Home Community Question & Answers Meal Based Diets Is there a diet that will help me lose weight but keep my breast fat?

  • I wish! Unfortunately, if you need to lose weight, that means losing fat and breasts are mostly fat. So you're going to lose fat there just as you will in all other parts of your body. Now, you shouldn't shrink down to no boobs at all (unless you started with no boobs at all when you weren't overweight lol) but I wouln't worry too much about it. I mean, yeah, it's great to have big boobs (if that's what you like) but it's better to be a healthy weight. If you lose more fat in your boobs than you like, remmeber, that's why Victoria's Secret makes such awesome bras ;)  Try not to think about what you might lose when you're trying to get healthy. Think of all the great things you'll gain. Plus, you might find that you won't lose as much in your boobs as you think :D

    GinaAnswered by Gina
    One month ago
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