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Slimquick Diet Pill Review

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Slimquick is a diet pill or supplement that was formulated to help women with the special challenges they face when they are trying to lose weight. Slimquick is a bit different than other supplements because it does recommend a sensible diet and exercise program, and even goes further by offering up a sample week-long menu and help with calorie counting. Slimquick claims to contain Hoodia, which may be an added benefit that they do not dwell on like some other supplements.

Women do indeed have different weight loss needs than men. In general, it can be much easier for men to lose weight because they do not have as many hormones fighting them along the way. Men may naturally have a higher metabolism than women, thus giving them the edge. Some women have conditions like Polycystic Ovarina Syndrome (PCOS) or other reproductive irregularities that cause imbalances in hormones and the body. These can fight against weight loss and cause the female body to stubbornly hang on to and store extra fat. Slimquick wants to help by addressing those specific problems.

The ingredients you find in Slimquick are some common diet pill ingredients. Green tea is one, which if you have ever tried this, you know is something that does have some great benefits for not only weight loss but for your overall health. This is something that has been used in Asia for over 4000 years. That should tell you that there must be some truth to the claims that it can do great things for the body, and one of those things is to help boost fat loss. 

Review of Slimquick Ingredients

*Note: Slimquick makes more than one type of diet pill. The ingredients listed below are the ones found in Slimquick Original Formula. 

  • CYCLOVITE Vitamin & Mineral Complex - Chromium Polynicotinate is one of the main ingredients in Hydroxycut. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that since there is no credible evidence to support the position that chromium, in any of its forms, has any effect on increasing muscle mass, enhancing performance or losing weight. The American Diabetes Association has gone on record and stated "chromium supplementation has no known benefit in patients who aren't chromium deficient." And with the research that has been done, there is little - if any - understanding of how chromium is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated by the body.

  • NUTRATHERM Thermogenic Complex - The Nutratherm complex provides the ingredients in this diet pill that increase metabolism and fat burning. This complex includes Green Tea Leaf Extract, caffeine, cocoa bean extract, yerba mate extract and clary Sage extract.

  • ESTROTRIM Hormone Balancing Complex - The Estrotrim complex is a unique part of this diet pill that is specifically designed for women. This complex contains soy isoflavones and vitex agnus-castus, which help to stabilize female hormones, thereby reducing PMS symptoms and helping to control appetite.

  • CORTIFEM Stress Reducing Complex - The Cortifem complex includes beta-sisosterol, phophatidylserine, rhodiola rosea root extract and theanine. All of these ingredients are used in hebal medicine for the treatment of anxiety and stress. It is thought that by lowering stress the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, will also be lowered. Higher cortisol levels have been found to correlate with increased abdominal fat, however there is little scientific evidence that suggests the use of natural anti-stress products will actually promote weight loss.

  • AQUAPLEX Water Removal Complex - The Aquaplex complex contains Dandelion leaf and root, horse tail, Uva Ursi extract and french maritime pine extract. All of these ingredients are proven diuretics and will help rid the body of excess water weight. Although diuretics are quite commonly used in diet pills, they are not the best ingredients. As easily as water weight is lost, it is also gained back. Also, it becomes increasingly important to drink plenty of water when taking diuretics because they will dehydrate the body, which can slow metabolism and cause constipation.

  • XTEND Absorption and Time Released Complex - The Xtend complex contains the natural ingredients Cellulose ethers and piper nigum. Both of these compounds are used in order to enhance the absorption of the other ingredients in Slimquick.

  • Vitamin D - Although Vitamin D will not be the weight loss breakthrough you've been hoping for, it does provide some benefits to women struggling to lose weight. Vitamin D has shown to slow weight gain in menopausal women and vitamin D deficiencies have been linked with PCOS and insulin resistance. For a full explanation of Vitamin D's weight loss powers, read the article "The Link Between Vitamin D and Weight Loss".

  • Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, helps to regulate the thyroid and metabolism levels. It also plays an important part in the metabolism of dietary fats.

  • Folic Acid - Folic acid plays a part in metabolism, promotes the generation of new cells in the body and helps to repair DNA that may otherwise become cancerous. Folic acid also helps to prevent anemia and is taken before and during pregnancy to prevent some birth defects.

  • Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12 naturally increases metabolism and lowers stress.

  • Calcium - Research has found that calcium when combined with a lower calorie diet can increase thermogenesis (fat burning).

Slimquick and Weight Loss – Do Slimquick Diet Pills Work?

Slimquick does have caffeine, thanks to the green tea, thus making it something that you may want to be careful with if you are sensitive to caffeine. For some people, this may cause jitters and sleepless nights. It also has vitamins D and B12, which are supplements that should be included in any healthy diet. This Slimquick diet pills review finds that the original formula has some sound ingredients that are specific to the needs of women. If you are a woman who has struggled to lose weight with just diet and exercise alone, Slimquick may be the diet pill to help you get started on the right foot.


There are a number of different Slimquick formulations and you should research the ingredients thoroughly depending on the one you choose to buy. At least one of the Slimquick formulations contains Hoodia, but I wouldn't base my decision on that ingredient alone. Much of the hoodia sold in North America does not contain enough of the essential component, P57, to make it worth your money or time.


Exercise is one key part of weight loss that Slimquick does not ignore. This is not the case with some other supplements. With your supply of Slimquick comes a seven day sample exercise program that goes along with the sample food menu they provide. Exercise is essential for weight loss and good health, so do not skip this part of the Slimquick program.

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