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Symptoms of Stroke to Watch For

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Having a stroke is no laughing matter. When you think about the sheer number of people who suffer or die from a stroke, you then realize how serious it all really is. It is when you are able to understand and recognize the symptoms of stroke that you can greatly increase your chances of preventing or surviving one. Talk to your doctor for specific information, but in the meantime remember to watch for the following five major signs:

1. Loss of Balance

Some sufferers of a stroke ultimately notice that their balance is a little off. Certain victims report that they find it hard to stand or walk, or that they stumble when they get up due to severe dizziness. If you experience a sudden loss of balance or coordination, you will want to see your doctor immediately, as it could ultimately be one of the symptoms of stroke.

2. Trouble Speaking and/or Comprehending

When a stroke is happening or about to happen, some patients will experience a loss in comprehension. On top of that, some will find it difficult to speak or think of the words they want to use. Since a stroke takes place in the brain, these abilities are directly affected when something goes wrong upstairs. As one of the clearest symptoms of stroke, this is one you should really keep your eyes peeled for.

3. Vision Problems

Your brain and lips won’t be the only things suffering when you are having or about to have a stroke. Most of the time, stroke is accompanied by difficulty seeing in one or both of your eyes. Some folks report seeing spots, having blurred vision, or experiencing a complete sight blackout. Others say that they can see double. Either way, this is one of the most dangerous symptoms of stroke out of them all because it can ultimately cause some serious accidents.

4. Paralysis

One big symptom of stroke is experiencing general numbness in the feet, legs, arms, or hands. This is especially dangerous if it happens only to one side of your body. Take a look at your face while you’re at it, since you might notice some drooping in your smile at this time as well.

5. Extreme or Uncommon Headache

If you find yourself experiencing some kind of severe or sudden headache that makes you want to throw up, you could be having a stroke. Since headaches are associated with several ailments, it can be difficult to tell what is happening to you. If your headache is accompanied by any of the other symptoms of stroke, talk to your doctor right away.