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Foods That Have a Thermogenic Effect for Weight Loss

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When you choose to eat foods that have a thermogenic effect, you can give your weight loss efforts an even bigger advantage. You may know that you need to stay within a certain calorie range. You might be trying to balance your macronutrients: fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

What many people don’t realize is that there are some foods that can help to boost your fat burning. This can happen in several different ways. In the case of foods that have a thermogenic effect, it means they raise your body temperature.

The Power of Heat from Foods that Have a Thermogenic Effect

Every day, your body produces heat in order to keep you alive. This heat is what keeps your body at a steady temperature. It makes sure that your organs are the right temperature for the chemical reactions occurring throughout your body. These chemical reactions are what keep you alive. They include everything from breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide to digesting your food.

That heat is produced in a process called thermogenesis. Your body uses fuel (body fat or calories from food) to produce the heat. This is similar to the way the wood is fuel for a fire that produces heat. That said, there are also foods that have a thermogenic effect and that accelerate that process.

Types of Foods That Have a Thermogenic Effect

The types of foods that can raise your body temperature and cause you to burn through more calories and fats include:

• Spices – Hot red peppers and even black pepper can raise your body temperature when you eat them. Have you ever eaten something spicy and found yourself feeling warm? You may even have broken out in a sweat. That is the thermogenic effect of the capsaicin in the peppers.
• Green Tea – The caffeine and the polyphenols (catechins) in green tea are both known to be parts of foods that have a thermogenic effect. Moreover, in the case of these two substances, they may each boost the effect of the other one.
• Protein – The digestion of foods high in protein can produce a very positive thermogenic effect. In fact, these are often considered to be among the foods that have the most powerful effect of this nature.
• Coconut oil – This oil is made primarily of medium-chain fatty acids. When eaten, they can help to boost thermogenesis and fat burning at the same time that they may inhibit fat deposit accumulation. The key is to eat this oil in very small quantities or the benefits are negated.