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With all of the diets you’ve tried, it can seem as though they are all the same. So when you hear about something like the Food Doctor Diet, you might be skeptical as to whether or not this can actually work. But what you need to know is that unlike so many other diets, the Food Doctor Diet is a plan which is backed by scientific research and sound logic. This is a diet plan which is being shown to help people lose weight and finally figure out how to control their food cravings.


What is the Food Doctor Diet?

The Food Doctor Diet is a diet which was created in the UK and continues to be a favorite in Europe. Created by a doctor, this diet is designed to help a patient lose weight by reducing portion sizes and eating certain types of foods together. While not as stringent as food combining diets, the Food Doctor Diet will help a person whose eating habits may be out of control learn to manage what they want to eat in relation to their weight loss goals. By teaching healthy habits, a person who loses weight on the Food Doctor Diet has an excellent chance of also keeping that weight off.


How Does the Food Doctor Diet Work?

When using the Food Doctor Diet, the dieter will begin with a highly stringent seven day plan. This plan is designed to help quell any cravings, while also boosting the weight loss process. In this week, dieters can lose a lost of weight, which can motivate you to keep going, even if the dieting is tough. In the subsequent weeks, dieters will need to follow the eating plan and exercise plan, as closely as possible. The meals for the day will include a complex carbohydrate as well as a protein, though there is no carbohydrate included on the last meal the day. Dieters also need to drink a good deal of water and they are encouraged to avoid sugar.


Is the Food Doctor Diet Effective?

For those who follow the Food Doctor Diet, this is a highly effective diet plan. It allows for people to have cheat meals, which is helpful for those who like to eat more on the weekends or on special occasions. So long as the dieter is eating well 80% of the time, the other 20% can be less stringent. The healthy habits which are taught in the Food Doctor Diet are going to help the dieter for the long term, which increases the odds that the weight loss will be permanent. Calories aren’t included in the diet, but a dieter will need to be consistent with measuring portions, far more effective for creating long term healthy eating habits.


Sensible and effective, the Food Doctor Diet seems to be plan which will work for everyone. The only concern is that the initial seven day detox plan might be a little difficult for some to follow. However, the rest of the plan will work for nearly any dieter, allowing them to lose the weight and keep it off.

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