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What is Skinny Fat? (And How to Reverse It)

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Skinny fat is an unpleasant name that many people, though often men use to judge themselves. It is a term that refers to a thin person who has visible excess body fat. Many people struggle with this body shape and work hard to try to change it.

This term has become especially common among men who have joined a gym or who are getting started with bodybuilding. This is interesting as women are more susceptible to this. 

Are You Skinny Fat?

Some specific body types are more naturally susceptible to the skinny fat experience. These individuals are usually slender and small boned. Physical trainers often refer to that body type as being ectomorphs.

People with this body type usually have too little muscle on their body, which makes the fat on their body far softer and more visible. Ectomorph individuals also often suffer from cellulite. This trend worsens with age as muscles decrease further and fat increases.

Tips to Overcome Skinny Fat

If you’re trying to beat this body type, there are some helpful tips that can help you along the way. Remember that before any major changes to your fitness or exercise are made, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. Consider discussing topics regarding:

• Having your body composition measured and analyzed. That way you can better understand it and measure your progress over time.
• Do at least three high resistance cardio workouts per week.
• Do three resistance training workouts per week.
• Focus more on interval and sprint training than endurance training. That will help to boost your muscle mass and burn fat.
• Improve your diet with a focus on balanced nutrition. 
• Make sure to eat an adequate amount of protein each day. It is vital for muscle growth, which is critical to overcoming skinny fat.
• Maintain your daily calorie requirements. Reduce your calories if you need to, but don’t overdo it.

Often times it is hard to change your diet to overcome this struggle. An adipex alternative may be able to help in your efforts to control your eating and work out regularly.