Tenuate is a form of prescription weight loss medication that is sold under a brand name, though it is also available in the generic form, diethylpropion. This chemical is a part of a drug category that is known as sympathomimetic amines. They function by stimulating the central nervous system, which is comprised of the nerves within the brain and the rest of the body.


Sympathomimetic amines such as Tenuate have a chemical similarity to amhpetamines, which are anorectic (also called anorexigenic) drugs. Their stimulation of the central nervous system leads the blood pressure and heart rate to rise so that the user of the medication will experience appetite suppression and won’t feel as hungry as he or she diets, even when eating smaller amounts of food.



Tenuate Diet Pills
Tenuate 75mg
30 Tablets (1 Month)


Tenuate 75mg
90 Tablets (3 Months)




How Can You Buy Tenuate Legally?


Tenuate is only legally available in the United States when it has been prescribed by a licensed doctor. It can only be prescribed to patients who are suffering from obesity and whose extra weight is putting them at an increased risk of health concerns such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. By losing the weight through the help of this medication, it is hoped that the risk of those conditions will also be decreased.


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How to Take Tenuate


Tenuate is designed to be used over a short period of time to allow its users to develop the right healthy lifestyle habits to lose the weight. As it provides an energy boost and appetite suppression, it makes it easier for dieters to eat less and exercise more. That understood, its use on its own will not cause the patient to lose weight. Moreover, it cannot be used for more than a few weeks at a time without a break, as the body will become tolerant to its effects, and dependency may also occur. Should it be used for any longer than a few weeks, a doctor should be consulted to learn how to gradually reduce the drug so that withdrawal symptoms can be kept to a minimum.


It’s important to note that Tenuate can be very effective, but is not appropriate for every person who is trying to lose weight. For one thing, the patient must have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30 in order to qualify for a prescription. However, it should not be used by anyone who has high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, glaucoma, hardened arteries, or anyone who is currently taking, MAO inhibitors, who has taken them within the last 14 days, or who intends to take them while Tenuate is being used.

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Ken Traver
I was on tenuate for seven weeks and I have never experienced anything like that for my appetite. It cut down on my appetite so much that for the first two weeks that I was on it I had to remind myself to eat because I didn’t just start feeling hungry at lunchtime and dinner. I actually would look at the clock and realize that a lot of time had passed and I should eat. The problem with it was that after about three weeks it started to get less effective. After four weeks I was starting to notice a real difference and during my sixth week I really didn’t feel that it was doing much for me at all so I slowly reduced it under my doctor’s instructions in case I was addicted. That was great and all but itw as way too short.
Tenuate wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was very afraid of the side effects because I’m always reading about the scary side effects that prescription diet pills have. I did find that I was tense and anxious and shaky for the first few days that I took this, but that just sort of faded away and I haven’t had many problems with that since then. Every now and again I’m a bit jittery but it’s only temporary, like if you drink too much coffee. It goes away. I have found that it has a really big impact on my appetite though so it’s so much easier to eat less. I sometimes even forget that it’s time to eat. I still do it but it’s not because I’m starving, so that’s great.
Jordan Cunningham
shouldn't have filled this prescription
I feel like I was stupid to fill my prescription for Tenuate. I didn’t feel like it was right for me when I got it and I filled it anyway because my doctor said that even though some things didn’t work right for me, this one might. Next time, I’m following my instincts. I hate the side effects.
Lia Simpson
did the trick for 3 months
Ok, so if I had one wish about tenuate it would be that I could stay on it longer because it does eventually wear out and then it doesn’t work anymore. But while I was using it, I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and I gotta say that I never got to lose that much weight on any other product before. This is the real deal.
too strong
Tenuate was too strong. I have to take it on an empty stomach but then I get side effects until I eat something!
These Tenuate pills were a lot stronger than I thought. It’s really amazing the difference it makes to your appetite. I didn’t think it would work this good. I just hate the jitters early in the day.
not too bad!
I just finished my first “round” of tenuate and I am now waiting a few weeks before I’m allowed to start up the prescription again. I didn’t find that the side effects were bad and I’m losing weight pretty good
Bonnie Brown
made me sick
Tenuate did not react well with me. I started feeling wired and jittery right from the moment I started taking it and then the feeling dropped right to my stomach.
lost 23 pounds
I started taking Tenuate after I had to have a physical as a part of a hiring process for a job that I wanted and my doctor told me that the only way that he’d give me the results that I needed was if I swore up and down that I’d drop 25 pounds within the few months that followed. I really needed work so I let this be the motivation I needed to get my weight down low enough. Tenuate was the solution I relied on to help me to get through the challenge of reducing the amount that I was eating by a huge amount, but also to boost my exercising every day so that I could burn off whatever I ate. I took the Tenuate religiously and started every day with a 40 minute walk, I walked for 15 minutes after lunch, and I went swimming later in the day. I did this every single day for two months. I also cut out all forms of junk food – especially soda – from my diet and started eating way more veggies. I ate a lot of food, but most of it was vegetables. It was extremely hard at first, and I did still feel hungry. But I didn’t feel half as hungry as I would have without the help of the drug. By the time I passed the 61 day mark, I’d lost 23 pounds. It wasn’t quite the 25 pounds that was my goal, but that was still quite an accomplishment and I’m proud of it. Since then, I’ve continued my efforts and have lost another 4 pounds. Now that I’m not on Tenuate anymore, I’m not losing weight as fast, because it’s more challenging, but I’m keeping it up. I’m still in the overweight range, but I’m no longer in the obesity zone according to my BMI. I could never have taken off that many pounds without the assistance of the prescription. I don’t see how anyone could have THAT much motivation. I did get the job that I wanted, btw.
Maggie Stark
I was prescribed Tenuate a number of years ago to get myself down from being obese because it was causing my blood pressure to rise (figuratively and literally) but I wasn’t able to get my weight down without the extra assistance. I found that it worked very well to suppress my appetite and I was able to eat a lot less and the weight came off much more easily than it did without it (since I was barely able to lose anything on my own just with dieting). So when the weight came back and I needed help to get it off again, I asked my doctor for Tenuate again. This time it was a totally different experience. I still found that it worked as an appetite suppressant, but I had a lot of side effects to go along with it. I was headachy and shaky. I was extremely moody (my family was calling me Manic Maggie!) so that I was going from being hyperactive, excitable, and happy, to frustrated, and angry over absolutely nothing. I found it hard to get out of bed in the morning after a rough night of sleep every night and felt pretty ill shortly after taking the pills (that eased after about a half hour). Then, as soon as those side effects started to fade, so did the effectiveness of the whole medication. I only got about four weeks of use of it and then it barely worked at all! I don’t know what to think about that.
Drew Rutter
Can't use it long enough
I was prescribed tenuate to help me to get a lot of health problems under control that are linked to my obesity. I had a lot of different issues and had even had a hernia operation and was taking prescription medication for GERD for a while. I knew that cholesterol and high blood pressure were just around the corner, and my doctor agreed. Tenuate was very effective at keeping my appetite under control. I did find that it was a little bit much in terms of a stimulant, since it felt like I’d had about 12 cups of coffee a half hour after taking it in the morning. I certainly would recommend that all caffeinated beverage drinking people cease their use of those products if they’re going to take Tenuate. You might go completely insane from the combination of the two. I lost a lot of weight consistently and quickly throughout the use of the pills. The only problem I really had with it is that after about the fourth week, the drug would get less and less effective until it wasn’t really doing anything. After six weeks, my doctor had me go off the pills and wait a bit before going back on. The problem is that in the meantime, it becomes a lot harder to diet because the hunger pangs come back, and there’s a lot of fatigue from trying to eat less food, exercise more, and not having the stimulant to back you up. It was a kind of dieting roller coaster. I think I’d really prefer something more steady.
Tiffany Mulroney
it was alright
I wish I was happier with the results I got from Tenuate. It just didn’t seem to do what I hoped it would. Maybe I thought that because it was a prescription it would be stronger than it was but the only thing that I found was really strong about it was the side effects. It was hard to observe the benefits of it when I felt sick or hungry all the time. It was as though I was on a ship and the world was swirling half of the time. Even during the times when my stomach wasn’t bothering me from hunger or nausea, I was jittery and anxious as though I’d had way too much coffee.
Tenuate made me jittery
I think that Tenuate worked, but I think that it was probably too strong for my body. I really felt that it was doing something, but I was so jittery and anxious from it that I couldn’t get calm or live normally. I felt like my heart was beating very fast when I took it but if I put my hand over it, it felt like it was beating at a normal rate. It was the strangest feeling. I did find that my appetite shrunk quite effectively, but I was so busy being shaky and anxious that I couldn’t try to actually build the right healthy lifestyle habits for dieting and keeping the weight off. I didn’t eat as much, but I could never predict what I’d actually feel like having. Mostly, I just wanted sweet things and fatty things. I think I found them comforting so I was subconsciously assuming that they’d sooth me from my never ending upset state. I did manage to keep away from them because I wasn’t immensely hungry, but they were all I felt like eating, making veggies a challenge. Good medication. Effective pill. Just not for me.
Michael Cromwell
Tenuate's not bad
I used this pill Tenuate for just over a month because I had to get my weight under control so that I could get my blood pressure and cholesterol down, too, because I needed a surgery that wouldn’t be too healthy with all that being the way it was. Tenuate worked to help me lose weight more easily than I could without it. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while but just didn’t have a lot of luck. I liked that it was only one pill a day so that made it a lot easier to remember than some of the other ones out there that have to be taken with every meal. I also liked that Tenuate wasn’t as expensive as some of the other pills out there that can really be through the roof – even the over the counter ones. By the end of using it, it wasn’t as effective as when I started using it, but by that point, I was getting the hang of my diet anyway, so it was what I needed.
good kick start for a diet
Tenuate is the pill that my doctor prescribed when I needed help to lose weight because the obesity was effecting the rest of my health. I found that I had a lot of side effects when I first started using it, like headaches and shaky hands and an upset stomach, but those actually went away after a few days and they weren’t really too bad to begin with. I found that I wasn’t as hungry for my meals so I didn’t have to eat as much, but I was only able to take this pill for a short time (about 5 weeks) before it stopped working as well. The prescription was only for that long anyway. So I’d say that this is a good way to kick start a diet so that you start off losing weight really well, but then you need to find something else for after you can’t use it any more. While it is working, though, it works very well, so I can definitely see why my doctor prescribed it for me.
Michelle Ashley
Tenuate good for the short term
I would only recommend Tenuate if you are NOT looking for a long term solution. The reason is you cannot take it for very long, so although you may get a reasonable start with your weight loss, I feel you need something you can stay with for a while because it’s too easy to fall back into bad habits. Tenuate is meant to get the weight off QUICKLY. I think it’s beneficial for people who really need to get their blood pressure down asap or need to lose weight right away for an operation or other medical reason. If you decide to take tenuate, I would use the time you are taking it to learn a new way of eating, so that when you stop taking it, you have a plan in place and you will not gain the weight back. Does it work to suppress the appetite? Yes, but it looses it’s effectiveness after a while, and if you increase the dose, you run the risk of overdosing.

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