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Prescription Diet Pills (12)


Prescription diet pills are available in many different forms, depending on what the patient and doctor feel will be most effective in that unique weight loss circumstance, and the ingredients contained within the formula of the drug.


The two most common forms of prescription diet pills are appetite suppressants and fat blockers, though those are far from the only types of medications available.


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Common Types of Prescription Diet Pills


Appetite suppressants, such as Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin), sibutramine (Meridia), and Phendimetrazine (Bontril), work by affecting a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for creating the sensation of being hungry or full. By changing the re-uptake of chemicals in that part of the brain called norepinephrine and serotonin, it is also possible to give a feeling of being satisfied by a meal, even if a smaller amount of food is consumed. When these prescription diet pills are used, it is much easier for a dieter to eat less food without experiencing the discomfort usually associated with that effort.


On the other hand, fat blocker prescription diet pills, such as orlistat (Xenical), work by stopping an enzyme known as lipase from performing its task. When food containing fats is consumed, what will usually happen is that the lipase enzyme will be released so that the fats can be broken down into small enough molecules that they can be absorbed into the body so that they can be used as energy or stored as fat in the body. When the lipase is blocked, less fat can be absorbed into the body and the remainder moves through and is excreted with the rest of the body’s waste in bowel movements.


Taking Prescription Diet Pills Properly


Though many prescription diet pills are highly effective when used properly, many do not simply cause pounds to melt away simply by popping a capsule or tablet. Instead, they are generally prescribed as a part of a complete weight loss program that involves a change in lifestyle. These lifestyle changes typically involve a healthy, portion-controlled diet, and a proper daily exercise routine. The doctor will help to design these lifestyle changes when the drug is prescribed, and the assistance of a nutritionist, dietitian, and/or personal trainer may also be recommended.


This way, the proper habits will have been established so that the weight can continue to be lost even after the prescription diet pills are no longer being used. Then, when the goal weight is achieved, the dieter will be able to maintain that healthy weight without gaining it back.


Prescription Diet Pill Reviews

Non-Prescription Diet Pills (4)

Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Diet Programs (184)

Some recent research done by the British Dietetic Association found that a third of the people who were dieting ending up heavier then there original weight only a few weeks later. This is no surprise when we are surrounded by quick-fix, unhealthy diet programs. If you do a diet that’s not healthy, it is almost guaranteed you will end up gaining all the pounds you lost and maybe even more.

Fad diets are the kind of regimens where you consume a restrictive diet or some wired combination of foods for a short period of time. The trend goes like this, you start the fad diet, lose some pounds, you get happy, weeks later you gain the pounds back on, you get depressed and end up heavier. Sound familiar?

Many top diet researches actually agree that the 5 best diets are:

  1. NutriSystem
  2. The Atkins Diet.
  3. The GI Diet
  4. Meal replacements
  5. LA Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program Reviews

*The information and reviews provided for these Weight Loss Program Reviews is for informational purposes only. Weight Loss Center does not endorse any of these weight loss programs as a safe or effective means to lose weight.

Prescription Medications & Drug Information (101)


When you are shopping for prescription medications, reviews can be one of your most effective resources for finding the best ones, along with your doctor’s opinion. Similarly, when you have tried a product, by leaving your own prescription medication reviews you will be providing a helpful resource for someone else who is now trying to determine whether or not it is right for him or her.


If you are considering a certain prescription medication, you will likely read up about it on its official site or on other websites that sell the product. However, as much as that information is handy, you must keep in mind that it may also be biased as it is designed to encourage you to use the product. By finding prescription medication reviews that have been left by actual customers who have tried the product, you can obtain a much more realistic sense of what the experience is truly about.


Many prescription medications have side effects and health risks associated with their use. Some of these medications may also be rather new to the market and the full effects of taking them may not be completely understood. For this reason, not only is it important to pay attention to the list of side effects and cautions provided by the manufacturer of the drug, but also pay attention to any other side effects that users may note in their reviews.


With that in mind, when you are leaving your own reviews of prescription medications, try to include as much useful information as possible. Describe your experience honestly, and note additional observations that another user might not find anywhere else. Remember that these reviews are a vehicle for information for others considering a product. They aren’t directed at any one company. If you are upset about the product and want to express your dissatisfaction, explain specifically why, instead of simply making general statements.


Prescription Medications Information on Weight-Loss-Center.net


The information about Prescription Medications on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.


You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. You should read carefully all product packaging. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.


Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Prescription Medications Reviews & Information

Diet Pill Reviews (22)


Welcome to Weight Loss Center's Diet Pill Reviews section. If you are considering buying diet pills online, make an educated purchase by first reading these informative, unbiased reviews. Each diet pill is evaluated on its ability to promote weight loss based on the quality and quantity of ingredients it contains. Click on a diet pill from the list below for a full review of that product.


Are You Considering Diet Pills?


For most of us the quest to lose weight has really become a struggle for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons most of us are gaining too much weight and can't seem to lose it is because we overeat, exercise to little and eat way too much fast food.


Most of us are looking for an easier, yet safe way to lose weight, without starving yourself or having to constantly stay on low fat, low calorie diets forever. The question is, in today's society is can we lose weight without sacrificing all of the good foods we love to eat?


Do Diet Pills Work?


The weight loss diet pill market is booming with many people turning to prescription and non-prescription drugs to help them shed those pesky pounds. Prescriptions for some diet pills, such as phentermine, can be obtained from your doctor, but many people chose to purchase their diet pills from an online pharmacy. This way there is more ananomity and some of us, who struggle with obesity, like the privacy that online pharmacies offer.


There are also many 'non prescription' weight loss diet pill products on the market that claim their ingredients can actually help people lose weight and fat, but without any potential dangerous side effects. Keep in mind though, that all diet pills have potential side effects, even if they are natural or non-prescription.


Types of Diet Pills


Weight Loss Center offers information on many diet pills. Take your time to do the research for yourself and see what is out there. Also, visit our Weight Loss Forum where people exchange their own experiences about taking weight loss diet pills. Topics in the forum are provided for informational purposes only. Posted topics and responses reflect the individual's results, experiences and opinions only and are not verified or endorsed by weight-loss-center.net. Actual results may vary among users.


Non-Prescription Diet Pill Reviews

Exercise Programs Reviews (5)


Just as there are countless diet plans on the market, so are there exercise programs. While the fact that there is a variety of programs is certainly good news, as it provides different options for people, allowing them to try out and select routines and workouts that are best suited to their desires and body needs, it’s a good idea to read exercise programs reviews online prior to implementing one into your lifestyle.


Why? Exercise programs reviews can tell you a lot about what an exercise program that may be of interest to you entails, giving you an idea of what you can expect and the overall effectiveness of the method.


Of course, not every review you find online will be of help to you. Some of the feedback that is left by consumers who have supposedly tried these exercise programs is either made up by individuals who have never actually tried the products or techniques themselves, or contain short and useless info that generally states what was liked without giving any details as to why.  Therefore, you may be wondering what a good review looks like.


The following is a list of some of the important points you should look for when using exercise programs reviews as a source of information:


  • The full name of the exercise programs
  • Who created it and information about this person
  • What it is designed to do (i.e. what areas of the body does it target)
  • How it works (i.e. what equipment, techniques, supplements, etc. are involved)
  • What type of results should occur and how long before progress can be seen
  • The best time of day to engage in the workout
  • How long it takes to complete
  • Any side effects experienced by the body – positive or negative
  • Who it is most recommended for and why
  • Who should avoid it


Many of the above points are more likely to be found in exercise programs reviews written by professionals for informational purposes than in feedback that has been left by consumers. That said, it will serve you well to read evaluations from actual users of the program, as they can provide you with a more realistic view of the type of results they experienced firsthand and the positive and negative aspects they encountered.   Just be sure to read numerous reviews to obtain a well rounded perspective.


The more data you can find out about the exercise programs you’d like to try, the better understanding you will have and the more likely you will be able to determine what feels right for you. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to discuss any new exercise regimen you intend to adopt with your doctor prior to starting it.


Exercise Programs Reviews

Fitness Equipment Reviews (2)


Exercise Equipment falls into two categories based on the type of exercise provided: cardio equipment or strenght training equipment. Both types of exercise, along with stretching, are essential to a balanced and effective fitness routine.


Cardiovascular, or cardio, exercise helps to keep your heart healthy and burn fat by raising the heart rate. Cardio exercise equipment includes stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stair climbers. Regularly varying the type of cardio machine you use will help you to exercise more effectively by routinely exercising different muscle groups.


Exercise equipment for strength training is more varied. Free weights, weight machines, and balancing or resistance equipment can all be used for strength training. Weight training helps to build muscular strength and helps to maintain the results of cardio exercise.


Exercise & Fitness Equipment Reviews

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