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The latest weight loss product to hit the market and create a buzz is Sensa. This seems to be quite a unique concept for a weight loss product and the published results are impressive, but upon further review can Sensa really be all that great?


Sensa is considered a food product and is not a diet pill. It is made up of "sprinkles" called tastants. To use Sensa all you do is sprinkle it on ever bit of food you eat. As you eat your food Sensa works with your taste and smell senses to trigger the satiety center of the brain, naturally inducing the feeling of fullness. Although Sensa is more or less tasteless itself, it is said that Sensa increases the taste of blander and often healthier foods such as tofu and vegetables. By increasing the flavor of foods, Sensa claims you will eat less. Well I don’t know, but if something is even tastier I’m likely to eat more not less, but maybe that’s just me.


Review of Sensa Ingredients

The ingredients of Sensa are very basic. From the official website, it lists the ingredients of Sensa as: Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from the USA), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors, FD&C Yellow 5, and Carmine. Sensa also contains Soy and Milk ingredients. Sensa is sodium-free, sugar-free, calorie free, gluten-free, and there are no stimulants, drugs or MSG.


Let’s look at the ingredients a little bit closer.


Maltodextrin - Maltodextrin, classified as a sweet polysaccharide, contains fewer calories than sugar but still packs a sweet punch. Sensa contains Maltodextrin derived from corn so anyone with a corn allergy shouldn't take this product.


Tricalcium Phosphate - Tricalcium Phosphate, a mineral found in rocks, is typically used in powdered spices as an anti-caking agent. Since there is no published evidence that this mineral helps with weight loss I assume that it is added to keep Sensa sprinkly, not clumpy.


Silica - Silica is found in nature as sand or quartz, as well as in the cell walls of diatoms (small, unicellular organisms). Silica is most commonly used as a food additive in powdered foods to help them absorb water. Since there is no published evidence that Silica enhances weight loss I assume that it is added to help Sensa absorb water when it is added to your food so that it appears to just melt away instead of remaining as crunchy sprinkles.


Carmine - According to Wikipedia, Carmine is a pigment that is extracted from carminic acid in insects. The process of making Carmine involves boiling down dried insects. As a food dye, Carmine has been known to cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock in some people. Again, another ingredient with no research to support that it helps with weight loss, and with this one I can't really figure out why it has been added. Perhaps as a coloring.


Review of Sensa Clinical Trial

Sensa claims to have conducted a clinical study with over 1,400 people, both men and women. Over a period of six months, the test group participants lost an average of 30.5 pounds. That's a lot of weight! But you know how misleading statistics from clinical trials can be. The reputable news show 20/20 did their own review of Sensa and found that many of the claims about the clinical trial were false. You can view that new clip here: 20/20 - Does the Sprinkle Diet Work?


Will Sensa Help you to Lose Weight?

There are not yet any raving reviews about Sensa. Because the product is so new, many people are just trying it for the first time. Just by looking at the ingredients it is hard to say how Sensa will really help you lose weight. I suppose that sweetening your foods with maltodextrin instead of sugar will lower your calorie intake, but if that’s the only helpful weight loss ingredient you are better off buying an artificial sweetener instead of paying $59.00 for a one month’s supply of Sensa. Afterall, this product is rather pricey for ground rocks, insect pigments and corn sugar. I will try almost everything once, but I think I will be giving Sensa a pass.


Is Sensa Approved by the FDA?

Because Sensa is classified as a food product it does not require approval by the FDA to be sold.

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Previous reviews

works too slow
Sensa does work. I think that the main problem that it has is that it doesn’t work fast enough. I find that by the time I really feel that it is working, I’ve already wolfed down about as much food as I usually would anyway. So I think that the trick to Sensa is to force yourself to learn to eat more slowly. YOu need to give it time to actually hav ea reaction. If you are just cramming food in and you’re not paying attention to the way that it tastes, this won’t do anything for you. If you slow things down and eat at a reasonable pace then you’ll find that you are satisfied by your food after eating less of it. Unfortunately, I don’t really have enough time to do that at breakfast and lunch, and it will take a lot of habit breaking for me to make it work at supper. It should really recommend slower eating on the package if it wants success. I emailed this to the company but didn’t get a response yet.
Drew Rutter
I had pretty high hopes for Sensa but I really didn’t get it. I really liked the idea of not swallowing pills and of just using a change in your senses to be able to make it so that I wouldn’t need to eat as much food. I have had a lot of luck with appetite suppressants in the past so I thought this would be even better since it’s not a pill but it goes directly on your food. I know that a lot of people find that this makes their food taste different or weird but I really didn’t get that at all. I just didn’t get anything. I may as well have just put anything onto my meals because it didn’t make me more or less hungry, it didn’t change the taste, it didn’t do anything. I read the instructions to make sure I was doing it right but I always ate just as much as I always do. I have a big appetite but this didn’t change it one bit. I always finished my plate even though it was the same size as what I used to eat before I started with Sensa. For me, this didn’t work at all.
Antonio Jones
this was ok
I have tried diet pills that work better than this, but Sensa still worked good enough to make a difference. I liked the fact that I wasn’t swallowing pills all the time. That really made a difference to me. It was just awkward when I had to eat out or at a friend’s place. First people think I’m putting on salt or some kind of flavor enhancer so I ended up with lectures about sodium or artificial sweeteners and all that. Then when I explained what it was, I got lectures about how people don’t think this kind of thing works, how chemicals are not good for you in your food, or that I really don’t need to lose weight. It’s hard to be inconspicuous about my efforts to lose weight when I constantly have to shake things all over my food.
Tiffany Mulroney
I hate sensa
I feel so ripped off by sensa. This is a terrible product! Neither one of the shakers do anything good for food. It makes them taste odd. I have no idea how to describe it but nothing tastes right when you put this stuff on. I don’t find that I eat any less, either. So now I’m just eating the same amount but my food sucks!
Gina Panderson
odd flavors
I don’t feel that Sensa made my food taste bad like a lot of people found. I did find that it made everything taste slightly off. Things that were sweet tasted too sweet and things that were not sweet tasted strange. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, it just wasn’t right. For things that I don’t really care about, that was fine but for the things that I truly love, it just ruined them. It took away from the flavors that I truly enjoyed so that they just weren’t what I wanted them to be anymore.
Jordan Cunningham
weak performance
I know that a weak performance is a pretty harsh thing to say but that’s what I got out of using Sensa. It’s supposed to make you eat less, but it really didn’t do that much for me. The only time that made a difference for me was in my breakfast, and to me, that’s the meal that is the least important for shrinking my appetite. It did work at breakfast time. I didn’t give this two stars because I didn’t find that I had the same weird taste that other people have complained about. Everything tasted fine as far as I could tell. I think that if this worked as well at dinner as it did at lunch time, it could be something very good. But it didn’t quite get there. It’s really unfortunate because shaking on a sprinkle is way more fun than swallowing a pill.
does what it says
I wouldn’t call this the most powerful appetite suppressant that I’ve ever had, but it does exactly what it says it will and for that I have to give it five stars. I didn’t find that everything tasted weird, like some people have said. I just found that I eat less of my food for some reason.
great concept, works, odd taste
For me, the idea is a good one, the product worked the way it said it would in that it was a good mild appetite suppressant (not strong), and it only altered food flavor a little bit.
not sure what I did wrong
I think I followed the instructions with the two little Sensa shakers, and I sprinkled them on everything that I ate, but I just didn’t find that I ate any less. I found that things tasted slightly different (not necessarily bad, just sweeter or saltier) but that’s it.
Very unique
Sensa is a very cleverly designed product. I love the way that it is not a pill but is instead it’s a product that you just shake onto your food. That might sound weird at first but it has a lot of advantages. For example, you don’t have to worry about timing. You always know that you’re using it at the ideal time to work with your meals to suppress your appetite, because you just eat it right when you eat. That’s different from having to take a pill 20 minutes to a half hour before you eat and then you find out that dinner is ready sooner or a lot later than you thought. It’s difficult timing things when you’re eating out or on the fly, too. With Sensa, you just sprinkle it right on there before you eat it. I also like that it takes into account that not all foods are the same, so it has one for if you’re eating foods that are on the sweet side, and one that you can use for the ones that are on the salty side. It’s not like those hoodia scams that pretend to stop your appetite. This actually works with your natural senses so that you get a reaction based on the way that your body actually works when responding to food. I didn’t find that it was amazingly effective in that I didn’t cut my appetite in half or anything. That’s important to note because I have a huge appetite. But I did feel that it cut back my appetite enough so that I could shrink my meals to a reasonable size and if I did feel hungry at times, it was a manageable hunger, not the absolute starvation that I used to feel.
not bad
I got one package of Sensa and I didn’t find it to be bad at all. I just followed exactly what the label said that I should do, and I tried to use it on very healthy foods. What could be easier than just shaking it on like the proverbial salt shaker? I didn’t find that it changed the taste of the food at all. I wasn’t wild about the taste of the actual Sensa product, but if your food is flavorful enough, then you don’t notice it at all. I didn’t think that its ability to curb my appetite was huge, but I did feel that it had some impact, and that’s all that I was looking for. It’s just a little bit of help to make sure that your dieting efforts don’t go awry because you’re feeling starving. Yes, you still feel hungry at times, but you don’t feel starving. To me, that’s enough. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little bit hungry. If you want to keep your weight off without using a product, then you’re going to feel hungry every now and again. This is just preparing you for that. The point is that you’re not SO hungry that you feel that you have to snack.
Joseph Kraft
I have type 2 diabetes and the medication that I was on for a while was causing me to gain a huge amount of weight. After making practically every effort in the world to try to get it under control, I found myself looking to try to find an over the counter weight loss pill that could help me lose the weight. My diet already had low calories but I was very tired from that and found it challenging to exercise. So I chose Sensa because most weight loss pills conflict with diabetes or its treatment drugs. I thought that at least it would help me keep my eating down and that I could continue my efforts without feeling like I was starving. Instead, I felt like there was something wrong with all of the senses in my face. Everything smelled and tasted completely bizarre. It didn’t stop me from feeling hungry, but I certainly found many foods unappealing. I found that the only things that tasted alright were fatty foods – not exactly diet friendly. Everything that I was trying to eat that was light and sensible, like a salad, tasted strange and funky. But cheese and anything fried tasted just fine. It didn’t take long before I just dumped that “sprinkle” in the garbage.
gross but works
Sensa is getting a lot of flack from people because it works on your senses so that it’s less appealing to eat, and that can be unpleasant. Yes, that’s the truth, but it works. I think of it as a short term solution for weight loss. It’s essentially something that you use as long as you can stand it. When you put it on your food – at least in my experience – it makes the food taste far less appealing. It’s supposed to work by tricking your brain into thinking that your stomach is full. I’m not sure if that’s the way it worked for me, since I never really needed to get that far. When I put Sensa on my food, I just didn’t want to eat very much. It tasted and smelled funny or even unpleasant. I wasn’t able to use it for a full four weeks, but I consistently lost 2 to 3 pounds each week (even 2 pounds in the last incomplete week). At the same time, I was also eating healthy foods and I was walking and climbing stairs every single day, so I know that helped too. It’s certainly not a lifestyle because you don’t want food to be gross all the time, but if you can take it for a little while, then you’ll be able to drop the extra weight just because your desire to eat will definitely drop.
My dad is a diabetic and he did Sensa for about a month as a trial. He lost 14lbs and has NO idea what he did to lose it. I think the only other thing he did was walk like half a mile most days of the week. He as 72 when he tried it. Now he and my mother are doing it together and I just ordered my trial.
Doesn’t work
I didn’t order sense through the official website, but through a site I trust, so I didn’t end up with all of the credit card and auto ship nightmares other people talk about, but I did use the shakers for a month and saw no difference at all. I sprinkled it all over my food according to the directions and ate just as much as I always did, consistently. I was really hoping to chose this over a pill, but clearly this was a waste of time and money and I should have just chosen a good appetite suppressant.
Tina McDonald
You can't get rid of Sensa!
I HATE Sensa! Never ever order this. You have to sprinkle it on your food to make it work – which it doesn’t – and you’re automatically enrolled in their auto ship program. They say that you can cancel at any time, and you can, except that if you haven’t cancelled before their next billing period, then they charge you and send you more of this crap whether you want it or not! This company ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY. It’s a nightmare and I’ve lost more than $80 on it just because I wanted their friendly-sounding free trial. Now I’m still getting their spam emails even though I’ve unsubscribed. This mistake never goes away. No wonder there’s currently a class action lawsuit pending against them!
Terrible experience
Everything about my experience with Sensa was awful. The ordering experience was a mess and it took forever to sort it out. I specifically told them that I did not want to be on their auto-ship program, but they signed me up anyway. I was charged several times for boxes that were sent out to me and an extra time for a package I didn’t even receive. I’ve sent them back but have yet to receive my reimbursement. I’ve already contacted my credit card company and they’re investigating. Aside from that disaster the pills themselves were horrible. From the very first day, I felt like I was going to die. I was hit with a long list of side effects from headache to throat pain, stomach pain and a lot of nausea. I couldn’t sleep and finally had a friend drive me to the emergency room. I wouldn’t recommend this pill to someone I disliked, let alone someone I respected. I can’t believe that it hasn’t been banned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was soon.

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