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Is Dessert Before Bed Really So Bad?

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Is dessert before bed really so bad? Is it something that you should avoid at all costs if you want to lose weight and stay slim? There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, so to get to the answer, continue reading.


Is It a Bad Idea to Eat Food Before Bed?


First off, let’s discuss whether or not it is a good idea to eat food—any food—before you head off to bed for the night.


Some researchers are finding that it might be possible to increase the amount of weight you gain by eating before you go to bed. However, there is also some evidence that suggests eating before bed will not have an effect on your weight, or might even help you to lose weight and sleep better.


Experts also feel that eating before bed has more to do with developing unhealthy habits that could then lead to unwanted weight gain. If you find yourself watching TV and snacking before bed, for example, you might be taking in many more calories than you assume.


It also isn’t a good idea to eat before going to bed if you suffer with acid reflux. In that case, you actually shouldn’t eat any food at all for a minimum of three hours prior to heading to bed, and you should also avoid the foods that typically trigger your reflux in the first place.


So Is Dessert Before Bed Really So Bad, or Is It Okay?


Eating food before going to bed might stabilize your blood sugar by the time the morning rolls around, it might help to improve your sleep, and it might help to prevent you from getting up in the middle of the night for a much-needed snack. But what you consume will have an impact upon whether or not eating before bed is actually good for you or not.


Unfortunately, eating dessert before bed, whether you like ice cream or cake, is a bad idea. Foods that are high in fat and sugar could end up causing cravings and also cause you to overeat and exceed your caloric intake for the day. Stick with a bit of dark chocolate or fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth, if you must.


Now that you know the answer to the often-asked question, “Is dessert before bed really so bad,” you can make the right decisions regarding what you eat, and when you eat it, if you are attempting to lose weight. Remember that taking a weight management supplement like PhenBlue can help you stay on track even when you have dessert at an inopportune time.