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Zotrim Diet Pills Review

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Though you may just think that Zotrim is just yet another diet product to fill some space on the shelf, you may be surprised to hear that this one is a little bit different from the others. The label claims that when you take this pill, you will not feel as hungry and will therefore not be inclined to eat as much, allowing you to lose more weight. Furthermore, it advertises that it helps you to keep your energy levels higher so that even though you’re eating less, you will still have lots of energy to get out there and exercise to better your chances of shedding those extra pounds.

Natures Remedies is the company that owns the Zotrim brand and manufactures the product. It is a British company, founded by three doctors back in 1999. The product itself is comprised of three herbal extracts: Yerba mate, Guarana, and Damiana. Beyond those ingredients, the rest of the list for the formula consists of gelatin for the capsule, binders, and stabilizers. 

Review of Zotrim Ingredients

  • Yerba Mate - Yerba mate is an herb that is originally found in South America; specifically Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. It has been used for making beverages for centuries – most commonly as a tea – and is still used today. This herb contains what are called xanthenes, which are chemicals close to caffeine though they function in a slightly different way, impacting the muscles as opposed to the brain.
  • Guarana - Guarana can also find its origins in South America. It has been used there in a similar way to caffeine – as an energy booster – except that it has a much more powerful impact. After all, Guarana itself contains a high concentration of caffeine. The caffeine from guarana is referred to as guaranine and is so strong that it can often – in a single dose – give the same side effects as having far too many coffees, such as anxiety, shakiness, and anxiety.
  • Damiana - Finally, Damiana is a plant that is most commonly used in Mexico in order to make a liqueur. It is believed that it was once one of the original margarita ingredients and was also – at one time – smoked in order to achieve a high similar to marijuana. When used as an herbal remedy, Damiana is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and for headache relief.

Zotrim and Weight Loss – Do Zotrim Diet Pills Work?

In terms of efficacy as a diet pill, though it does have its benefits, it is not much different from other diet pills that contain caffeine or caffeine-like ingredients. Also, the actual amounts of these ingredients in each Zotrim diet pill are not provided by the manufacturer, making it difficult to say if they are contained in amounts that would be effective for weight loss. Overall, Zotrim does contain ingredients that have proven to be effective fat burners and energy boosters, which is a positive sign. Whether these ingredients work in Zotrim the way they do when taken in their raw forms is yet to be proven.

Although Zotrim is an herbal diet pill it is important to consult with your doctor before taking it, particularly if you have sensitivity to stimulants, such as caffeine, or on a prescription medication. Damiana in particular is not recommended for people who are taking certain medications for diabetes, blood sugar control or insulin or for people with a psychiatric disorder.

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