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FENFAST 375 Helps Support Your Diet and Exercise Efforts! 


FENFAST® 375 TABLETS are formulated to provide an alternative option for prescription medications such as Adipex and Phentermine 37.5. Even if you have never tried diet pills before, Fenfast 375 will give you the support you need to get closer to your goals each and every day.

Straight from the scientists at Intechra Health Inc. to you, FENFAST 375 addresses the major issue that makes fat loss difficult in the first place. It's high-quality, nutraceutical formulation supports improved energy and alertness and enhances mental function, so you can be more active and focus more easily on eating a healthy amount of calories. By supporting a more active lifestyle, you'll be equipped to burn more fat through exercise. 



FENFAST 375 delivers fast and noticeable energy!


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Do you want better, more consistent results from your dieting efforts? FENFAST 375 WHITE & BLUE SPECK TABLETS make it possible. They have been designed to look like Adipex and Phentermine, the top-selling prescription diet aids. FENFAST 375 provides a more affordable and easier to obtain alternative to prescription diet medications.


Reveal the healthier and more attractive feeling individual you know you can be. Get the support offered by the ingredients in FENFAST 375. Gain the energy you've been lacking to promote the kind of lifestyle that will lead to a slimmer, sexier you!


Support Your Weight Managment Goals With FENFAST 375!


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FenFast 375 Success Stories


Lots of energy - what a great way to lose weight!
I have been taking fenfast for 3 weeks and I am happy with the results. Even though I'm only eating about 1200 calories a day, I am never hungry and I have lots of energy - what a great way to lose weight. I will recommend this product to anyone who needs to lose weight but struggles with dieting. This product makes it possible to eat less without going crazy or getting dragged down.



With these two little pills each day I have felt so much better
This was the second time trying a diet pill. I was really nervous about ordering it. I had heard about so many scams online. My order came within a few days and I thought that was a good sign. I didn't expect to like it - I was expecting to get the jitters like I had read about for other diet pills. This one [FenFast] didn't do that tho. I take one in the morning before breakfast and then another at lunch. With these two little pills each day I have felt so much better, with much more energy. Just wanted to let you know.



There's hope for me now.
I bought these pills because I read online that they are a substitute for phentermine. My doctor won't prescribe phentermine to me anyorme so I decided to try Fenfast. Unlike phentermine, that gave me a dry mouth and fluttering in my heart, this stuff worked really well, but NO side effects. I was a little jittery the first couple of days, but that stopped and now they only feel great. I am back to buy a couple more months worth at least. There's hope for me now.



I lost 16 pounds in the two months I took fenfast
I gave fenfast 3 out of 5 stars. I really thought long about what I wanted to tell people about it. The bottom line is that it does work, at least for the two months that I took it. It did everything that it says it will, including suppressing appetite and causing your body to burn more fat. I lost 16 pounds in the two months I took fenfast. I think maybe other diet products may help you lose more weight, but most places say that the amount I lost was "safe". I guess that's good. Also, I am pretty sensitive to caffeine and I felt kind of "buzzed" while I took fenfast. I sort of got used to it, but when deciding how to rate it, that definitely cost it one star. Overall I think it is a pretty good product. Good luck with it.



I'm sold! This stuff works like crazy.
I'm sold! This stuff works like crazy. You guys have made a killer product. I work out like mad and with the help of Fenfast I am getting lots of definition. No, it didn't help me build muscle, but I don't like those roid products. Fenfast is an awesome fat burner and that's all I wanted. Nice stuff Intechra, keep it going. Any new products coming out soon?



I took it for a month and liked the results.
I took Adipex a couple years ago and have been trying to lose weight ever since. I ordered fenfast 375 because it says it works like adipex and looks like it too. Anyway, I took it for a month and liked the results. I don't htink it was as powerful as adipex, but I still lost weight. I think I liked how it curbed my appetite the most. It made eating less a lot easier. I would recommend it.


FENFAST 375 High-Quality Ingredients


After extensive research and the careful balancing of the ingredients, FENFAST 375 was achieved. Every one of the ingredients that were selected has been scientifically studied, so that dieters can be certain they are using a product that contains high quality substances well-known throughout the diet industry.    Among the ingredients within the proprietary formulation are: Beta-Phenylethylamine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine HCl and L-Theanine.


Each of these was selected from among hundreds of different options due to their ability to promote a more active lifestyle through enhanced energy and focus. In fact, these diet pills are chosen consistently by those looking for an alternative to prescriptions like Phentermine. The best part? FENFAST 375 does not require a prescription! It can be purchased securely online and delivered to your doorstep! 


FENFAST 375 is able to be taken long-term, without the dangers associated with taking prescription drugs for extended periods. This means that you can enjoy the weight management support offered by this diet pill for as long as needed to reach your goals. It can also be used to help maintain a healthy weight over time by promoting the habits necessary for weight management. 


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Buy FenFast 375 Diet Pills - Safe & Secure - Free Shipping 3 Months +


These features have allowed FenFast 375 tablets to become the top choice among many dieters who are seeking an alternative to the leading prescription weight loss medications. They safely assist in the faster and easier reduction of fat levels, to reveal the healthier and more attractive feeling individual that dieters know they can be.


Weight Management with FENFAST® 375 


When it comes to promoting a lifestyle that leads to a healthier weight, many dieters find that non-prescription pills such as FENFAST tablets provide just what they need. However, before you take any diet pill, it is recommended that you take two very important steps.


The first is to speak with your doctor so that you know exactly how much weight you need to lose, as well as what efforts should complement the use of the product, so that you can achieve the best possible results. The second is to investigate the ingredients within the diet pill that you have decided to take, so that you know exactly how it works and what you can expect from its use. In the case of FenFast, the American manufacturer, Intechra Health, has revealed all of the active ingredients within its proprietary formulation, to provide dieters with the opportunity to perform just this type of investigation.



Learn More About FenFast 375 Science-Based Ingredients - Click Here...


After all, the scientists that designed the FENFAST® 375 tablet used a great deal of time and research in order to choose the best possible non-prescription ingredients that have all been scientifically studied.


The FenFast 375 tablets each include the following ingredients:


  • Beta Phenylethylamine HCl
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Hordenine HCl
  • L-Theanine


Beta Phenylethylamine HCl is a well recognized and highly studied ingredient that is known for very helpful benefits to promote weight management. Also known as PEA, researchers have discovered that by using this ingredient, greater overall body weight reduction can be achieved than is the case among similar dieters who were given a placebo. The reason is that this ingredient provides metabolism boosting and appetite suppression. Therefore, dieters can comfortably eat less and yet burn off more fats and calories than they would on their own.Oh I 


Caffeine anhydrous has also been extensively studied and is one of the best known ingredients in the over the counter weight loss industry. It is recognized for its ability to accelerate the metabolism, suppress the appetite, and generate a helpful energy boost that combats fatigue among dieters. This both complements and furthers the benefits of Beta Phenylethylamine, to ensure the safest and yet most powerful results from the use of FenFast.


Hordenine HCl has been included in order to provide even better energy enhancement, while it also offers mood support that creates an ongoing motivation level that won’t let the dieter quit without a fight.


Finally, L-Theanine was added to the FenFast 375 formula as a mood support ingredient. L-Theanine is best known for its incredible ability to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, giving a calming effect. This is particularly helpful for dieters who may be struggling with stress and anxiety related to changing their diets and dealing with food addictions.


This combination makes it easy to see why FenFast 375 has become such a rapid favorite among dieters, particular those who are seeking a science driven alternative to prescription diet drugs.


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energy level is awesome
The first thing I noticed about Fenfast 375 is that it’s like I have never ending energy. I can get up, go for a half hour power walk, get ready for work and work all day, then do strength training in the afternoon, and I still feel like I have energy left over that I can use to keep going. But at the end of the day, I’ve done so much that I still sleep great. The energy doesn’t keep me up. So I am actually exercising more, I’m more productive in my life, I feel great, and it’s not stopping me from sleeping. I should have found this earlier!
Maggie Stark
First two weeks are great
I’m still on my first two weeks with Fenfast 375. I didn’t think that anything was really happening during the first day that I took it but it’s really obvious that something was happening because after 5 days, I lost 2 pounds! Then I weighed myself 2 days later and I lost another pound. Today is my 14th day, so I’ve been on it for 2 weeks and I have already lost a total of 6 pounds. I feel like my diet is finally going somewhere. Before, I was losing an average of 0 to 1 pounds per week, so I was losing but it was really slow. Now I feel like I’m getting the results that I should be getting after having tried so hard for so long. I really recommend this.
Ken Traver
Good except you have to give up coffee
FenFast 375 is a really good pill. I’d say that it probably cut my appetite by a quarter. It certainly didn’t cut it in half, but it was really effective in shrinking a lot of what I would usually eat. I can now cut out enough from what I eat for dinner to be able to have enough for lunch the next day! That, and I’m not hungry doing it. The one thing that I find is difficult is that you can’t have anything caffeinated when you’re taking it because it really does end up giving you the jitters. So I have to settle for decaf, which I don’t like as much because I find that it doesn’t taste quite as nice. But that’s a pretty small price to pay when you consider how much it works.
Drew Rutter
you can tell it is working
FenFast worked from the first day for me. I could tell that it was working because I could actually feel the effects of it. I like that. Too many pills leave you wondering if anything is happening and if you are just being impacted by some kind of placebo effect. That’s not the case with this. You can feel the drive so that you can exercise more easily and you can feel that you don’t want to eat as much. I don’t find that it makes as much of a difference at an actual meal. Where I find that the appetite suppressant works is between meals. I don’t even think about being hungry between meals. So that just works for me. I may have the same appetite at dinner, but at least I haven’t snacked all day. That’s all the difference that I really need because then I can make smart choices at dinner and that makes up for the fact that I’m eating the same portions. It’s really fine because I don’t find myself eating chips or even thinking about them, which is interesting because I love chips.
Karen Windhauser
Quite surprising
I thought that FenFast wasn’t going to be as effective as it actually is. Its advertising looked similar to something else that I’ve tried that didn’t work very well but because the ingredients are scientifically proven, I allowed myself to take a chance on it. I was actually struck by how much energy it gave me and how much I was driven to keep going when I was at the gym. The appetite suppression was just enough to give me self control at the times when I needed it the most.
I am very impressed with fenfast. I don’t think that it is the exact same thing as phentermine, but the pill does manage to give the same benefits only on a slightly less dramatic level. I found that the phentermine experience was highly overwhelming. The energy was too much, I had side effects, and I didn’t find that it suppressed my appetite. Instead I was put off food altogether. With Fenfast I could enjoy food, I just ate less of it. That’s exactly what I wanted. I did find that I had an energy boost but it wasn’t a very big one. I liked the appetite shrinking a lot though. That’s really my main problem with dieting so that si why I bought this in the first place.
I started using Fenfast along with a daily exercise program. I haven’t really been dieting but because my appetite is smaller, I don’t have to worry about that too much. So I’m already eating less just because of that, not because I’m trying, and exercising is burning away so many calories!
Tina McDonald
good pill
Fenfast 375 is a good pill. I’m having a lot of success with it
best mistake I ever made
I had previously tried another diet pill by this same manufacturer, Intechra Health, and I really liked it. So I went to reorder it but I chose the wrong one and instead of the one I’d previously tried, I ordered FenFast 375 instead. I was really upset when I first got the pills but I was also too embarrassed to contact the company for a refund or exchange or anything like that. So I read the package and the instructions were the same as the other one, so I gave it a try. I can’t believe it, but these ones worked absolutely great. I’d been losing 3 pounds every week on the other ones and that’s just how much I was able to lose with these ones. If you consider that on my own I usually lose about a pound a week, that’s tripling my natural results! I ordered a month of it this time, but I’m going to order three months of it the next time I make my order. I just have one problem and that’s that I don’t know if I want to order this one or the other one. I think I might just stick with this one since I want to continue on exactly the same path and maintain the success that I’ve achieved, instead of messing around with things, since the ingredients in the two products are quite different. I don’t want to test my luck haha. The good thing to know is that the options are there for me. I especially appreciated how affordable this is and that its’ extremely easy to use. I only have to take it twice per day and it doesn’t interfere with anything or cause any embarrassment. It’s not like other pills that you have to take a lot of them along with your meal. YOu take this one about a half hour before hand, so you can just secretly take it with a glass of water at your desk, where nobody will notice, and then eat like a “normal” person at lunch time without having to pop a pill mid meal and have people as questions.
Todd White
one of the best
If you check out how many reviews I’ve left, you’ll know that I’ve tried a lot of diet pills over the counter and a few prescription drugs, as well. The prescriptions were back from when I was obese for several years, up to early this year. Now that I’m overweight, I still have a long way to go but the prescriptions aren’t appropriate for me. I’ve been trying a lot of things to get that advantage back, though. So with that experience, I can tell you that Fenfast 375 is surprisingly effective. Its real strength is in its appetite suppression. That is where it made a lot of difference to helping me to lose weight. I found that I really didn’t need to eat as much at meals I had absolutely no need for snacking during the morning or afternoon. I did find that the appetite suppression started to fade out in the late evening. That wasn’t too bad though because I was pretty much winding down for bed at that point. I also found that the energy boost wasn’t huge. It was enough to be noticeable, but I didn’t feel any dramatic surge in energy or anything like that. I can see the benefit in that, though, because while I still did get some extra energy, I didn’t have to suffer from any side effects from it. I’ve tried other pills where I had huge amounts of energy but that the result was that I was jittery and I had insomnia. This wasn’t the case with Fenfast 375 so I can forgive its weaker energy boosting levels for that reason.
great all around diet pill
I am currently having a lot of success with Phenblue. I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks so far, but I’m 8 pounds lighter so that pretty much speaks for itself. What makes it good is that it starts with you only have to take 2 per day. They’re small and easy to swallow capsules. But then they give you a good all around help for your weight loss. It cut my appetite in half, so I don’t eat as much but I don’t feel hungry so I don’t snack much either. Also, when you’re not hungry, it’s a lot easier to make smart food choices so I don’t crave the “bad” stuff. My energy level isn’t huge, but it’s higher than normal and consistent, so that’s great for keeping active and motivated, too. Phenblue just helps me out right where I need it to stay on track.
Lia Simpson
Good for hunger alright for energy
Fenfast is a great diet pill for slashing your hunger levels so that snacking and overeating wont’ be a problem. If you’re looking for a huge energy boost, you likely won’t get enough from this, but at the same time, I didn’t get jitters or headaches, either.
Chad Bradley
Good for appetite control
The real strength of fenfast is in its appetite control. It shrinks your appetite so you really do feel inclined to eat a lot less. I eat about ¼ less of all of my meals and I don’t snack at all throughout the day. I wish there was a better energy boost and that it lasted, but that’s really my only complaint.
kicks in right away
I have tried oodles of diet pills and I start each one with a bit of doubt in my mind because I’ve been disappointed by all too many of them. I think out of all the ones I’ve tried, only half of them have had any effect at all – even a weak effect. FenFast 375 was right at the head of my list. It took minutes from the point that I took my first one for it to kick in and make a difference. One thing about these pills, you KNOW when they’re working! I felt suddenly energized and ready to face the world. I’m not even a morning person! By the time I got up and took my shower, I was in a great mood and felt like I had the energy I needed to do anything. I also noticed that I could eat a pretty small breakfast and feel completely satisfied by it. Not only that, but that carried me right up until 11:00am. Since my lunch is only a half hour after that, I’ve started taking the second pill at 11, so that by my lunchtime, it has thoroughly kicked back in again and I’m ready for the rest of the day. To me, that’s amazing. I never need to snack at work anymore and I am not dragging anymore, even by the end of the day. I’ve been taking these for nine days now, and when I weighed myself two days ago, I’d already lost 3 pounds. I bet I’ve lost at least one more already by now (I have a rule that I only weight myself once per week, so I don’t know that for sure). I also like that this is a tiny little tablet. It’s shocking that it’s so small but that it does so much. It makes it really easy to swallow, though, so I’m really not complaining about that.
Bonnie Brown
really is fast
The one thing that I can really say about FenFast 375 is that it was named really well. I was able to start feeling the effects in about a half hour after I took the very first one! I have been taking these pills for two weeks and a bit, and I’ve already lost six pounds, so that really shows how quickly it gets going and how much impact it has. I was actually pretty surprised since the formula is made up of so few ingredients. I guess they’re just really good ones. I don’t know that they’re all that unique in the weight loss industry, since I think I’ve seen them before in other places. Whatever the reason, I only have to take two of them every day and I’m covered the whole time. I love that it doesn’t take long to kick in, so I just make sure that I take it as soon as I get up and then again before lunchtime. That way, I don’t have to worry about small meals making me hungry and I don’t have to suffer from cravings or the need to snack – especially in the middle of the afternoon. I do get a little bit hungry in the evening, but I’m under the impression that this might be more out of habit because I have been eating evening snacks for at least ten years or more. So I think that when I get out of the habit of just expecting food at that time, I won’t actually be hungry. Mind over matter, right? Another thing that I like about this is that I haven’t had any side effects yet the whole time that I’ve been using FenFast. I tried Adipex and the side effects were horrible, so it’s really a relief to get this one and not have to suffer through that.

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