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Dieting has changed considerably in the last decade, yet Slim Fast has not. Although they have recently offered more variety in their food replacement products, the premise of “eat a healthy shake/bar for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner” is pretty much what it started out as years ago. The only thing appealing about this plan is its simplicity. You don’t have to keep a journal (but you can), you don’t weigh food, count calories, or calculate anything. Simply replacing two meals daily (any two) with the meal replacement shakes and exercising regularly should result in the pounds flying out the window.


Slim Fast recommends participants to do an exercise program which should consist of 30 minutes 3 times a week. This is what doctors recommend also. The intensity of the workouts depends on the person. Those who are just beginning should start slow and build up as time passes. Overall Slim Fast wants you to engage in a activity that raises your heart rate so you can burn calories.


Several criticisms seem to be consistent with the Slim-Fast Diet philosphy. One, sustaining a meal replacement diet is difficult and one of the reasons for that is the caloric intake is so low, that you still feel like you are hungry. This may result in not only consuming the shake but other food as well. You also have to be in love with the flavor. Secondly, the first three ingredients of the shakes are milk, sugar and fructose. If you miss that healthy mid morning or mid-day snack, a crash is eminent. The third criticism is that if you manage to tough it out and lose the weight, eventually you have to go back to regular food and wham!; back on goes the weight.


Cost - Slim-Fast Plan

Signing up for a personalized diet program with Slim-Fast is free. Slim-Fast foods are moderately priced and can be quite costly if bought in large quantities.

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