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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Fish

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Everyone tries to stick to a healthy eating routine. However, sometimes it can be overdone, or we eat too much of a healthy food. For instance, despite its nutritional benefits, you should eat less fish. While fish can be a tasty, healthy dish to eat, there are a few reasons why too much is a bad thing. Here are the reasons why you should eat less fish:

1. They swim in toxins.

Toxins litter our oceans. These toxins include oil that has spilled into the ocean, trash, and other waste that humans have thrown in the water. This means the fish we eat are contaminated with toxins, which can make us seriously sick.


2. It depletes our oceans.

When we overfish, we are draining the ocean of its resources. By doing this, we run the risk of damaging ocean habitats. Some suggest that by cutting down on overfishing, and eating fish only once a month, we can save our fish and ocean-life populations in general.


3. Most fish are farm fish, not wild fish.

Most fish we eat actually come from farms, not the ocean. Farmers get the fish from fishermen and in return breed their own farm fish. What they don’t know is that most of these fish are filled with more toxins than our wild fish, making them more dangerous to eat.


4. Farmed fish are laced with antibiotics.

Farmers feed their fish a lot of antibiotics to keep them from getting diseases. This can make eating too much fish, too often, harmful--even deadly, depending on how much fish you ingest. The fish that get the most antibiotics are salmon, which are often regarded as the healthiest fish to eat.


5. Eating fish can waste natural energy and money.

The fishing industry consumes large amounts of natural energy as well as financial resources; it is not an especially energy-efficient form of food. Additionally, fish is often quite expensive for the consumer to purchase in grocery stores.

Though fish can be a healthy alternative to meat and does have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, it can still be risky to eat, like any other meat. Consider these factors next time you feel in the mood for seafood and, perhaps, eat less fish; it can make all the difference in your health.