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Phentramin-D is the most Powerful Weight Loss Pill that you can legally buy without a prescription.


Phentramin-D contains an advanced weight loss formula that is Scientifically Formulated. Unlike less effective diet pills, Phentramin-d is NOT a combination of herbs and extracts.


Phentramin-D contains Methel-Phenylethylamine, Synephrine Hydrochloride and 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine. The proprietary formula is designed to offer the energy boost, fat burn and appetite suppression of popular prescription diet pills such as Phentermine and Adipex.


Lose Up to 58 Pounds in 3 Months With Phentramin-d Diet Pills

Weight Loss Diet Pills Phentramin-d #1 Product



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Top Weight Loss Pill Phentramin-d


Phentramin-d Capsules - White and Blue Capsules
Same Prescription Strength Phentramin-d but in capsule form.
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Phentramin-d Success Stories

10-23-11, 12:22pmPhentramin-D Rating:

I'm so glad I decided to try Phentramin-D
For the last year I've been plugging away at diets trying to find one that works, but the weight loss happens so slowly that I lose motivation really easily. I'm so glad I decided to try Phentramin-D. Taking it along with eating a low-cal diet has really helped me to start losing weight fast. It's so much easier to stay motivated when you can see results day after day.


07-18-11, 2:49pmPhentramin-D Rating:

I had more energy in the mornings and I was able to exercise better
I work in the service industry and need to stay slim and in shape. As soon as I started to pack on a few extra pounds my girlfriend suggested Phentramin-D. I think the most noticable effect from Phentramin-D was how it quenched my hunger, which really helped me to lose. Also, I had more energy in the mornings and I was able to exercise better. I'm going to keep taking Phentramin-D for the rest of the month. This diet pill is a must have if you are trying to lose weight.


07-12-10, 3:33pmPhentramin-D Rating:

I have been taking Phentramin-D for 3 weeks and have lost 14 pounds
I have been taking Phentramin-D for 3 weeks and have lost 14 pounds. I think that Phentramin-D is as effective as Phentermine, which I have also tried, but it doesn't cause the jitters or interfere with sleep. Phentramin-D is a really effective diet pill.


05-09-10, 8:52amPhentramin-D Rating:

The biggest change is how much less I'm hungry
I have so much weight to lose that I wanted to take a diet pill that will help the weight drop faster. I started taking Phentramin-D four months ago and have lost 32 pounds. Of course I'm also dieting and exercising as much as I can. I take one pill in the morning and one pill at lunch and drink lots of water during the day. The biggest change is how much less I'm hungry. It hasn't been as hard to stick to my diet.


06-20-09, 3:24pmPhentramin-D Rating:

I have started to lose weight and I have Phentramin-D to thank
Losing weight for me has always been really hard to do. I am the mother of a large family and spend a lot of time each day preparing meals. Before taking Phentramin-D I couldn't control snacking while I cooked. However, once I started taking Phentramin-D I hardly had an appetite at all. Even though I'm not one for exercise other than a morning walk, I have started to lose weight and I have Phentramin-D to thank.


09-23-08, 5:51pmPhentramin-D Rating:

Phentramin-D doesn't lose its effectiveness after a few weeks
I have taken Phentermine a couple of times over the past couple of years, but now it is not possible to buy it online so I switched to Phentramin-D. These two diet pills are pretty comparable. The biggest difference between Phentramin-D and Phentermine is that Phentramin-D doesn't lose its effectiveness after a few weeks. Unlike Phentermine, Phentramin-D worked the whole two months I took it and it had no unpleasant side-effects.



Phentramin-D – How does it work?


Phentramin-D is able to provide prescription-level hunger suppression and weight loss without the harsh side effects of prescription diet pills.

Phentramin-D accomplishes this by working with the signals between the brain and stomach to stop hunger signals from going off when no food is needed, thus stopping you from over-eating. The Sympathomimetic amine which is contained within Phentramin-D stops these unnecessary signals from passing between the brain and the stomach. Not only keeping you full between meals but also allowing you to eat far less when it is time to eat.

In addition to being a strong appetite suppressant, Phentramin-d also acts as a powerful energy booster. The energy boost formula of Phentramin-d will give you the drive to maintain your daily activities and also perform fat burning workouts even on a calorie reduced diet.

This is a very important factor in helping you achieve your weight loss goal because it will allows you to burn extra calories from being more active and motivated to get your body moving! This is the downfall of most diets alone. When you are not eating enough you are less motivated to be as active and this will really slow down weight loss. But Phentramin-d will give you the energy to keep active and to help keep you losing weight. This doesn’t mean you have to work out all the time on Phentramin-d. In fact Phentramin-d will have you burning fat 24 hours a day. This is because Phentramin-d increasing your metabolism which causes the body to burn its extra fat stores even when not being active.




Phentramin-D is designed to work with the body instead of against it. This is why it is so effective for a majority of dieters. It works with the natural flow of the body, correcting the problems that lead to gaining weight and the problems that cause the body to fight off efforts to get rid of that excess weight. It helps correct metabolism issues, stop hunger pangs, boosts energy, and can even improve the mood swings that can go hand in hand with dieting.


The power to lose weight is within you, Phentramin-d just gives you an enormous advantage in helping you to reach your weight loss goal fast.


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Phentramin-D vs. Phentermine



Phentramin-D is the only chemically similar alternative to Phentermine. Its main ingredient is a sympathomimetic amine, which increases your metabolism and fat burning capabilities, and also gives you a boost of energy!


When Phentramin-D is compared with Phentermine, Phentramin-D comes out on top.

Product Comparison:Phentramin-D™Phentermine
Strong Hunger ControlYesYes
Energy BoostYesYes
Prescription StrengthYesYes
Chemical - Non-herbalYesYes
Sympathomimetic IngredientYesYes
Available in Tablet & CapsuleYesYes
Strong Fat BurnerYes 
Safe to Buy OnlineYes 
Buy Without a PrescriptionYes 
Affordable Low as $67Yes 
Free Shipping - 3 Month OrderYes 
Order Now...Click here!unavailable


Order Phentramin-d Online...


Because Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamines, it can cause unwanted side effects such as addiction.

Phentramin-d however is not chemically similar to amphetamines, this makes it safer than the prescription alternative. Phentramin-D also comes with the benefits similar to Prescription Phentermine; acting similar to norepinephrine that gives you an energy boost, acts as a fat burner and increases your metabolism.


The main motivating reason diet pills are so popular is because of the positive benefits gained from losing a significant amount of weight; looking and feeling better, improved self esteem, more confidence, greater strength and stamina and lowering your risk of developing life-threatening conditions. Weight Loss, in combination with regular physical activity, can drastically reduce your chances of developing diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. What are you waiting for?


  • Phentramin-D is a Proven, scientific combination of prescription strength ingredients.

  • Phentramin-D stimulates biological triggers to increase its weight loss effectiveness.

  • Phentramin-D Provides safe and consistent weight loss and is legal in every state


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Previous reviews

Todd White
cuts hunger in half
It took me a long time to try phentramin-d, just because I really didn’t feel that I needed any help from a pill. But then I hit a plato and stuck to it for such a long time – at least a month – that I had to do something, so I got this. I didn’t think that it would work too strong but really it cut my appetite in half compared to what it usually is. I didn’t find it hard to swallow and I found that I wasn’t starving all the time. So I got to losing weight again instead of being stuck at the same place and now I feel like I’m finally going to reach my goal.
Bonnie Brown
I have consistently lost weight during every week that I have used phentramin-d. I was hoping that the energy level from it would be a little bit higher than it is, but that’s alright, because I have heard that a lot of pills that give you too much energy come with side effects so I guess you make a small sacrifice to make an important benefit. I think that the most helpful part of this pill is that it suppresses the appetite. Snacking is my biggest downfall, so avoiding that made all the difference in the world, for me.
Surprisingly good
This is a pill that I found fit in with my diet surprisingly well. I don’t like counting calories so I just eat healthy and shrink my appetite to be able to eat less without feeling starving. The energy boost wasn’t huge, but it was enough to give me more drive for my workout every day.
Tiffany Mulroney
one of the very best
I’m not going to say that Phentramin-D is the very best diet pill out there, not because it’s flawed, but because I’ve actually found a handful that have been truly great. This one is definitely among the ones that I appreciate the most. Its appetite suppressant is just what I need, it gives energy – but not too much – and it helps with fat burning as long as I exercise with it.
Unbelievable weight loss
I feel like I’m a bit too enthusiastic right now but I don’t mind since Phentramin-d really does work so it deserves an enthusiastic review. I’m so impressed that an over the counter pill actually works this good. It’s shocking that you can get this much benefit out of a diet pill that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. I hate the prescription stuff. I used Phentermine for six weeks and then even though I was supposed to get a prescription refill and start again after a break, I didn’t want it. It gave me the feeling like I had a fast heartbeat, I was shaking all the time, and I could barely sleep. With Phentramin-d, I’m losing nearly as much weight (in six weeks I lost 2 pounds less than I did on Phentermine!) and it’s way cheaper. Plus, I don’t get the side effects as bad. I still find it difficult to sleep if I go to bed too early, but other than that, I don’t get any of the shakes or all that stuff that I had with the prescription. So I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect, but I’d sure as heck take this over the alternative any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
dont' take it at night
I have lost over 15 pounds on phentramin-d so far. There were a few quirks that I needed to learn at the start to use it right, but once I learned them, it worked perfectly with no side effects. The main one to know is not to take it late at night or you just won’t sleep.
very reliable
I've tried prescription diet pills before but I like phentramin-d more. The reason is that I can rely on it to give me good helpful benefits but it doesn’t bring on all of the uncomfortable side effects that I endured for 6 weeks thorugh the prescription. I also like it because the effects are strong enough without actually needing a prescription. The fact that I can keep using it indefinitely instead of having it wear down after a few weeks is a real plus for me since I want to have control over my weight loss without forced breaks.
Karen Windhauser
my favorite diet pill
I lose about a pound every 2 to 3 days on Phentramin-d and I’ve never experienced one side effect. I could never ask for anything more from a diet pill.
great after the first 2 days
I was a little bit headachey and shaky for the first two days using Phentramin-d. I think it’s because it contains a stimulant. But they faded out and I haven’t had side effects since then. I find the appetite suppressant very powerful.
Very effective phentramin-d
I didn’t learn about phentramin-d until I’d already tried a lot of diet programs and diet pills and failed. What I liked about phentramin-d was that it worked very powerfully but you don’t need a prescription for it. Honestly, I don’t know how that’s possible because it is very powerful. I guess you don’t need a prescription because it doesn’t have the bad side effects like some of the other ones do. It’s quite the impressive formula. I found that I was raring to go as soon as I’d had the pill and then my breakfast. I would then do more exercises during the day and I would eat healthy and not feel like I was starving to death. What was also great was that I used this for months and lost a lot of weight and when I stopped using it, though my appetite was a little bigger than it was while I was taking phentramin-d, it was nowhere near as big as it was when I started my diet! I actually naturally reduced my appetite after eating less for such as long time. I lost the last few pounds all by myself without having to use any drugs at all and now I’m maintaining my weight using all of the healthy techniques I learned while I was using phentramin-d. It made it easy to learn the right habits because I wasn’t starving or exhausted all the time so I had the chance to actually benefit from it without the unpleasant side effects.
THE best diet pill
I don’t care what people tell you or what prescription drugs you’ve tried to get your weight off and be healthy again, if you haven’t tried phentramin-d, you’re wasting your time and money. I know I sound like some kind of horrible commercial or infomercial, but it’s really true. I’ve tried everything – even things I probably shouldn’t have – to try to lose weight and this is the best one. Some things are effective but have side effects that make them suck. Some things aren’t effective at all. Some are just all out scary. But Phentramin-d is the only thing I’ve tried (both prescription and non-prescription) that did exactly what it said it would, without side effects and other unpleasant surprises. Also, it’s extremely affordable. If you say that you can’t afford this, then you really shouldn’t be buying a coffee every day or buying lottery tickets and other tiny expenses. Because when you look at how much this costs per day, it’s a tiny expense. Plus, if you’re eating way less because you’re using this, then you’re saving money anyway and it’s paying for itself. I’m using it now and it is helping me to drop around 15-18 pounds per month. I have never been more positive and motivated in my entire life. I’ve never even liked exercising before, but now I look forward to it! I’m never starving, except when it’s meal time, and then I get filled up very fast. This is truly the best product I’ve ever found for dieting.
Maggie Stark
shockingly effective
When I started taking phentramin-d, I didn’t have very high expectations. I think I went in with that attitude because I’ve seen an awful lot of nonprescription pills make promises about weight loss that they just can’t keep. This is the first time I’ve ever actually used a diet pill that wasn’t prescribed by my doctor and that did exactly what it said it would do. In my first month of using it, I lost 18 pounds. That wasn’t quite the 25 pound “up-to” that the ads promised, but then again, that was the outside number, so I can’t expect to achieve the absolute ideal results…especially when the holidays fell in that first month of use and I wasn’t quite able to stick to my diet as I would have liked to! I’ve already recommended phentramin-d to several of my friends and intend to spread the word as much as I can. You’d better bet that it’ll be in my Facebook posts, too!
Phentramin-d review
These work just great for me. I've never lost weight so easily. I'll use these for my whole diet
big applause for Phentramin D
I feel like an ad by saying this, but Phentramin-d did exactly what it promised to do. It said that it would suppress my appetite, and that’s what it did. I still felt hungry at times, but nothing that couldn’t be satisfied by a much smaller amount of food than I usually eat. I also didn’t have cravings. I did feel like snacking sometimes, but not with the insane desire to eat something specific (like donuts or chocolate, my two main downfalls). Another promise that Phentramin-d made was that I would have more energy. That I did! I was extremely energetic. Especially in the first half of the day. But unlike a lot of other diet pills I’ve taken that have stimulants in them, this one didn’t give me sleep problems. I did feel jittery on the first day that I took it, but that was the only time that happened. And (drum roll please) the “piece de resistance” was the amount of weight that I lost in my first month of use. It advertised that I would lose up to 25 pounds. I lost 23. In my mind, that’s extremely close and is far better than I’ve ever done on any other diet!
Chad Bradley
phentramin d diet pills
this pill works gr8. If u hear bad things about it, they’re just lying because they’re selling something else. i tried it before and lost the w8, and it’ll work again this time 2. when i use it i lose 3 lbs every week with no side eff. makes dieting fast, easy, and not a pain. i tried a lot of other ones and i h8 all the scams and frauds that are out there. u have to be careful of fakes even when they say they’re phentramin d. this is the only good one. when u take it u need to no that u have to eat right and exercise a lot or it just won’t work. it’s not a miracle but the real thing. it makes ur diet work when it doesn’t or makes it work better when you want faster dieting. buy it and don’t be cheap! it’s better than ones that are discounted but that don’t work at all. save your money and lose w8 at the same time.
lost 4 pounds my first week
Phentramin-d is making such a difference in my life. I have only been on it for a week and a few days but in my first week I lost 4 pounds. That's amazing for keeping me motivated since the results are definitely worthwhile. The pills are noticeably cheaper than Adipex prescription pills that I used to take, and the side effects aren't as strong. I had some problems with Adipex, but with Phentramin D, so far I only have some mild headaches. They aren't as bad as when i first started taking them (they really weren't bad then, either, just irritating) so I'm hoping that they'll go away altogether as my body gets used to the new plan. The little bit of discomfort is definitely worth it considering how much weight I’m losing. It’ll also mean that I’ll reach my goal a lot faster. I don’t have to be afraid of the bathroom scale anymore. Now I have to hold myself back from checking to see how much progress I’m making. I’ve got a once a week rule.
Antonio Jones
I'm on it, I love it
After having tried prescription diet pills before, I liked that they work very well, but I don’t like that they’re expensive, they are a pain to buy because you need a doctor’s prescription, and you can only stay on them for a short time before you have to stop using htem because their effectiveness starts to fade away. This time, I asked my doctor about Phentramin D instead of prescription pills and I’ve been on them for a few weeks now. Honestly, I can’t see the difference between the effects of these and the effects from the prescription pills except that they are still effective without fading out, and I don’t have the shakes and the headaches in the mornings that I used to get when I was taking the prescription pills. The appetite suppressing part of phentramin-d is very effective. I like that it lets me feel genuinely satisfied by my meals without having to overeat. I also like that the sensation lasts, so I don’t have that urge to snack all the time that I typically have.
Phentramin D diet pill
I was always against diet pills but I’ve also been having a very hard time losing weight. I can’t seem to lose more than a few pounds without plateauing and then I lose my motivation and generally quit before reaching my goal. When I told my doctor, she recommended that I take a prescription drug since my BMI is high and it’s starting to affect my blood pressure. I really don’t want to do that, especially since I’m already on a prescription medication for another health problem and it scares me to take more than one at a time. So my doctor told me to try phentramin D instead since it’s not a prescription but it’s supposed to be just as effective. So far I’ve been on it for only a short time, but I’m definitnely having way better luck than I was when I was dieting with nothing. It’s convinced me that sometimes, when you choose the right pill that doesn’t have the bad side effects, pills are alright to help with weight loss.
Michelle Ashley
I have tried a number of prescription diet pills including phentermine & tenuate which both work, but what I like about phentraminD is that you can take it for extended periods of time it and does not "wear off." Some of the others you can only take for a certain amount of time, phenD you can stop and start any time with no weird side effects. For me it works pretty much just as good as the prescription stuff too.
Phentramine D
I have been eating quite unhealthy my whole life so needless to say I have become quite heavy. I decided I have to take back my life because the way I am going if I don't do something now, I will just keep getting bigger and bigger. I have been on Phentramin-d for 3 months and I have to say the stuff works. The first thing I noticed was an increase in energy. I felt this right away, I am usually always tired, bloated, and never want to do much. I am thinking it must be the caffeine in the drug. Next, I noticed that my hunger in general became significantly less. Usually I think about food constantly throughout the day and now, I only think about food at actual meal times. Also now my portion sizes are tiny in comparison to what I used to do, I and feel satisfied eating much smaller amounts. It has taken away that bottom-less pit feeling where before I would just eat, and eat and eat. I have lost 44 lbs to date and still going strong. I gave this a 4 out of 5 because although it works amazing to control the appetite, I wonder if when I stop taking phentramin d I will be hungry again and all the weight will come back. For now, very happy. I haven't felt this "good" inside and out for a while.
off to a great start
I just started using Phentramin-d ten days ago and so far I couldn't be happier. I havne't had any side effects, which has been a problem in the past for me with other pills like Phentermine, that I used to get through a doctor’s prescription. I’ve already lost seven pounds, even after I ate out at a restaurant on the third day I used Phentramin-d. I’m finding that this pill finally gives me the results I need to keep up my motivation to eat right and exercise, which is something.
Finally, a product that works when so many others don't
I have been off and on diets for more than ten years and never wanted to use a prescription drug to help me to lose weight. So I tried a lot of herbals and all natural products as they seemed good. Some worked a little, but most didn’t do too much. Finally, I did go on Adipex 37.5 after talking to my doctor about my problems with weight loss, but I had headaches from it and I could only stay on it for a few weeks at a time because you can get withdrawal symptoms if you stay on any longer.

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