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NutriSystem is mostly a portion controlled weight loss program. They originally started out with some weight loss centers, but then they changed there business strategy and decided it was best to go fully online. While being some what similar to Jenny Craig, NutriSystem has one major advantage, which is that its much more affordable.


How Does NutriSystem really work?

The NutriSystem Nourish program provides an online analysis tool to calculate your calorie needs. From this, your food plans can be measured and they will begin to ship all your meals to you. This kind of weight loss program has great advantages like:

  • Based on the popular Glycemic Index

  • All meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert are provided and delivered to you (free shipping on 4 week meal orders).

  • Online support available with membership in the program. Also there is a chat option.

  • Yes, a weight loss professional will actually phone you once you’ve subscribed to the program.

  • Portion controlled, low fat, controlled carbohydrate and protein. For most women calorie amounts will be around 1200 per day.

  • Free membership (you only pay for the meals).

  • There are diet programs designed especially for Men, Women, Diabetics, and Vegetarians.

  • Excellent exercise program and meal planner for free.


Who Is NutriSystem Good For?

The basic idea behind NutriSystem is to provide a portion controlled diet. If you want a good weight loss program where you don’t have to worry about making meals yourself, shopping, counting calories, or figuring out meal plans - then Nutri-System is recommended.


Is NutriSystem Safe For Diabetics?

NutriSystem says it has a lot of costumers who are diabetic and do very well with the program. Not to mention that Nutri System meets the American Dietetic Association’s guidelines for cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.


What Food Is In The NutriSystem Diet Program?

There are plenty of meals in which to choose from. I’m sure you will find lots you will like. To see exactly which meals they provide, you can visit there site and click on the food section.


What Are The Downsides To NutriSystem?

Sometimes when there are no food items available, they will substitute it with others. But this hardly never happens, you really don’t need to worry about it.


Cost - NutriSystem

At the time of this reviews, NutriSystem diet can be ordered online and all of the food you need will be delivered to your door. The program costs at least $350 per month, but should provide all of your food so you shouldn't have many additional food costs for the month.

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Previous reviews

a classic fad diet
I can’t even remember a time in my life when Nutrisystem didn’t exist. It probably didn’t exist my whole life, but I do remember seeing television commercials for it when I was pretty young. That makes me feel like since it has been around for so long, it must really be something good. I tend to trust things that can stand the test of time. It’s not like it is any kind of proof that it works, but it does mean that they have been able to keep up with enough customers that they can continue to survive over the years. If something just completely doesn’t work, then it really wouldn’t have been able to continue this way. So that was my justification for starting with nutrisystem when there are so many other kinds of diet program around. I found the first week on this diet was really hard. It wasn’t until the sixth day that I finally started to feel like I was in the swing of it. I lost it again just after the third week, then I maintained it until the third month. Then it fell off again at that point and I never got it back again. For that reason, I would think that this should be labeled a fad diet. But still, during the short time that you actually follow it, it really does work. It’s not easy, and it sucks at times, but you really can drop some pounds. Over 3 months, I ended up losing 14 pounds. That’s really not bad, especially because I’m one of those people who really struggles to lose every single pound. Every little bit of weight that is lost is a complete battle for me. So for 14 pounds to come off, I feel like that’s a big victory. I think the two biggest struggles have to do with the food side of it, which really is the main part of it. The food that you get through the program is not the greatest tasting. I find that they are very salty and/or very sweet. They are clearly trying to compensate with flavors that are lacking from cutting down on other areas like fat, but the result really isn’t that great. But it’s fast and easy so the majority of the time I could really get past that without too much problem. The other main issue that I did have is that I was hungry pretty much every day of that diet and that did not put me in a good mood. I was very grouchy for the majority of the time that I was on this diet. I just feel like it’s something I would do for a short time to lose some weight, but that’s it. Once that’s done, though, I really can’t stick to it for any more time. I think my body and mind need a resting period between sessions of doing Nutrisystem so that I don’t end up just giving up on trying to lose weight altogether. In a short time, it has been the fastest weight loss I’ve been able to achieve in my life.
Ken Traver
nothing tastes good
I don’t know if Nutrisystem has declined over the years or if I just ended up signing on at a bad time but I really feel like I got a raw deal. I liked that the program is free. I could really appreciate that. It was great that I could just sign up and not have to worry about fees and things like that. The billing was completely under my own control because it is only the food that you buy. The problem that I had with it is that most of the food wasn’t really all that good and they sell out of the good stuff really regularly. That’s hugely frustrating because you’re trying ot keep up your motivation to diet and not eat something else but you’re not really getting food that you find to be all that flavorful or rewarding. All I wanted to do was reach out and grab some “real food” and eat that because I wasn’t liking the nutrisystem food very much. I also found that even with the good food I was hungry most of the time. I get that it’s very important to cut back and it’s really key to be able to control portions but this was ridiculous. There’s a difference between eating a portion controlled meal and eating something that I would consider to be a child’s portion. I honestly was hungry nearly the entire time that I was on it. At the beginning I didn’t think that it was too bad but I think that’s because I had really high motivation. After a while of bad eating of small amounts of food its’ really hard to keep up that motivation and to appreciate the portion sizes. After that point I was just very frustrated and I felt like I would do nearly anything to be able to eat something else. This is especially true for the amount that this program costs. They make it seem like it is affordable but it’s really not. I have a two person household and the food bill blasted up to be five times more than it usually was for the two of us! And it was just me who was eating the nutrisystem food! This stuff is lousy, it’s small and it’s SO expensive. I really recommend to anyone who is thinking about this that they should grab a calculator and do the math about the food before signing on. And don’t think that you can just always stick to the cheapest stuff because it may not always be available. You can’t count on sticking to any certain thing because they might not have it when you want it. Also, you may or may not be warned about substitutions that they’ll make if they run out of something after you’ve already ordered it. I haven’t read a lot of other reviews about substitutions and running out of things so I must have just been signed on during an off time or something.
low cost compared to others
What I like about Nutrisystem is that it has pretty much progressed over the years. Though I do find that the diets that make you actually buy their meals are more expensive than those that just provide structure and recipes that you can create yourself, if you have a look at the prices of other diets out there, this one is pretty affordable. And it makes things very easy when you’re just feeding yourself (though I imagine it complicates things when you still have to cook for a family).

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