Bontril is a popularly prescribed form of brand name weight loss drug that contains phendimetrazine as the primary active ingredient in its formula. This medication is in a group known as sympathomimetic amines, which function in many ways that are similar to amphetamines. This type of drug is also referred to as an anoretic or anorexigenic medication.


The way that Bontril works is that it provides the central nervous system with stimulation. This is the area of the body that is made up of the nerves which connect with those in the brain. By stimulating them, it can trick the brain into thinking that the appetite has been decreased through an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This way, you’ll feel more full even when you haven’t eaten as much.


Bontril Diet Pills
Bontril 105mg
30 Tablets (1 Month)


Bontril 105mg
90 Tablets (3 Months)




How Bontril Works


This medication has been carefully designed to provide obese patients with a tool to allow them to learn the proper healthy lifestyle choices that will encourage weight loss, but without the unpleasant side effects of dieting such as hunger and fatigue. That said, it is meant to be used only over the short-term so that the habits can be built. The pill itself does not cause weight to come away, but must instead be combined with a proper diet and activity routine that will likely be prescribed by the doctor at the same time that the medication has been recommended.


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What You Should Know About Your Bontril Prescription


It is also likely that the doctor will insist on regular appointments to make sure that the diet and exercise routines are being followed successfully, and to know that the Bontril is working properly and safely. It is important to keep these appointments as the dosage, diet, or exercise levels may need to be adjusted at various times throughout the use of the pills to make sure that they are as effective as possible.


Though the pills cannot be used over the long-term, they do help to make sure that by the time they are no longer being used, the proper lifestyle habits have been well established. This will make them much easier to maintain without the assistance of the medication so that the pounds will continue to come off, and the goal weight will be maintained without a struggle.


To make sure that you are using Bontril in a way that will lead to the best results and that will be safest for you, read the directions carefully and follow them precisely. If you aren’t sure what any of the instructions mean, contact your pharmacist or doctor to have them explain it to you.

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Gina Panderson
short weight loss
Bontril worked very good for me, and I lost more weight on that than I have ever been able to do on my own in my life. It really does a number on my hunger so that helps me keep my eating under control. Near the beginning, I’d almost forget to eat. I just didn’t feel like it. But it gets less effective the more you use it and so it’s only for about 3 months at a time. So now I’m stuck on my own again and my hunger is back. I don’t’ see this keeping the weight off for long and I’ve only lost one pound since I went off it.
I really didn’t like my experience with Bontril. Yes, I did lose weight with it. I did feel some of the benefits of it. But the side effects are really uncomfortable. I was warned about them by my doctor so they weren’t really all that much of a surprise to me but still I didn’t like that at all. Also, I just felt like the effects were really unnatural. I know that sounds nuts but I felt like I was doing something that just wasn’t right to my body. I felt like the side effects were consequences to trying to make my body work the way that it really wasn’t meant to. I stopped after a month and I had lost 6 pounds.
Jordan Cunningham
I consider myself to be a person who really doesn’t like to take prescription medications unless they are absolutely necessary. After dieting a lot throughout my whole time at college and still being obese when I graduated, I talked to my doctor and ended up with a prescription of Bontril. I was suspicious of using it but I filled the prescription. At first, I felt like my suspicions were justified because I had a massive headache for the first day I was on it and I felt wired and jittery. But that happened less and less over the next three days until I really didn’t even notice those issues anymore (if they were there at all). I did, however, have a much smaller appetite. That part of Bontril really works and it made a very big difference in my ability to diet. I stayed on it for three months and lost 26 pounds during that time. I worked out 5 times a week and I ate better foods, keeping portion size down. It was difficult to keep it up when I went off it, but I’m managing, though not quite as strictly.
Bobby Rodney
Bontril really did not provide me with a good experience. I used it for the full course, but I found that it only really worked good for a few weeks. At thes tart, I had bad side effects, especially headaches and shakiness. Then it was fine for like 3 weeks but then it started to get less and less effective!
Lia Simpson
Too powerful
Bontril is an extremely powerful drug and while I used to think that that was a good thing for a diet pill I realize that there is such thing as getting too much of something good since it only caused me to experience side effects.
works for a bit
Bontril is pretty darned effective for making the appetite smaller. It definitely did that, especially from the start of the day throughout the work day. I’ts not as powerful in the evening and it does make it hard to fall asleep if you go to bed early.
Maggie Stark
could it be too strong?
This may be a weird thing to say, but I think that bontril was too strong of a diet pill for me. I had way too much energy so I felt jittery and anxious all the time. It really did suppress my appetite but I felt like I’d had 12 cups of coffee.
Great for short term
I would never say that Bontril is a life long solution for helping to lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI, but in terms of getting short term results and kicking off an obesity diet at full strength, I really liked this pill. It can take some getting used to at first, because, at least in my case, there were some side effects for the first couple of days. But they’re really not so bad, and if you can tough it out for the first two or three days, then they go away completely. I started it over a weekend so that I would be able to know my reaction to it before I needed to work or drive, and by the time Monday rolled around, I had no problems at all. I felt that the appetite suppressant in this diet drug was very strong. It felt weird to look down at my plate and see food left on it, and yet I wasn’t hungry anymore. I knew that I “should” be hungry, but I was completely satisfied. It’s a very real feeling. It isn’t something odd or anything. It just feels like you’re genuinely all filled up and you don’t need any more to eat. Also, you’re really roaring and ready to go when you first take it. Whatever stimulant is in there, it’s a good one because a half hour after taking it, you’re just ready to take off and do everything you need to do. It’s pretty good for motivation, too, since dieting usually causes me to feel fatigued and like I’m dragging, but this way I feel pumped and like I can face anything. The unfortunate part of it is that it does start to wear off over time, and you can’t get a prescription for it that will continue on forever or you’ll just get addicted to it. But then again, like I said, Bontril is only meant for a month or two at a time. During that time, you get massive results, though. I lost 18 pounds during my 6 weeks!
Karen Windhauser
I took Bontril for two months and managed to lose 31 pounds. Though I do feel that Bontril was an important part of that, I’m not giving the drug all the credit because I worked extremely hard on my weight loss to get those results. I found that it was a pretty effective appetite suppressant and at the same time, I didn’t have the carb cravings that I usually suffer when I’m on a low carbohydrate diet – which I was at the time. I did have some bouts of restlessness and jitteriness, but I could keep those under control by exercising a lot, at least twice per day. I was happy with my experience with this drug, but it won’t get the weight off for you. You have to do all the hard work, this is just a tool to help make it easier. While I was taking Bontril, I was on a high lean protein, low fat, low carb diet with regular daily exercise. I generally walked for 30-45 minutes every morning before work, took the stairs up (and down) 16 floors instead of taking the elevator, and then when I got home, I’d do another exercise like yoga, pilates, another walk, or swimming.
Good effects and bad effects
When I first started using Bontril, it felt like it was all of the answers that I needed in a prescription diet pill because I felt amazing. I was motivated, energetic, and my appetite was positively killed. When I used to eat a huge meal and still feel like I could probably go for more, Bontril made me feel satisfied so quickly, I wasn’t sure if I might be experiencing negative side effects LOL. It turns out it was working just right. But the effect didn’t really last very long. After a couple of weeks, it started fading out and not being as effective anymore. Finally, after a couple more weeks (fourth week done) I didn’t feel that it was helping at all. I stopped taking it because my doctor said that it can lose its effectiveness after a while when the body becomes tolerant to its effects. I thought I could just up the dose, but my doctor said not to because that doesn’t help but it can cause withdrawal symptoms. So I took a break from the drug and after a few weeks, I started it again. This time, I had bad headaches for the first few days that I took it. It worked for about three weeks this time, but I was shaky half the time and just didn’t feel right. I don’t think it was the right diet pill for me. It’s a real shame since it started so strong.
Chad Bradley
pretty good
I used bontril for two spans of six weeks with a month break in the middle. This was about 2 years ago that I did this. I did like that it didn’t make me feel as hungry, so I could eat smaller meals and I didn’t have the constant urge to snack. I didn’t like that it felt like I’d chugged a bunch of energy drinks in the morning, though. I felt like I should run to work instead of taking my car. With the energy and jitters it gave, I probably could have gone faster than the cars on the freeway with the right shoes on. But it did mean that it wasn’t as much of a pain in the butt to exercise. I did get nosebleeds sometimes while I was taking this. I don’t know if the drug caused them or not, though.
bad side effects on me
I just got off the Bontril after my doctor prescribed it for me for weight loss. I had high hopes for it because I was looking forward to giving my diet some help by suppressing my appetite so that the reduced portions and calories wouldn’t be such a struggle and I wouldn’t be so prone to slipping and cheating, which has been a problem in the past. Unfortunately, I didn’t react well to Bontril at all – or maybe it didn’t react well to me. The first day I took it I had to go home from work I was feeling sick and had a headache and I felt like everything was rushing around me. From then on I just didn’t feel like myself and couldn’t seem to get myself to feel right. By the fourth day I barely knew up from down and my doctor told me to flat out stop using it and that I should try something else instead when I was ready to give it another start. After all of the side effects from bontril, I think I’ll start off with a non-prescription over the counter pill first and then if that doesn’t do it, I’ll give the stronger ones a try again.
Lauren Galloway
Bontril didn't do much for me...
I tried Bontril for 6 weeks and I did not loose a pound. In all fairness I did not really change my eating habits- I just waited and waited for the “appetite suppressantness” of the drug to kick in which I never felt it ever really did kick in. My friend on the other hand could feel it within a couple weeks of taking it. She said all of a sudden it hit her and gave her great energy too and that it really motivated her to work out because she had all this great energy. I never felt this. Maybe I was eating a bit less in general, but I could still eat for sure. I also never had any problems sleeping. I could take Bontril as late in the day as I wanted and still sleep like a log. I eventually stopped taking it because I my heart would start racing for no reason. Once I quit Bontril, the heart racing stopped. I would rather be 20 lbs overweight then have to worry about my heart. I understand Bontril works for a lot of people, but for me not so much. I think it just affects everyone a bit differently.
This was ok, but not perfect
I got a prescription for Bontril a year or so ago and I had really high hopes for it. It did work, but not as well as I thought it was going to. I just thought that since it's a prescription, it should be really strong. I found that the side effects (hard to get to sleep and bathroom issues) weren't worth the benefits that I was getting from it. It’s not that it didn’t work. it just didn’t do enough for me.

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