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Nutrition and Dietary Resolutions for the New Year

5 Nutrition and Dietary Resolutions for the New Year

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New Year, and that’s why you want to think through the top 5 nutrition and dietary resolutions. Though you might think that what you’ve done in the past could work, consider where it caused you to end up. If you’re making the same tired resolutions every year, then maybe it’s time to switch things up. Though you want to lose weight, it’s also about creating a truly healthy lifestyle to support you. Therefore you want to consider what will help you to get to where you want to be, and always put your health and well being first.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the most overwhelming nutrition and dietary resolutions are typically the first ones to fail. Therefore, do yourself a favor and break things down to the heart of what you want to accomplish and how.  From there, you can resolve to do something great for your health and choose something you’ll be able to keep up over time.

What Nutrition and Dietary Resolutions Should You Try?

Here are 5 nutrition and dietary resolutions that can help you to be your best and get to your end goal with ease:

1 - Eat more fiber 

Whether you want to eat better, lose weight, or just aid your digestion you need more fiber. Eating foods rich in fiber such as beans and legumes, as well as fruits and vegetables automatically makes for a much healthier switch. You help to slow digestion which can help with weight loss, and this is a nutrient with pure substance so it’s multi-faceted.

2 - Aim to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day

When you are looking for the top 5 nutrition and dietary resolutions and you want to lose weight then this is a must. You will find that you feel satisfied and you won’t overeat. You will also find that this helps your body to work at its best, and so you are focused on true and proper nutrition.

3 - Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables 

If you want to ensure that you don’t eat the wrong things or overeat altogether, then this is a great tip. You can fill up on these nutritional gems and then you avoid all the wrong foods. You can’t go wrong when you fill half your plate with this, and then you never have a chance to focus on the wrong foods.

4 - Switch to whole grains 

They are loaded with fiber and they are the healthy types of carbohydrates that we truly need. So rather than skipping out on carbs altogether, you are enjoying the right types that have what you really need. It’s a transition but an easy one, and you will come to love the substance and flavor that true whole grains offer you.

5 - Get rid of the bad fats and welcome in the good fats 

This is definitely on the top 5 nutrition and dietary resolutions because it ensures you eat the right types of fats. This can help with weight loss, but it can also ensure that you get healthier. You can lower your cholesterol, work to prevent heart disease and other future health problems, and all the while you are eating a substantial type of fat that helps with natural weight loss. That’s a true win-win!

These aren’t the only nutrition and dietary resolutions that you can try in order to put your weight and overall wellness on the right track. That said, they can certainly help to give you a great head start toward reaching a better overall goal.  There are certain things that you can learn from these types of promise that you can make to yourself in the name of self-care.

Learning From your Nutrition and Dietary Resolutions

Remember that your nutrition and dietary resolutions aren’t just a matter of achieving a certain goal or sticking to a certain habit.  They can also provide you with a great deal more than what is at their very core.  Certainly, it would be good if you would regularly fill half your plate with vegetables over the long term.  That said, you can also take away a great deal more from that habit than just getting better nutrition.

Think about what that sort of habit stands for.  You’ll change your eating habits in order to give your body what it needs to be healthier.  You’ll enjoy improved energy levels, more regular bowel movements and reduced bloating.  You might even find that you feel a better sense of wellness and contentedness overall on a regular basis. Don’t just resolve to do something.  Pay close attention to what keeping that resolution actually does for you.  It will help you to achieve your goals when you make them next January 1 and the one after that!