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Practical Mindful Eating Tips You Can Actually Use

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Would you be surprised to hear that a few helpful mindful eating tips could make a huge difference? It’s true! Eating mindfully has been shown in research to make a significant difference to what people eat. It can also affect how much you eat. That way, you take control back of your food intake.

Mindful eating tips have become very popular as a result of their effectiveness. However, they will only benefit you if you will actually use them. The key is to find options that are as practical as they are effective.

Use the following mindful eating tips to take control over what you eat. At the same time, you’ll find yourself taking control of your waistline, too.

Useful Mindful Eating Tips 

Set a 20 Minute Timer

One of the best mindful eating tips is to dedicate time to simply eating. When you sit down to eat, set your timer. After that, your goal becomes to fill that precise span of time eating your meal. For most of us, that means slowing down our pace. This gives you time to enjoy your food and to sense the feeling of your hunger being satisfied.

For others, it means speeding things up, so you don’t eat mindlessly over an hour. Either way, it keeps your calories down.

Swap Hands or Utensils

If you use your utensils in your non-dominant hand, you’ll slow down your pace. This is one of the mindful eating tips that will force you to pay attention and concentrate on your meal.

The same goes if you are comfortable with a knife and fork but new to chopsticks. Try different types of utensils or switch hands. It requires a whole other level of focus.

Small Bites and Lots of Chewing

Instead of putting as much food in your mouth as you can fit, one of the most effective mindful eating tips is to take smaller bites. Then, chew each bite before taking another bite. This will help you to slow down and experience your food. It will also make sure your food is better prepared for digestion.

The slower you eat and the more you chew, the better you can digest what you eat. This gives you more nutrients and will help you to feel more satisfied by the food you eat.