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Top Reasons Why School-Age Children Have Trouble Sleeping

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We would all like to put our little ones to bed on a school night and find it an easy task. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t—but why? Why is it that school-age children have trouble sleeping so often? After all, they play around and learn intensely, seemingly at the speed of light, and they do so all day long. How could they have any energy left? Well, it turns out that our kids’ inability to sleep seldom has anything to do with energy level and has more to do with things that you might not even be thinking about.

1. Personal Issues

Don’t forget that your children have trouble sleeping sometimes because they are a lot like you—they lie awake wondering and worrying every now and then. It happens to us all. Give your kids the time to contemplate their existence, even if it is past their ideal bedtime.

2. Family Worries

If your kids are constantly in the path of disaster around the house, then they will probably start to internalize the problems in an attempt to find a solution. In the end, this could cause your youngster to lay awake at night or be a complete insomniac. Keep the peace and everyone will rest a whole lot better.

3. Bullying

Some children have trouble sleeping because they are concerned about what is to come on the next day. Make sure you talk to your kids to make sure they are not having to deal with any bullying, at school or otherwise. That way, they will sleep peacefully and awake without woe.

4. Growing Pains

Our kids do not stop growing, and they actually do a lot of their growth and learning during their sleeping hours. At times, these changes might make it difficult for your kids to get to sleep. Be patient and chalk it up to being part of the process.

5. Bad Diet

Have you ever eaten something that didn’t agree with your stomach and then paid for it later on that night? Well, our kids might also deal with those things from time to time. Indigestion can make it difficult to do a lot of things and, ultimately, may be why your children have trouble sleeping. A healthy diet near bedtime is especially important. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone will have a hard time sleeping. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that can eventually stunt the growth of your child. If you notice that your kid is not getting enough rest, it is important to address those concerns immediately.