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4 Ways to Prevent Weight Loss Plateaus

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It may seem like an inevitable part of weight loss, but there are ways to prevent weight loss plateaus. It can be such a frustrating part of losing weight: You are going along just fine and then, all of a sudden, your progress stops and you are back to square one. Even if you have felt this terrible cycle time and time again, there is a way to break through it and make effective changes. You do need to be mindful of what you are doing and what you are working toward, but with the right fixes you can help to prevent weight loss plateaus before they ever start—and here’s how.


Always mix it up with your workouts:


You may be one of those people who does the same thing each and every time that you hit the gym. Any activity is better than nothing, right? Well, only partially true because if you want to prevent weight loss plateaus, it’s all about variety. The more that you mix it up and try new activities, the more that your body has to work hard to keep up and keep trying to produce results. So one day you focus on strength training, the next you do a kickboxing class, and then the next workout is all about running. If you want to keep the weight coming off, then you need to mix it up each time you hit the gym. Variety is key!


Never eat the same thing every single day; keep it interesting:


You don’t want to eat the same thing day after day. Not only is it boring to you to eat grilled chicken and veggies every single day, but also your body starts to come to a halt as well. Try to mix it up, try new recipes, add in a new fruit or vegetable, and keep yourself motivated and your body working to lose the weight.


Keep setting new goals and really challenge yourself:


Many people get to a point where they feel complacent or too comfortable as they are working at weight loss. If you want to work to prevent weight loss plateaus, then it’s all about challenging yourself. If you’ve reached one goal, then push harder and set a new one. If you feel yourself getting too comfortable, then pick up the intensity a bit. Always revving yourself and your metabolism up will help you tremendously!


Get back on track and push harder if you see your progress starting to slip:


We all fall off-track a bit, but push harder to make up for it. Be sure that you work toward balance and that you don’t just give in when you fall off-track for awhile. Keep reminding yourself of why you’re doing this, and work toward a true and effective lifestyle change before anything else. All of these changes will help you to find that balance that you need, and will help you to avoid those plateaus that have hurt you in the past.