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5 Healthy Holiday Desserts

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Eating healthy during the holidays is always at the top of the list when you're dieting. But how is it even possible when there are so many desserts that are just plain bad for you? There are ways to enjoy healthy holiday desserts this year without sacrificing tradition or taste. These five dessert ideas for the holidays will get you through the festivities without expanding your waistline. 


1. Pumpkin Pie


Cook your own pumpkin pie using the canned pumpkin. Use egg whites in place of eggs and sugar substitute for baking instead of sugar to reduce the calorie content and increase the health factor of this traditional holiday favorite.


2. Peppermint Frozen Yogurt Shake


This is one of those healthy holiday desserts will be a big hit for years to come. Simply blend a cup of vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt with a teaspoon of peppermint extract (more or less to taste) and a candy cane broken into pieces.

Optional:, blend in some fat-free milk until you reach the desired consistency.


3.Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread cookies are so fun to make and a big hit if you have kids. The ingredients can be switched out with healthier alternatives, with plenty of great healthy recipe ideas available online.


4.Fruit and Nut Cake


Fruit and nuts are healthy and when you add in cake to the equation you get a deliciously healthy holiday dessert that everyone will love! Rather than using the unhealthy candied "fruit" that is typically used to make the cake, buy your own no-sugar added kind. Great ideas include cherries, pineapple, and golden raisins. Adding nuts, such as chopped almonds, gives you a great source of protein and healthy fat. 


5.Apple Pie


The holidays just wouldn't be the same without apple pie. That's okay because you can make it healthy by preparing your own whole wheat crust and substituting butter with yogurt. Use sugar baking substitute and give your pie more flavor by adding cinnamon.

Stick with these healthy holiday desserts to prevent weight gain this season.


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