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Organic Foods You Should Purchase to Avoid Pesticides

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It’s nothing new to hear that eating organic is always the best way to go. You may spend a small fortune on produce that is organic, and feel confident that this is always the way to go. Though certain organic foods may be critical to your well being, it’s not necessary to buy everything organic. The most important foods to buy organic are those that help you to avoid pesticides and therefore harmful consumption of these chemicals.


As a consumer you have to do your research because not all produce is grown in the same way. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are grown in the ground and therefore may make them more susceptible to pesticides seeping through. Not only that but in some instances, more pesticides are used to improve appearance and longevity of the fruit or vegetable overall. If you want to be sure to avoid pesticides then you have to focus on buying organic for select fruits and vegetables that can have the highest concentration of harmful chemicals.


There are many lists out there of the most harmful fruits and vegetables overall when it comes to the amount of pesticides used. Here are the foods that you absolutely should buy organic, and if you can focus on these specifically then you will be doing your part to eat a better diet overall.


Apples: Their high pesticide concentration has much to do with the way they are treated to be brought to market. They are high in pesticide count because their shelf life wouldn’t be very long without them. So to make them look better and to fight off bugs in transit to the store, many pesticides are used. Buying organic with apples may mean a shorter shelf life, but a healthier one at that.


Strawberries: Above any other berry or any other fruit for that matter, strawberries have been found to have the highest pesticide count. So buying organic can really save you a lot of harmful intake and it’s an easy transition to make by just paying slightly more for organic strawberries.


Spinach: It’s grown in the ground, it has dirt in its makeup, and therefore pesticides can easily seep in. Buying organic means that you get a really great nutritionally valuable product, but without the harmful pesticides that you don’t need.


Peppers: If you want to avoid pesticides then most definitely buy organic peppers. You will find that they tend to have a very high pesticide concentration, and therefore buying organic ensures that you forego the possibility of damaging consumption overall.


Carrots: They are grown in the ground and due to the longevity that pesticides bring them, they are very high in these vegetables. You may not keep them as long when buying organic, but you will have a much healthier carrot overall and that’s a worthwhile investment.


Potatoes: Another one that is grown in the ground, potatoes come very high in their pesticide amount. To avoid this problem simply buy organic, and the minimally higher cost will be an investment into better health.


Grapes: This is one of those fruits where you can almost see the pesticides and build up on grapes that are treated. If you buy organic you avoid pesticides and you get a much better product in the long run. Healthier, fresher, and just better for you, organic grapes are definitely the way to go!