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Herbal Diet Pills include a wide range of weight loss products, inlcuding appetite suppressants, fat blockers, fat burners, stimulants and carb blockers. The commonality between all of these weight loss products is that they contain only natural herbs as ingredients. Although herbal diet pills are considered a safer alternative to prescription diet pills, consumers should be aware that even taking natural diet pills poses some health risk and potential for side effects.


The herbal diet pill ingredient that has received the most media attention is Hoodia. Today, hundreds of natural diet pills contain hoodia as an ingredient for its effect as an appetite suppressant. However, many herbal diet pills on the market do not contain enough hoodia, nor the P57 Hoodia molecule, that is actually responsible for appetite suppression.


When considering an herbal diet pill as part of your weight loss regime always remember that even with the use of pills, weight loss will not happen without exercise and a lower calorie diet. Diet pills that make false claims, such as "No exercise needed to lose Weight" should be avoided.


Although taking herbal diet pills typically poses less health risks than prescription diet pills, buyers should still be cautious. There have been a number of herbal diet pills that have been banned because of their potentially harmful side-effects, including ephedra and ephedrine alkaloids.


When buying herbal diet pills always purchase them from a legitimate source that offers a complete list of ingredients. Reading testimonials from other people who have used the diet pills, or asking others about their experiences in a weight loss forum is an important part of finding an herbal diet pill that will work for you.


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