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TRIMTHIN X700 - Workout Performance Supplements That Work!


Although the day has not yet arrived in which a simple pill can magically cause excess body fat to disappear without any additional effort by the dieter, TRIMTHIN® X700 can help support your efforts to achieve a slimmer, fitter you! 


Our customers have chosen TRIMTHIN X700 as one of the best-made weight management support supplements of all time. It's unique formula contains powerful energy boosters and performance enhancers to help you make the most out of every workout. While this doesn’t simply cause fat to melt away on its own, it makes it possible for dieters to put in extra time and effort during exercise without having to struggle with unbearable fatigue. By exercising for a longer duration and with greater intensity, more calories and fat are burned, leading to the leaner body you want so badly! 





Don't make yourself endure another day of low energy due to dieting. TRIMTHIN X700 DIET CAPSULES not only provide supercharged energy, they also work to amplify your ability to focus, so you can make better decisions and really hone in on what it takes to bring your body to the next level. When you have the energy and focus to push yourself during workouts, you can overcome any challenge to achieve your desired results. 


Manage Your Weight and Achieve a Toned Figure - Get TRIMTHIN X700!



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TrimthinTrimThin X700 Tablets
120ct - 2 Months
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TrimthinTrimThin X700 Tablets
180ct - 3 Months
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TrimthinTrimThin X700 Tablets
360ct - 6 Months
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TrimThin X700 Success Stories


these trimthin capsules are a 5 out of 5 supplement
these trimthin tablets are a 5 out of 5 supplement. i have told everyone who will listen :) about them cause they have really helped me. i have been struggling to lose weight for years. i would lose a few pounds and then the next week i would gain it back. most of it was that i wasn't able to stop snacking, that has to be the hardest thing for me. when i started taking trimthin i immediately noticed that i wasn't very interested in food at all. this lasted all day and i was able to keep away from snack foods and make better choices. so i lost a few pounds in the first week of taking trimthin but it hasn't stopped there. every week i've been down, some weeks more than others, but i am soooo happy to be moving in one direction. i will take these pills for as long as they work, which i'm hoping is a really long time cause i love em.



the effects lasted all morning and all afternoon.
I found these diet pills [TrimThin] on the internet and I the marketing made them look so good so I ordered. After you contacted me for a review I was happy to send one to you because I think your product is really good and I hope more people will give it a try. My favorite thing about these pills was that the effects lasted all morning and all afternoon. Other diet pills I've tried just worked for a couple of hours before the effects wore out, but not these. I think you are really on to something and I am glad I was one of the first to get to try them.



TrimThin was a really well-rounded diet pill.
This was the fourth time I have bought diet pills and these were by far the most effective ones I have tried. Unlike the other products I've tried, two of which didn't do anything at all, TrimThin was a really well-rounded diet pill. After taking the first one in the morning I was not interested in food or snacking during the day. That was the best thing about them I think. I also felt like I had more energy and maybe I even felt happier, if that's even possible. I am happy because I'm losing weight and that is all that matters.



i am down 20 pounds
i saw these online and didn't give them much chance of being any good, but i really need to lose some weight so i bought them. when i opened the bottle i saw these little blue pills and i wasn't sure what to expect. i was eager to try them so i popped one in my mouth but it was around 4pm and i regretted that because i had trouble sleeping that night. the next day i started taking them like the bottle suggested and things have been going smoothly ever since. after 5 weeks taking these pills [TrimThin ] i am down 20 pounds. i didn't even think that could be possible without starving myself. i would recommend them.



I felt pretty good while taking Trimthin
I saw an ad that said Trimthin acts like phentermine, but I have taken Phentermine and it's not exactly the same, both good and bad. I lost more weight when taking phentermine and my appetite was gone. Trimthin also suppressed appetite, but it wasn't as powerful. What I did like was that I felt pretty good while taking Trimthin, but when I was taking phentermine I always felt jittery and sickly. I'm not sure which one I prefer - they are both good diet pills.



I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks
My friends and I have been shopping around for a diet pill to try. We chose this one because its new and the slow release formula was something we wanted to try. Three of us bought it (we shared a 3 mo order) and started our diets the next day. Although we all ate different things, and some of us at better than others (i gotta have my chocolate) we all lost weight. I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks and my friend Jennie was the biggest loser at 11 pounds. None of us had any complaints other than not ordering enough. We are hoping to lose 50 pounds in total by the end of month two. Wish us luck!


TRIMTHIN® X700 Scientifically-Researched Ingredients


 The ingredients that make up this extreme performance capsule are all well known in the non-prescription fitness industry, and have been clinically studied to ensure they are understood completely. This proprietary formula includes the following:


  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) Bitartrate

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine)

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 

  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

  • Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Root Extract

  • Xanthinol Nicotinate

  • Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Powder


When combined, these TRIMTHIN X700 ingredients provide benefits that dieters find highly appealing.


TRIMTHIN Contains ONLY Science Based Ingredients for Weight Management Support - Read More HERE


How TRIMTHIN® X700 Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals


The TRIMTHIN® proprietary formula was scientifically engineered by the experts at Intechra Health Inc. This team used only the highest quality ingredients that have each been rigorously studied in order to understand them completely. The outcome of this effort was not only a non-prescription diet pill alternative to the leading prescription drugs, but that does so without such drastic possible side-effects.


This makes the TRIMTHIN® capsule the perfect workout companion. By increasing energy, you will be powering through workouts with more stamina and endurance, so you can burn more calories through longer, more intense exercise. This enhanced performance can lead to a healthier weight and slimmer appearance when combined with a reduced-calorie diet plan based on your weight management goals. Once your fitness goals have been reached, TRIMTHIN can help you maintain your progress for as long as desired, unlike prescription diet pills that will only be prescribed for a short time. 


Buy Trimthin Online Now - Save up to $105 + Free Shipping!


These capsules have been mindfully formulated based on scientific evidence in order to provide dieters with the energy needed to conquer their diet and exercise plans once and for all. Experience the pure energy and focus of TRIMTHIN X700 and find out for yourself what so many others have already discovered...these diet pills really can help you reach your goals! 


Remember, just like any other weight management support supplement, this is no magic pill. Healthy lifestyle changes must be made in order to achieve the results you're after. Get moving and start achieving with TRIMTHIN X700! 

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Previous reviews

Todd White
the energy was great
I think that the best part of TrimThin is the energy you get from it. My appetite was reduced a bit. I could tell but it wasn’t like I didn’t feel hungry at dinner time or anything. But I did eat a bit less at meals. It was in snacking that it made a difference there. But the energy was crazy awesome. It was like I got a recharge every time I took it, but without getting any shakiness or anything like that. I was alert and driven. It really is enough to keep me going and get my workouts in on most days. There are still some days that I miss, but I think that’s ok.
not a magic pill, but it works
I was thinking that Trimthin might do a little bit more for me than it did because I saw that it was a fat burner so I thought it would make me lose weight if I just took it because I thought it would burn fat right off, but that’s not really what this does. But I didn’t change my eating at all and I just started to go for walks every day and I lost 1 pound in the first week and 2 pounds in the second week. Now I am in my third week and I can tell that there is a difference. Seriously, I didn’t change my eating, but I walk 30 minutes each day. I think this just works good with exercise.
I’ve had very good luck with Trimthin so far. It has gone on for almost three months now and hthat’s really great for a diet pill. This is the first diet pill I’ve had that kept working for more than a few weeks. I have my hopes up very high for being able to actually reach my goals with trimthin. This is a the real deal when it comes to actually giving the benefits that it says that it has. I am going to keep up with this throughout the whole diet until I lose that final pound. I feel like it is giving me control over my diet and that stops me from getting frustrated and giving up. I don’t like diets that only start off good and then die off. I need this one to last and I need to get to my goal before I can get on to maintaining and living live right.
Tiffany Mulroney
great energy, great fat burning
I was impressed with TrimThin when it came to the energy that it gave me and I found that the fat burning must have been fantastic because I’ve been losing 3 pounds every week since I’ve been on it (except for the first one that was 4 pounds but that seemed to be a one shot deal). I didn’t really find that it did very much to my appetite, so I wouldn’t call it an appetite suppressant very much but I still think that it makes it a very good diet pill. I’ll definitely keep using this until I reach my goal weight. I know that a lot of other people have had a really good experience with the appetite suppression but I didn’t notice a difference. I have a really large appetite so that could be the reason for that.
really dents your hunger
The best thing about Trimthin sr is that it walks right up to your hunger and kicks it in the gut. I found that it really slashed my hunger level down. I don’t know if my fat burning picked up because I have no idea how I would even try to measure that, and I don’t really think that this had much impact on my energy levels but I really found that when it comes to hunger, mine shrank down. It was so much easier to keep my meals under control and to get rid of about half of my snacking. For appetite, this pill really worked. I didn’t get much else from it, but that sure was enough to help me, anyway.
Great help
I’m not a coffee drinker so the first day that I took Trimthin I felt like I had a huge jolt of energy that lasted all day long. I didn’t find that it was as dramatic after that but it was still good enough to really get me going. I found that the appetite suppression was strong enough to let me make smart food decisions.
Drew Rutter
definitely an advantage
I used Trimthin to get my diet started again after having given up for months. I can definitely feel the boost from it. This is good stuff.
Michael Cromwell
Awesome with a fasting diet
I’m in the middle of trying out this new “guy” diet that I leanred about on the internet. I can’t stand counting calories and carbs and all that crap. I don’t mind reading lables for health but I don’t want to have to do all the math and calculations just to know whether or not I can have a sandwich for lunch. To me, that’s stupid and it just doesn’t work. My meals shoulden’t be a math equation They should be food. So I’m doing this thing where I eat a reasonable amount from Thursday to Monday. I eat all the normal stuff that I always eat, just a bit less of it. I try to keep my portion size under control and I don’t go crazy with any of the greasy stuff, but I can still have it. But then on Tuesday and Wednesdays, I have 2 scrambled egg whites for breakfast and a glass of fresh veggie juice that tastes like a lawn. Then I have a massive green salad for lunch with no meat or cheese or anything like that on it. I hav ea handful of almonds for a snack part of the way through the afternoon, and for supper I have a huge pile of cut up raw veggies and that’s it. Trimthin helps me to really make that work. It’s making the 5 days of “normal” eating insanely easy because I don’t even have to think about cutting back on anything, I just do it naturaly because I’m not as hungry at mealtime. So that’s great on its own. But then I also like it during the two fasting days because it gives me this crazy amount of energy and I don’t feel nearly as hungry as I should considering that I’m eating next to nothing on those days. I’m losing 5 pounds a week and that’s happened 3 weeks in a row. That’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever experienced in a diet before! I completely thought that I would be starving on the fasting days and that I’d blow it but it’s easy to do when I know it’s just for two days. I’m at work anyway (I decided not to make them over the weekend when I want my beer!) and so it’s easy to keep busy and distracted away from wanting to snack. The TrimThin does the rest and I can just watch the pounds drop off. I don’t exercise on the fasting days but on the five days that I eat normal.
supercharges a workout
For the first week that I took Trim Thin, I was getting over the last bit of a sore shoulder so I didn’t exercise more than a few average walks. I was still eating a calorie reduced diet. I lost two pounds that week and I was thrilled. However, the next week, I got back into running and I started heading back to the gym to use the ski machine, the elliptical, and all of my other calorie blasting favorites. That week, I lost 5 pounds and the next week, I lost 4! I’ve never lost weight that fast in my entire life. The real secret to getting the most out of these pills is absolutely a cardio workout. It is incredible the difference it makes. You do still have to work hard, but the results are more than noticeable. They are measurable. In fact, I can see the difference in the mirror, that’s how fast the pounds are coming away. I will be buying more of these right now because this is exactly how I want to lose weight. I’ll reach my goal in no time. I’m so happy I could cry!
Jennifer Wallace
great for baby weight
I just had a baby a couple of months ago and I have been trying very hard to shed the extra pounds but without a lot of energy and time – I do have a new baby, after all – I couldn’t lose the final ten. I have walked miles and miles with that stroller and I’ve got a belly that won’t go away. But then I started taking TrimThin (I don’t breastfeed because of health issues, so don’t worry, I’m not hurting my child) and the weight finally started coming off. I still had to work just as hard but it wasn’t as difficult to accomplish because it gave that hint of extra energy that I really needed and it helped me to reduce my appetite, so I can control my eating and eat more smartly because I’m not driven by hunger.
not sure how it works but it does
I’ve taken quite a few different diet pills before that are over the counter because I’m always trying to see if I can find the right one. I have a lot of weight to lose so I have a lot of opportunity to test out what’s there. TrimThin is a confusing one to me because I figured that I knew how it would work and it was actually a lot better than what I thought. Considering the ingredients, I had a feeling that I might have some jitters or sleeping issues, but I really didn’t. That’s new for me because I often am quite reactive to anything with a stimulant in it. I guess they finally just got the balance right. I was also very surprised with the length of time that this continued to work because I usually find that appetite suppressants work great and then die off – not the case with this. It just kept on trucking.
Ken Traver
surprsing but not perfect
Trimthin is a surprisingly good weight loss pill. I was actually quite impressed with how much it was able to help me out in losing weight more quickly but without making me think about how hungry I am all the time. But at the same time, it’s not just a miracle cure. I still did all the work. I ate less, I worked out a lot. It was just that this pill made it easier for me to do that, it didn’t actually cause the fat to go away. At the same time, I guess that’s good because it means I won’t gain it all back again because I’ve built some far better routines I can stick to even now that I’m not using it any more. It took me 3 months to bring myself from being obese to just over the overweight BMI line.
The secret to success is the "SR"
I have tried quite a few diet pills. I’ve even found that some of them work pretty well (while others are total garbage). What appealed to me about TrimThin SR was that it had a sustained release formula and I’d never seen anything like that. My main complaint about other pills – the ones that work, that is – is that they simply don’t last long enough and there is a limit to the number that you can take in a day, which makes it very hard to benefit from them every hour that I’m awake. That’s not a problem with TrimThin. These tablets continue to work so that I don’t have to worry about them running out between meals and leaving me craving snacks. Snacking is my main problem when I’m dieting, so if I can get a good long lasting diet pill, that’s just enough to keep me out of trouble. Well that’s just what I got from this one. I was already finding another pill to be pretty successful for me, but with this one, I’m not only successful, but I’m finding that it’s a lot easier on me to be that way. I think that the main strength of this option is the long lasting appetite suppression. I didn’t really notice a huge energy boost, but I don’t really care about that, so it doesn’t matter.
best over the counter diet pill
I’ve never been a huge fan of over the counter diet pills because it’s hard to tell which ones will actually work, but after trying Trimthin at least I know that I’ll have some extra assistance to lose the weight that I need to get rid of. It’s not insanely powerful but it’s definitely the best one out there. It also lasts a long time, which I can certainly respect.
Bruce Houston
down 4 pounds in my first week
I’ve been very impressed with Trimthin so far. The first week I was taking it, I had no side effects and I lost 4 pounds. I think it was just because it made it so easy to eat less because I wasn’t hungry.
Bobby Rodney
Lost 11 pounds so far
I’ve been on TrimThin for 15 days and I’ve already lost 11 pounds. That’s the fastest weight loss I’ve ever experienced, but it’s also faster than anyone else I know. I think that the appetite suppression is pretty good (though I still get hungry late in the evening) and the fat burning is clearly making a really big difference. I like that the energy boost is there, but not too high because I don’t want to end up being anxious or getting tremors. What I think the real value of this pill is against other ones that I’ve tried is that it hangs in there for a long time. Even the most effective other non-prescription pills that I’ve tried have started off strong and then just drop off after an hour or two. But that leaves a really big gap between pills so that even if the appetite suppressant, for example, works, it doesn’t work long enough to stop me from snacking. TrimThin SR keeps on going so that from one pill to the next, there isn’t a hole in the appetite suppression. That’s the really important thing for me because it stops me from feeling like I’m starving to death and that I have to eat something even when I know that I shouldn’t. It is also great for reducing temptation from cravings. Even when people bring donut holes or cake into the office, I can resist having any because I’m still feeling satisfied from my breakfast or lunch. It is making a serious difference in my weight loss that I’ve never had before from anything else I’ve tried. Sustained release really is an important feature for a diet pill. I never realized that before this pill because I’d never heard of it before. It isn’t just a matter of taking fewer pills every day, but it actually means that the power of the ingredients is used better and more efficiently.
Works great
I just started on TrimThin SR a week ago and I lost almost 5 pounds. I would like a little bit more of an energy boost, because I find that it starts to really drop off by around 5-6 pm, but the rest of the effects are awesome.
best thing out there
I know it sounds really cliché to say that TrimThin is the best diet pill that you can get without a prescription, and I tried to find some way to say it that didn’t sound as lame as that, but there isn’t another way to say it. It really is the best one. I took a risk on it because when I first bought the bottle, I couldn’t find any reviews. Admittedly, I didn’t look very hard, but I probably should have found at least one customer feedback before making my purchase. Oh well. I really lucked out. I was sold on this product because it has only three ingredients. That’s so rare these days! Normally pills have a huge list of ingredients and there isn’t enough of any of them to make the slightest difference. With this formula, the three ingredients are all well known for being effective, and because there are only a small number, there’s room to actually create the right balance. I have a lot of respect for that. I found that they started working super fast, but they didn’t just spike and then drop off with their effectiveness. That’s been my main problem with almost every nonprescription diet pill I’ve ever taken! Instead, TrimThin seems to start off strong, and then hang in therefore several hours, until it’s time to take the second one, which lasts me until the end of the day. It kills the appetite so that even though I’m on a low cal program, I’m not constantly thinking and dreaming about eating. It’s like someone finally said “I know, I’m going to make a pill that actually makes sense”, and then they did it. In terms of side effects, the first day I took them I was a little on the jittery side, but that went away after the first couple of hours and it never came back, so that certainly never became a problem. I’d recommend this A++

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