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You've probably noticed that Phentermine isn't as easy to buy online as it was in 2004. The DEA has cracked down on shady operations calling themselves “online pharmacies.” One of these operations even employed the owner's illegal immigrant cleaning lady to sign their “doctor's” name for prescriptions. Other companies sent loose pills in baggies in manila envelopes from India.


The unfortunate truth is that because these companies chose money over customer safety and satisfaction, the government has shut them down and made it illegal to buy phentermine 37.5 without a face-to-face, in person consultation with your doctor.


Now that I'm done spilling the bad news and raining on peoples' parades, I'll reveal the good news.


Recently, a new diet pill has hit the markets to replace Phentermine. Phentramin-D is available online legally without a prescription, and it's chemically similar enough to phentermine to provide equal or stronger appetite suppression and a mild energy high. The energy is not the same as phentermine though, as Phentramin-D is not in the amphetamine class of drugs.


Unfortunately the diet pill market is full of scams and in reality, only a few diet pills actually do anything to help you lose weight. Most are just caffeine pills in disguise. We recommend that you compare diet pills reviews before you buy as rated by customer feedback and reviews before you buy anything.


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