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The Magnetic Diet

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For those looking to try a new weight loss program, the Magnetic Diet offers a variety of tools to help drop those last few pounds that just won’t come off no matter what you do. The Magnetic Diet is based on the principles for the law of attraction; that there are particular foods that promote a lean style of living, and foods that promote disease and obesity. While on the Magnetic Diet, individuals learn to choose foods containing magnetism, while refraining from those that produce a negative reaction within the body. The Magnetic Diet also educates individuals on which types of food increase the quality of life, as well as those food groups that help reduce hunger and promote well-being.


Like many weight loss programs, the Magnetic Diet offers participants a healthy eating plan, a daily exercise regime and even a meditation lesson that enables individuals to learn how to eat better foods. The diet is easy to follow, produced as a downloaded e-book complete with audio CD for easy listening. This diet was created to help individuals lose the weight they need by incorporating breathing patterns, meditation, and visualization techniques in addition to the basic concepts of diet and exercise.


Participants of the Magnetic Diet begin to understand which foods are a healthy part of weight loss, as well as foods that promote well-being. Eating out at restaurants is not removed from a participant’s lifestyle, since the Magnetic Diet also offers a restaurant guide and cheat sheet for those who have a craving for particular foods.


Pros to the Magnetic Diet are that it helps promote a healthy lifestyle through meditation, healthy eating habits and encouraging daily exercise. This program also appeals to individuals who would like to incorporate a mental aspect into losing weight, and those who wish to educate themselves on how to eat for life in order to maintain wellness, lose that weight and keep it off for good.


Cons however, are that there is not many sources of evidence that the Magnetic theory about foods exist, and whether or not one can point out magnetism in food. The diet does educate others on healthy eating and foods that promote well-being inside and out, so that is more helpful in the long run as a change of lifestyle, but perhaps not a way to lose weight in a short period of time. Learning how to eat properly is the basis for long-term success with weight loss, so perhaps the program will offer enough to help those struggling with weight gain or weight loss issues, but not so much because of the magnetism focus of the program.


The Magnetic Diet e-book and CD is available for download on the website for $39 and may be purchased with credit cards, Paypal or an electronic check.

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