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Top Causes of Metabolic Disorders

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Metabolic DisordersIf you’re like most people then you probably don’t think too much about your metabolism until you are trying to lose weight. This is a process in the body that triggers you to burn fat and calories, but most importantly ensures that the food is broken down properly. Though this may all be happening behind the scenes without you giving it much thought, the metabolism and all the function it provides is crucial to your body operating properly. You recognize just how important all of this is when you think of the many metabolic disorders and what happens when that metabolism stops working properly—this is when it all breaks down!


You may recognize that you need to work with and properly fuel your metabolism, but that only becomes apparent when something goes wrong. There are ways to prevent these types of disorders and in many instances it’s about learning how to properly fuel your body and to take care of yourself the way that you are supposed to. This isn’t hard but it does require the right amount of attention. If you want to truly be your best, then you need to fully understand how the metabolism works and therefore try to get it to work for you instead of against you.


So by looking at what can contribute to metabolic disorders and therefore how to prevent them, you are taking a very big proactive step. You are learning to work with your body and fuel that metabolism the way that it was intended to work. This means that you aren’t taking extreme measures and that you are keeping your health first and foremost at the heart of matters. Here are the contributing factors to these types of disorders, and as you can tell in many instances it’s really more a matter of working to take care of yourself and not go to the extreme and improper measures.


Genetics or family history:


This may be the hardest contributing factor to try and prevent or work against. If you have a family history of these problems then you need to be aware of them and try to work to prevent them. Your body may not break down amino acids or carbohydrates the way that it should, and that awareness can be crucial in your long term success. Your doctor may help to give you some tips to overcome this or you may even turn to medication. Just knowing if there is a family history of this health problem can be the best gift for working to overcome them becoming a reality in your own life.


Improper dieting over a long period of time:


This may be the one thing that we have the most control over and yet far too many of us work against our metabolism in this way. If you aren’t eating the right foods then you are definitely hurting yourself in the long term. You are very likely to develop metabolic disorders if you go to extreme dieting measures such as deprivation or extreme calorie counting. By focusing on a healthy diet and lifestyle, this will help you to lose the weight and will ensure that you don’t hurt your metabolism in the long term.


Alcohol abuse, taking too much aspirin or other potential toxins:


You might not realize it, but taking in too many toxins into the body overtime can really hurt your metabolism and the way it works. This can come through excessive aspirin or other medications, it can come through too much alcohol consumed on a regular and frequent basis, and it can also come from too many preservatives or additives. Eating right and avoiding these potential toxins is the best way to prevent this from being a risk.


Health conditions such as diabetes or kidney problems:


Though they aren’t always within your control, there are certain health problems that can cause long term damage. It’s a matter of getting your health conditions diagnosed properly and then cared for in the way that they need to be. Though you may not necessarily think of something like pneumonia as something that can cause metabolic disorders, if it is prolonged and causes respiratory problems down the line then it can influence things. Being in tune to your health, talking to your doctor, and always taking care of yourself is the best way to ensure better health and can work to support a better metabolism overall.