Didrex is a commonly prescribed drug intended to help with weight loss. It is a formula that is based on the primary active ingredient known as benzphetamine. Medications containing this ingredient are generally called sympathomimetic amines, which are chemicals that function similarly to amphetamines. This means that the way that this pill functions is by stimulating the central nervous system so that the blood pressure and heart rate will rise and appetite suppression will result.


Doctors prescribe Didrex to help patients who are suffering from obesity to lose weight more efficiently. Weight loss can be a struggle for many people, and when hunger pangs and fatigue are leading them to fail in their efforts, this pill can help to minimize those symptoms enough to make it possible to adopt the proper eating and exercise habits that are necessary to reduce the excess pounds on the body.


Didrex Diet Pills
Didrex 50mg
30 Tablets (1 Month)


Didrex 50mg
90 Tablets (3 Months)



Didrex and Weight Loss


That said, Didrex will not cause weight loss to occur all by itself. Simply popping the pill won’t result in fat reduction. Instead, the prescribing doctor will either recommend certain diet and activity routines, or will refer the patient to nutritionists, dietitians, and/or personal trainers who can help to create safe and healthy regimens that will maximize the weight loss potential of the drug.


This pill is meant to be used only over the short-term while these healthy habits are being established. Usually this means a few weeks of use at the most. The drug may be used again by the same patient, but there will need to be a break in between the periods of use in order to avoid developing dependencies and tolerances to the effectiveness of the drug.


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Didrex Precautions


Though Didrex can be a very useful obesity treatment for many patients, it should not be used by certain dieters. This is because it can conflict with specific medicines and medical conditions. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any health conditions you may have and any other prescription, over the counter, nutritional, or herbal treatments you may be taking. This will help to eliminate the chance of a conflict with those issues which could be uncomfortable or even endanger your life.


If your doctor has prescribed Didrex, make sure that you take it carefully according to the instructions on the prescription label. Before taking the drug, review the directions carefully and understand them. If you should have any questions, have them answered before taking the medication. Should you forget what the directions mean or if you have concerns at any point, discuss them with the doctor or pharmacist.

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Bobby Rodney
I am facing a struggle with Didrex but my doctor thinks that if I stick with it then I will have better luck over time. Right since the beginning I have had headaches. They aren’t super bad ones but they rae around all day long and they are enough to be very irritating all the time when I am trying to get things done. I am hoping that I will be able to have them ease away over time like my doctor says will happen but It is hard to just keep going and stay motivated when all you want to do is lie down and shut your eyes all the time.
Karen Windhauser
Here is a diet pill that actually does something. After I had problems with like five different over the counter diet pills and I didn’t have any luck with phentermine either, which is a prescription drug that gave me a weird rash on my arm, I was prescribed didrex instead and finally I am getting results. I didn’t relaly like how jittery and anxious I felt for the first while that I was taking it but it really wasn’t that severe and it finally went away over time so I was fine. I didn’t lsoe a lot of weigh tin the first week of taking it but then suddenly it seemed to kick in and it was a lot easier for me to lose weight. I found it easier to exercise a bit more every day and hunger wasn’t a problem anymore. Since hunger and food cravings are the problems that I have to deal with the most, when this got rid of that, I really found that it was a lot easier to keep down the calories that I am eating every day. I find that since I’m not feeling that strong starving feeling all the time that it also gets a lot easier for me to eat smarter and just not have to settle for eating junk foods because that’s all that really appeals to me. Hunger guides me in the wrong direction, but didrex helps to stop that.
did the trick
I really felt that Didrex did what it needed to do. I did have some side effects at the start of using it, mostly for the first three days. I felt like I was supercharged to the point that I was jittery and paranoid and sort of stressed, but that faded out pretty fast and it didn’t come back for the whole time I was on it. I lost 20 pounds in total while I was taking this and I did find that this was way easier than on my own where I could barely lose 2 pounds and it was killer to do. So other than the start when it was a bit rough, this was a good solution that I’d say works when you’re desperate for help.
Tiffany Mulroney
good not great
I wasn’t able to reach my goal weight on Didrex. It did help me but it just didn’t react great with me. I found that there were side effects at first that went away, but then it stopped working after a while.
glad that's done
I lost a good amount of weight while I was on didrex, but I’m glad that my prescription was pretty short. I never felt quite right while I was on them.
Lia Simpson
very strong
Didrex is a very strong prescription diet pill. It really slashes back your appetite, which is very important when I’m trying to lose weight because it keeps my snacking and meal sizes way down. I also find that when I’m not starving, I can make better meal choices. I didn’t find that I had extra energy as much as I was jittery and anxious though.
Michael Cromwell
immediately got sick
As soon as I took Didrex, within about a half hour, I was already feeling really off and inside of an hour I was nauseated and was feeling like I was going to be very sick. I was shaky and I was light headed. I would never take this pill again. It was a nightmare for me. I thought that I was going to have to call an ambulance. I lost an entire day of work because of this pill.
I can admit that I was surprised with Didrex. I had already tried Xenical before taking this and I wasn’t all that wild about that experience because the side effects were very unpleasant, so my doctor and I decided on an entirely different route for the next effort to get my weight down. I had heard that there are a lot of side effects with this kind of pill, too, so I started off feeling very doubtful and hesitant. But I was pleasantly surprised. There were definitely side effects with this because I had a lto of headaches for the first while, my sleep suffered, and I was pretty jittery. But that faded out in the first week and there really weren’t a lot of side effects after that time. That was definitely a plus. I also did find that my appetite was a lot lower than normal and I had energy right from after I took the pill (in the morning) so I exercised first thing in the morning to take advantage of that. I’ve just finished my first wave of using it but I have to take a break because I’ve built up a tolerance. I haven’t decided if I will continue with it, but I’m definitely considering it. I just hope that I dn’t have to go through the side effects for the first week again.
had great luck with this
With didrex, I had a lot of luck in getting the weight off in a really fast amount of time. It actually worked far faster than I was expecting. I had some mild side effects but I never think that I’m going to be able to escape those when I use a prescription pill. Good for short term.
Jordan Cunningham
Didrex: Review
I didn’t have all that much luck with Didrex. My reaction to it was too strong, so I didn’t find that the benefits were worth the discomfort. Nausea and headaches plagued me for the first five days and then I just gave up on it altogether. It’s a shame. If it was a little weaker, it probably would have been fine.
Didrex review
I was very relieved when I got a Didrex prescription from my doctor because I knew that I needed to lose a lot of weight, but I just couldn’t seem to lose more than a few pounds without just gaining it back again in a month or two. I was fat and I needed help. If that help could come in a magical little pill, that was great with me. But Didrex wasn’t a magical little pill. For the first while, it was actually very uncomfortable. It was like I was going nuts. I was jittery and anxious all the time. Then that seemed to just go away and I started to really feel like I was benefitting from it. It was giving me a noticeably lower appetite, so I found it easier to get full and not feel hungry all the time. Unfortunately, I only lost three pounds after the whole month. I’m not sure if it was a result of the pill not really doing much or if the diet I was on just wasn’t that effective. Either way, I wasn’t about to spend all that money (I don’t have a drug plan) just so that I could lose three pounds in a whole month. THAT, I could do on my own! So I decided to just save myself the time, money, frustration, and side effects and try out something cheaper, over the counter, and that has a better reputation in reviews from customers, not just from the prescription drug industry.
Tina McDonald
Review of Didrex
I’ve taken other diet pills like Didrex and it’s pretty similar to the other ones. Essentially it works pretty well for being an appetite suppresser. I find that I do get a little jittery when I take it, but not as badly as other pills that are like it. I don’t like the fact that as soon as you really start seeing benefits from it, you have to stop using Didrex or your body starts to become tolerant to it and it stops being effective. Plus, I read that if you overuse it, you can become addicted and then it’s really hard to get off it. I didn’t have any problems with that, that I noticed. I took one dose every day and it worked for about 12-ish hours. It did make me hungry in the evenings, but I just had a low fat snack to get past that. I’d rather something that lasts longer than Didrex.
Todd White
didrex helps with weight loss
When you feel like you've reached the end of your tether for unsuccessful dieting and you need a treatment for your obesity that will help you to get your healthy body back, then I hope that Didrex is as effective for you as it was for me. I found that once I was taking Didrex, then all of the other efforts that I was already making before starting on the pill - exercising and eating better - started being a lot more effective. My frustration decreased and my motivation increased because I was actually getting results. I didn't find that the side effects were too strong. They started out a little bit uncomfortable, but they decreased with time. Though I did lose the weight, the one problem I did have with it is that I couldn't remain on the drug, so after a while, the weight started creeping back on again. That's technically not the fault of Didrex, but I still would have found it a lot more helpful if I could have benefited from it for more than a month and a half.
Michelle Ashley
I was on Didrex for over a month and did not lose one pound :(. I am about 45 lbs overweight and I really do try to eat healthy. My days are pretty busy, I don't go for the sweets, if anything I really like my carbs. Too many carbs would be my biggest bad habit. I have tried the low carb diet but as soon as I stop the weight comes back again. My pharmacist said I should try taking two Didrex pills, maybe then I would feel the effects of it controlling my appetite more, but I really don't eat a lot as it is. I am at around 1000 calories a day. Am I missing something? The only think I can think of is that I am not drinking enough water or getting enough exercise (I have a desk job.) The pharmacist said I should also try phentermine I wonder if I will have better success with that one...
Didrex did wonders for me...
My doctor prescribed me Didrex 9 months ago. I was very overweight (ok I was obese) and my doctor even thought I was a good candidate for gastric bypas surgery. I failed to lose weight with a number of different diets. Didrex helped me lose 85 pounds and words cannot describe the happiness I feel now. Didrex gets a bad rep because of it's addictiveness, but that did not happen to me at all. The only thing I felt was a bit tired for about a week or so after I stopped taking it but that's it. I still have about 30 pounds to lose but I am going to try to do it without any medication. Didrex worked wonders for me. I hope this helps.
Didrex works
I am currently taking Didrex and it works wonders. I love it. For me it works similar to phentermine, in the beginning I have a lot of energy and zero appetite. All the extra energy motivates me to exercise and I have lost 4 lbs in the first week. I am going to stay on Didrex until I reach my goal and then probably switch to phentraminD to maintain my weight. I did have trouble finding a pharmacy that carried it though. I guess it is not prescribed all that much. I have tried a number of diet pills, I had no success with Tenuate, and only lost 3 lbs in one month on Meridia.

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