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Best Beers for Weight Loss

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Though ales, stouts, bitters, lagers, and others are typically seen as a beverage that will help to expand the gut, there are some better choices that can help you to keep that from happening, as long as you know the best beers for weight loss.  They will never be the ideal drink for dieters, but if you do want to enjoy a cold one on a hot day or during the festive season, there are some options available to you.


It truly is important for you to choose the best beers for weight loss, as selecting the wrong one can make a significant difference to your calorie intake for the day – especially if you drink more than one!  For example, a pint of Guinness has about 210 calories in it.  However, premium lagers can have a calorie count as high as 335 or more in one pint.  If you were to try to stick to a low calorie diet plan, that would mean that a few beers is all you could have in the entire day! 


Since that’s likely not the ideal plan for you – in addition to being wildly unhealthy – you’ll probably benefit from learning about the best beers for weight loss, instead.  Use the following to help you to make the right choices:


  • Low alcohol content options – among the best beers for weight loss are the options that have the lowest alcohol contents.  This is because the majority of the calories in this beverage are actually found within the alcohol content.  Bitters typically provide the best flavor and value in the lower alcohol formats.  For example, one can with 2.1 percent will often have a calorie content as low as 35 to 40.
  • Light options – these are drinks that have lower calories than their standard recipe.  It doesn’t mean that they are actually low in calories, but in comparison to the full-calorie version, there is a notable reduction. You will still likely find that there will be well over 100 calories per can.
  • “Numbered” options – in this increasingly calorie conscious marketplace, many breweries are coming out with various versions of their products that have their calorie counts in their names, such as Miller Genuine Draft 64, and Bud Select 55.
  • Enjoy a "Near" Beer - yes, in times of dieting we have to make some sacrifices and that may mean savoring non-alcoholic beers instead of the regular choices. Some of the more popular ones, probably because they don't taste half bad, are O'Doul's and Beck's Non-Alcoholic. However, even non-alcoholic beers have calories so make sure you read the nutritional label before buying the local grocery store out.


So if you’re trying to slim down this summer but you don’t want to give up your favorite drink altogether, then make sure that you know what you’re looking for in the best beers for weight loss in low alcohol, light, and calorie numbered brands.  Don’t forget to read the label to be sure you know how many calories you’ll be having.