The PHENBLUE formula contains only the highest-quality, scientifically researched ingredients to support a healthy weight.


Have you been on the lookout for a non-prescription, diet pill that provides an alternative option to prescription diet drugs like Phentermine, without sacrificing quality? Are you seeking an option in which all of the ingredients within the formulation have been scientifically researched so that their effects and safety are well known throughout the health supplement industry? If you have, then you don't have to look any further than PHENBLUE CAPSULES.


PHENBLUE® Clear & Blue Capsules are one of the most complete weight management support supplements available anywhere. Made with the highest quality nutraceutical ingredients, PHENBLUE helps you gain the energy required to shred away stubborn fat through longer, more intense workouts. When combined with a reduced-calorie diet, these efforts will help you achieve your goal weight. This is a PERFECT COMBINATION FOR MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS!


PHENBLUE CAPSULES Help You Burn Fat While Maintaining Lean Muscle

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Take your diet to the next level and experience consistent weight management support with PHENBLUE WHITE & BLUE CAPSULES. The science driven formula includes the highest quality, maximum strength ingredients that are powerful enough to satisfy people who are looking for effective alternatives to prescription diet pills. The ingredients in PHENBLUE make reaching your goals less of a struggle. 


Start Achieving More With PHENBLUE Diet Pills!



PHENBLUE CapsulesPriceSavingsAdd to Cart
PhenBlue CapsulePhenblue Capsules
60ct - 1 Month
no savings
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PhenBlue CapsulePhenblue Capsules
120ct - 2 Months
Save $4
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PhenBlue CapsulePhenblue Capsules
180ct - 3 Months
Save $13
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PhenBlue CapsulePhenblue Capsules
360ct - 6 Months
Save $45
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What does this mean to you as a dieter? Does it mean that your excess belly fat will simply disappear by popping a pill? Of course not. Read these amazing Success Stories to see how PHENBLUE worked for these customers.


PhenBlue Success Stories


5 stars for phenblue :)- this sh** is legit.
hey man. you asked for a review so here it is. 5 stars for phenblue :)- this sh** is legit. i've tried other stuff (i won't mention the names, but some good, some not good) and this falls in the good category. there are some powerful stuff in these pills that can help you get in really good shape if you want to. i mean you still gotta do the work, but the pills help too. so i give it my approval, keep it up.



I am 17 pounds closer to my goal
After 1 month taking these pills I have been able to lose 17 pounds and I am really surprised they worked that well. Phenblue seems to be a really good diet pill, even if you can buy it without a prescription. So I am 17 pounds closer to my goal, which is to 126 pounds before my 35th birthday. Thanks.



I lost 5 pounds in the first week
I was interested in phenblue diet pills because I couldn't get a prescirption for Phentermine and I was tired of fighting my doctor about it. I've never tried phentermine so I can't way how phenblue compares, but I lost 5 pounds in the first week of taking it. I've lost a few pounds every week since then. I think I would lose more if I exercised more and could stop snacking at night. I wish the appetite control lasted all the way into the night too. That would be helpful.



In one month I dropped 22 pounds
My girlfriend was taking these pills and she lost a bunch of weight. She kept nagging at me to try them so I did and I am happy I did. In one month I dropped 22 pounds almost with no effort at all. My girlfriend is pissed cause she has to work out and diet all the time. I don't know why they worked so well for me, but I'm glad they did. Now she wants me to order more... gladly.



I really like how these diet pills worked for me.
I can't say enough good things about Phenblue. I really like how these diet pills worked for me. I had to actually remind myself to eat meals during the day and even though I was eating fewer calories I still had lots of energy. My recommendation to people who take this would be to take it about 30 minutes before your afternoon workout if you can. The boost in energy makes your workout a lot more effective.



I took it for a month and liked the results.
I took Adipex a couple years ago and have been trying to lose weight ever since. I ordered fenfast 375 because it says it works like adipex and looks like it too. Anyway, I took it for a month and liked the results. I don't htink it was as powerful as adipex, but I still lost weight. I think I liked how it curbed my appetite the most. It made eating less a lot easier. I would recommend it.



How PHENBLUE Supports Your Dieting Efforts



When it all comes down to it, all of the advantages of using PHENBLUE capsules, such as supercharged energy, are all the result of the winning proprietary formulation that was engineered by the scientists at Intechra Health Inc. The capsules are manufactured within FDA compliant facilities located in the USA for consistent quality, guaranteed. These diet pills each contain a careful selection of some of the most intensely researched ingredients that are known to the nonprescription diet industry.



 Learn More About PhenBlue and How It Can Help You Lose Weight >> Click HERE


When combined, the PHENBLUE ingredients are able to provide an alternative to the leading prescription diet capsules, such as Phentermine Blue. In fact, the team at Intechra Health produced the capsules to look similar in appearance to its alternative as a final nod to their attention to detail.


The proprietary PHENBLUE® formula consists of the following ingredients:


  • NeOpuntia®

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

  • Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder

  • Theobromine


To understand why this combination was able to achieve the goals of the scientists for creating the best Phentermine Blue alternative, in the form of PHENBLUE, it is best to look at each of these ingredients individually.
The first ingredient is NeOpuntia®, which is a patented form of opuntia ficus-indica. In studies, this cactus derivative has been shown to offer benefits including the ability to reduce fat levels in the blood. It may also be useful for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, which is among the biggest health benefits overweight individuals commonly seek.  
The second ingredient is caffeine anhydrous. This is a stimulant ingredient also known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, that has been extensively studied in over widespread industries, so that its benefits and safety are well known. For dieters, the advantages it has been shown to provide include higher energy levels, and improved concentration and alertness. It may also improve memory and mental function, which could help dieters learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and remain focused on reaching their goals. 
The next ingredient, Organic Matcha green tea leaf powder, is an excellent source of antioxidants called catechins. These catechins help fight damaging free-radicals in the body to keep it healthy. In studies, they have been shown to improve blood flow and reduce cholesterol levels. Green tea also appears to keep blood sugar levels in check for people with diabetes. This could be useful for people with uncontrollable cravings brought on by erratic sugar levels in the blood. 
Theobromine is a vasodilator, which means it widens blood vessels. This purine alkaloid has been used to treat high blood pressure due to its diuretic effects and vasodilating properties. It also appears to increase the effects of caffeine, which is one of the reasons why it has been included in the PHENBLUE formula as the final ingredient. 




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Why PHENBLUE® is an Excellent Alternative to Prescription Diet Pills


PhenBlue provides a powerful boost of energy. Prescription diet pills like Phentermine Blue also increase energy levels. As such, it helps you to take on dieting and exercising efforts that have been recommended by your doctor, but without having to suffer from the overwhelming fatigue that is typically connected with those steps.
For instance, although you will still need to eat less to lower your calories every day, you won’t find yourself feeling like you’re “starving” because your energy levels will remain high. Exercising is much easier due to the added energy that these diet pills provide. Beyond that, you will be able to add duration and intensity to your daily exercise routine, so every workout you complete will burn off even more calories and fats.
All of this is possible without having to suffer from the sometimes overwhelming side effects associated with the prescription medications. The Intechra Health scientists were careful to include just enough of each ingredient to ensure PHENBLUE non-prescription diet capsules do not have the same side-effects. Although those sensitive to stimulants may still experience some mild side-effects, they are nothing compared to the discomfort some dieters experience with prescription diet drugs. 

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Previous reviews

This has been a God send. I have found such a difference in my diet since I started taking this. I kept losing one pound or plateauing every week but Phenblue made it possible to lose every single week, and way faster than I had been
best one I tried
Phenblue is the 7th diet pill I have tried in the last few years. They all promise almost the same thing so it’s really hard to find something that is actually good. Sometimes I found a good one but I kept trying because I know there must be better. Of all the ones that I tried, this is easily the best. It does all the things it promises. It’s not as strong as Phentermine but that’s good because I really didn’t need those shakes and headaches all the time. I also found that when I was on Phentermine, the effectiveness wore off after just over three months so I had to stop using it. But Phenblue seems to be going good and strong. I’ll probably just keep sticking to this.
I think that the most surprising thing that I found about taking PhenBlue was that I was full of energy all the time. I HAD to exercise. I was bursting with motivation and it made me really want to get out and walk for 45 minutes in a brisk way every morning. And when I was done, I was still feeling very energized and positive. I only have 2 pounds left to lose so I’m pretty much done using it after this week, but I have really appreciated it and I hope that now that I’ve got my eating and exercising routine down, I won’t gain back the weight this time. I would recommend this to anyone who is like me and who just needs the right tool to put things on the right track.
Gina Panderson
Works Great!
I am so happy with the weight loss I’m getting from Phenblue. I’m on my second week and I’ve lost 4 pounds already! It’s really great for exercising first thing in the morning and for not feeling hungry during the mid morning and mid afternoon. I don’t get any side effects from it and I feel great all the time! This is definitely something I recommend to anybody. It’s got to be the best thing out there. Definitely better than other stuff I’ve tried.
Ken Traver
effective but hard to swallow
I have a very hard time swallowing pills. I usually take them with milk because it makes them easier to swallow, for some reason. It’s just that Phenblue has to be swallowed on an empty stomach, so I have to use water. At the same time, though, once I get it down, these pills really work very effectively
Jennifer Wallace
really helpful tool
I would never say that Phenblue is a miracle pill. That term, for me, is reserved for something that doesn’t exist but that would allow me to lose weight without doing anything. At the same time, I think that this is the next best thing because it makes it so much easier to eat less. It makes it a bit easier to exercise but that part’s still tough.
Todd White
no side effects
What I am appreciating about Phenblue is that it is providing me with appetite suppression but it hasn’t given me any side effects. It is very strong in terms of shrinking my appetite. It advertises that it gives an energy boost but I didn’t really notice that too much. It could be because I drink a lot of teas and coffees and am used to that.
works with my schedule
I like Phenblue because I have to take only two of them every day and they are both at times that are very convenient for me. I take one as soon as I get up so that I can eat breakfast right after I shower and dress in the morning, and then the enxt one comes a half hour before my lunch break starts. I appreciate that it lasts a pretty long time, so that by the time I start to feel hungry, I’m swallowing the next pill. I don’t’ find that it does anything for me regarding my evening time munchies but at least it doesn’t keep me awake at night like other products have done.
1 week, 4 pounds
Phenblue is working great for me so far. I weighed myself yesterday after one week of using it and I lost 4 pounds!
Drew Rutter
seriously impressed
Even with the products I buy that I want to work, I usually have low expectations next to the marketing that they put out. I just hate to be disappointed so I automatically think that it won’t be so good and then that protects me from that. I wouldn’t say that phenblue is a miracle pill because it still takes exercise and diet to be able to really lose the weight as fast as they advertise, but this packs quite a punch! It really slashed my appetite down. I actually was surprised to realize one day that I wasn’t thinking about food when I normally would be. I think about food all the time, but phenblue made it so I only thought about it at “normal” times, like right before heading out for lunch.
way better than phentermine
OMG I am so glad that I’m on this chat forum that talks about all these weight loss products and things like that because someone there pointed out that phenblue is really good and they were right up down and every other direction! I hate taking prescription diet pills because they keep me awake at night and I can’t drink any coffee at all when I’m on them. That really sucks because I love starting my day with coffee and I don’t like the taste of decaf. Maybe I just havne’t found a good brand yet but either way I don’t like it. With Phenblue I can still have a coffee late in the morning and not have any side effects from it. I find that the appetite suppression is just as powerful as any prescription I’ve tried, too. It really does kill the appetite down. The only thing that isn’t as good as Phentermine in my experience is the energy booster. It just isn’t as strong and that’s evident. Fortunately, though, I get my coffee and that does it for me haha.
Maggie Stark
Phenblue is one of those rare products that actually does just what it says it will. I find that these types of products are important because it helps me to keep my belief that every now and again, advertisers aren’t just trying to scam you. I have to take it right away when I first get up. I actually keep it on my night stand with a glass of water so that I can take it the minute I’m awake. The reason is that it takes about 25 minutes for it to kick in for me. Since I don’t have that much time before I have to get ready and go, I have to swallow the pill and then wait for it to kick in while I take my shower. But when it does, it really works. I eat a small but decent breakfast and that lasts me right through until lunchtime. I get hungry about a half hour before I get to go eat, so I just take the next pill then so that it has enough time to kick in before I eat my lunch. That meal is a medium size, but again, it’s a good one. After that, I’m set until a half hour to an hour before supper. But I eat a pretty good sized meal then, so it is enough to get me back full again and that lasts me all evening because I drink a lot of water. That’s it. That takes care of all of my hunger and I’m just fine without any of the snacking and things that would usually finish off any of my efforts to lose weight. Phenblue is the most effective diet pill I’ve ever tried without a prescription. I just knew there had to be something out there that worked. The only shame of it is that it had to take me this long to find it!
AMAZING results
I haven’t been taking phenblue for very long but I’m getting amazing results from it. Even if I wasn’t on a diet that would lower the amount that I’d eat, I’d be doing it anyway with this pill because it just makes me not hungry anymore. I can go the entire day without snacking and my meals are smaller. I’m still hungry before I eat my lunch and dinner, but it’s not that horrible starvation feeling. Plus I get filled up quick so I’m never unsatisfied by a meal and so I don’t need to sanck to make up for it.
solid diet pill
So here’s what I think about Phenblue. I’m a man in my twenties and according to my BMI, I’m on the high side of overweight, but I’m not obese. I want to lose 45 pounds in total so that I can get right into the middle of my healthy BMI because the extra weight is starting to have negative effects on my health so my doctor has been telling me to get it off for a while now. My main struggle with dieting is that I don’t lose weight fast enough to keep me dedicated to it, and I am not good at resisting food when I’m hungry. Phenblue is the right diet ipll for me because it fights those problems very effectively. I have taken it for a week and a half and this is my experience with it. I noticed the energy levels and the appetite supprsion right away. With the way that they talk about the energy in the ads for it, I would have thought that it would be a lot stronger, but I’m ok with the way that it is in reality. The appetite suppression is really strong, though, which is great for me since hunger keeps me from being successful with dieting. I also find that I lose weight a lot faster with this when I exercise using an elliptical trainer. When I was on it for the first 3 days, I lost 2 pounds using the treadmill. When I started using the elliptical, I lost 3 pounds in the 3 days that followed that. Now that I’ve been doing it for 10 days, I’ve lost 9 pounds already. So you can see that the weight loss is definitely fast enough that I can keep motivated. I know I won’t keep using the elliptical every day, so I’ll likely not lose a pound every day for the whole diet. But I still think that I will be able to reach my goal in three months if I keep up with Phenblue.
very effective, buy it in bulk
It took three days for me to be completely sold on PhenBlue. I bought one bottle of it because I wanted to know that it worked very well before I actually purchased several months’ worth. I found that it gave great energy without making my shaky or jittery. Its appetite suppression was very good. I still felt hungry by the time meals were approaching, but I don’t think anything is going to completely eliminate all hunger. And that was fine, anyway, because I was about to eat a meal, so it still didn’t make me snack. I’ve been using PhenBlue for two weeks and I’ve lost 6 and a half pounds as of yesterday. I like that the pills are very easy to swallow and I really appreciate the fact that I only have to take two per day. I’ve taken other non-prescription diet pills where I had to take four at a time, three times per day (with each meal). That meant that I was swallowing twelve pills every single day and that’s just frustrating to me. By the way that PhenBlue capsules work, it looks to me like they got the formula right so they could fit it all into one pill, twice per day, instead of making me fill up on pills instead of food haha. The one thing I didn’t like was the price for one bottle. I felt that was a little steep. But then again, it worked very well. From now on, I’ll be buying the multiple bottles at a time, because they offer a lot of savings, so that will make it a lot more worth it. This will definitely be the pill that I choose for the rest of my diet, because it’s making things go a lot faster and I’m done feeling like I’m starving.
4 weeks, 12 pounds!
I have never lost more weight on a diet pill than I have since I started PhenBlue. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks and 1 day, and when I weighed myself yesterday, I’d lost 12 pounds! This is especially good because I haven’t had any side effects, which has been a problem with diet pills I’ve tried before. I want to point out that these capsules are really easy to swallow. I often have to take pills with a lot of strategy to get them down, like gulping a lot of water or taking them with milk. When I saw that these have to be taken on an empty stomach, I was nervous because that takes out my milk strategy. But they really do go down nicely. They are effective for a good amount of time, but they are especially good at mealtime, so you really don’t need to eat as much food to feel full. For me, they do start to fade after a few hours, but by then, it’s time to take the next one, anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. I feel motivated and energized and I’m not suffering from the constant struggle with being hungry. This is the first diet that I don’t spend my entire day thinking about food, planning food that I’ll be eating, and wondering how bad it will really be if I have one extra snack. It’s still an effort, because I have to make sure that I stay within my calories and I exercise more, but it’s a lot easier because of not being hungry. I’m excited to see if I lose the same amount or more this next month. I’ll be past halfway to my weight loss goal already, if I do!

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