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Phendimetrazine is a form of prescription diet pill that is the generic form of a drug that is often sold under brand names such as Adipost, Bontril, and Melfiat. It is a medication that is classed as a sympathomimetic amine. It is also commonly known as an “anorectic” or “anorexigenic” type of medication. This form of chemical works in the brain and the body in a way that can be compared to amphetamines.


Phendimetrazine is formulated for use over a short period of time, which usually consists of only a few weeks. It shouldn’t be used over a longer period of time, as the body builds a tolerance to it and will only cause withdrawal symptoms to occur if it is used any longer than a short time.


Phendimetrazine 105mg
30 Tablet (1 Month)


Phendimetrazine 105mg
90 Tablets (3 Months)



How Phendimetrazine Works


The way that Phendimetrazine works is by providing the body and brain nerves (known together as the central nervous system) with stimulation so that the heart rate will increase and the blood pressure will rise. As a result of this effect, the user’s appetite decreases. This way, the brain doesn’t send the body as many sensations of being hungry, so it is easier to eat less food without feeling uncomfortable.


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Because it is primarily an appetite suppressant and an energy booster, it will not cause the weight to reduce all on its own. Instead, it helps the user to reduce his or her weight through the adoption of proper natural dieting techniques such as a calorie reduced, healthy meal plan and a regular daily exercise routine. This entire program will be developed with the help of a doctor and may also include the assistance of a personal trainer and a nutritionist or dietician.


Though this is an effective weight loss medication, Phendimetrazine is not meant for just anyone who wants to shed a few pounds. Instead, it is designed specifically for individuals who are struggling with obesity and who have an increased risk of certain serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol as a result of the additional weight. This drug helps to reduce the weight in order to improve the patient’s health and decrease the risk of those conditions.


It is important to follow the prescription directions very closely when taking Phendimetrazine. This will help to make certain that it will be as effective as possible, but it will also ensure that it is being taken safely, with the lowest risk of uncomfortable side effects.

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Previous reviews

Good appetite suppression
I have never had appetite suppression from any pill like I was getting from phendimetrazine. But I found that it was inconsistent with whether or not I would get side effects. Some days I was completely fine with no problems at all and other times I found that I could barely think straight I was so jittery and nervous feleing. I didn’t really feel like I could trust how I was going to react when I was taking this to the point that I didn’t even want to drive in the morning because I didn’t know if I would be safe to do it. By the afternoon all of the problems had pretty much worn off, but about an hour to three hours after taking it I was a complete mess on a number of days. I wonder if it has to do with how much you eat when you have breakfast.
side effects central
Phendimetrazine does suppress the appetite and it does it really good for a long time, longer than phentermine for me, but I had really bad side effects for the first two weeks that I was taking it. I found that they started off the worst and got better the more I kept on sticking to it but I ended up with headaches and really a lot of shaking and I was so tense that I couldn’t handle even the slightest little thing. I was cranky at a lot of people and I snapped at people who really didn’t deserve it. I found that the upset stomach went away fastest and then probably the headaches. The anxiety stuck around for the longest time though, probably for about two weeks. After that though it was mostly fine and the hunger really wasn’t there.
I wish I didn't have to stop
Phendimetrazine works realy great and it made my appetite so much smaller than it really is. I found that I could just eat less automatically. I didn’t even have to think about aeting. I was just full a lot of the time or I at least didn’t need any extra food. But after a few months it started to stop working so I had to go off it. I find that really frustrating because I was doing so good but now my hunger is coming back so it’s getting a lot harder to stick to my diet. This is a really good pill but there should be some way to be able to stay on it. How is it supposed to be good when you have to stop using it right when it’s making a difference?
Bruce Houston
I’m not sure if it’s side effects or if it’s just that I’m allergic to phendimetrazine but either way the headaches started the day that I started using them and they didn’t go away for five straight days so I finally had to stop using it which was expensive.
Takes a while to start then stops
I did find that phendimetrazine worked for me but for such a short time that it really wasn’t worth the price. It took a couple of weeks to become fully effective and for the side effects to stop, then it worked AMAZINGLY for a month, and then after that it faded out gradually until it just didn’t work anymore.
Lia Simpson
hang in there
I found that the starting experience on phendimetrazine is really hard. There are a lot of side effects right at the beginning like anxiety and jitters. It’s like you’ve had way too much coffee all at once. But hang in there! I found that the worst was the first day, then it was just slightly easier on the second day, and it gradually kept improving until really there weren’t any side effects to speak of. I am glad that I didn’t give up right at the beginning because it does keep your appetite way down. I’m talking a MUCH smaller appetite than I usually have. I will be starting the second wave of it soon and I hope I don’t have to start from scratch with the side effects, though.
very powerful
Phendimetrazine is great for losing weight very quickly. It shrunk my appetite to nearly nothing and it gave me a huge amount of energy every day so that I didn’t end up being a giant crank even though I wasn’t eating very much compared to what I normally would. At the same time, though I found that the time that it could be used was way too short. If this is meant to be a solution to help an obese patient lose weight then it is going to need to last a lot longer than a handful of weeks. It’s like as soon as you get going and really start making progress it stops working and you have to stop and wait before starting up again.
Michael Cromwell
it's like too much coffee
Phendimetrizine is supposed to be one of the best diet pills out there and I think that it shrunk my appetite pretty well but I really had a lot of problems with the side effects from it. I was on the lower side of being obese and my doctor warned me that this might be the case. It was like I drank a dozen cups of coffee every day. Especially in the morning it was bad right after I took it. I was shaky and anxious and I just couldn’t settle down. I had to pace a lot and it was hard to concentrate at the computer.
Tiffany Mulroney
I’m terrified that my weight is going to become very dangerous to me. It’s already starting to cause a lot of problems in my life like my choleseterols are very high even though I’m still young. I have horrible triglycerides and I get winded even from one flight of stairs. I can’t keep up with my friends anymore. I used to be able to when I was in my teens, even though I was heavy then, too, but now I am running out of energy and steam a lot earlier and it’s hard to live my life by keeping up. I find that very frustrating because I don’t want to fall behind. So that’s why I chose phendimetrazine over a nonprescription pill. I was ready for the side effects that this came with because I read about it before I started taking it. People aren’t kidding when they complain about the side effects. They can be really rough to get through. This is especially the case at first when they are the strongest. If you experience side effects, assuming that you aren’t in any danger like they’re not cutting your breathing or something, I’d just advise you to stick ti out for a bit, because the odds are that they will start to fade out gradually. The first week for me was a nightmare. But by the end of that week, the side effects were sure a lot weaker than they were at the start. And it kept going in that direction. I am starting my fourth week and its’ not even close to that anymore. Sometimes I get jitters, but my main problem is sleeping at night. Still though, the appetite suppression is huge, and I am filled up with energy so I can exercise every single day without running out of energy at all. I have energy where I never had it before. Weight is falling off really comfortably. The more I work at it, the more I’m rewarded. Plateauing is out of the question, so far. It’s such a rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend Phendimetrazine. You need to be tough, but if you stick it out, you will lose weight and you’ll lose a lot of it.
Todd White
Phendimetrazine is a side effect disaster
Phendimetrazine is a great way to lose weight - if you don't mind all of the horrible side effects that come with it. I didn't feel hungry, but I don't know if that was because the pills had an appetite suppressant that was effective, or just because I felt sick all the time and the thought of food made me want to lose my lunch (or any other meal, for that matter). The stimulant made me feel like I was on speed all the time. I was jittery like I'd had a good dozen cups of coffee in a short period of time. I found that while it did encourage me to drink lots of water, that was because I had a never ending case of dry mouth. I was on Phendimetrazine for 5 weeks and was glad to get off them. I would have stopped them sooner, but I paid for the things, so I was too cheap to give up on them. All in all, I did lose some weight, but I wouldn’t want to do it that way again.
Lauren Galloway
Over the past 4 years I have gained almost 90 pounds. I have tried so many things and I am also active at my work. I eat a lot salads, chicken breast, and other mainly healthy items. My mom finally suggested I try Phendimetrazine. She herself lost 40 lbs after struggling though countless diets. At this point I am happy to report that in addition to exercise and careful diet I have lost 24 lbs. Phendimetrazine gave me the extra push I needed to get out and work out and not eat such huge meals. THANK YOU Phendimetrazine. I would recommend to anyone who has a lot to lose and needs help.
Lise Booker
Phendimetrazine works but side effects no fun :(
Although I did lose weight while taking Phendimetrazine, the side effects were too much for me to bare. I was getting dizzy spells and having trouble seeing, not to mention a dry mouth and constipation. (The later two I could live with but when something starts affecting my head I have a tough time with that.) I would only take this as a very short term weight loss solution, in my option nothing beats eating healthy, and working out. Hard work, not pills make you lose weight.

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