thorugh dieting, weight loss mainteancne and prayer. 

Personaly it's not for me becuase I'm really not the religious type, but, if prayer speaks to you and you find it motiviational, this diet plan may be the right fit for you.  You can always just pick up the book from amazon and give it a read. It's not expensive and if it turns out it's not for you, at least you got a good read out of it and maybe some advice you like, right?

Feb 10

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